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Monday, August 11, 2008

Above the Law, lawlessness and No Accountability

Brooklyn ADA Fired After Second Arrest
The New York Law Journal by Daniel Wise - August 11, 2008

A Brooklyn prosecutor was fired last week following his arrest on charges of falsely claiming to be a police officer and then offering $50 to the arresting officer to let him free, according to court documents. The officers had been summoned when the prosecutor, Matthew F. Knouff, became embroiled in a dispute with a cab driver because he had no cash to pay for a ride to his Brooklyn home. After being held overnight for arraignment, Mr. Knouff, 28, was released on July 26 without having to post bail. The arrest was Mr. Knouff's second during his brief stint at the district attorney's office. In 2006, after being ejected from the office Christmas party, he was arrested for throwing a brick through the window of the Dumbo restaurant where the party had been held. The earlier case was dismissed, according to the Staten Island District Attorney's Office, which had been appointed special prosecutor. The appointment of a special prosecutor is being sought in the latest case in which Mr. Knouff faces a maximum sentence of 2 1/3-to-seven years in prison if convicted of third-degree bribery, the top charge.


lawyers victim said...

how did this bozo get past the 'character and fitness committee?' Who did he know and who did he pay-off?

Anonymous said...

have you ever seen the character and fitness committee?
THe barr is a buisness, the more lawyers it has the more money it takes in. The bigger the paychecks and benifits. They do not care if he/she does as long as they keep
funding thier paycheck.
You do not bite the hand that feeds you.

The 2006 incedent should be investigated why it was thrown out.
I am sure they had him on video tape at 50 different angles. They could have gotten a conviction.
They let him of because he was a lawyer.
They should have shipped the case to the bronx.
Dan Donovan ran for re-election in 2007.

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