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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Federal Judge Resigns From Bench After Arrest

Sometimes the lifetime-guaranteed appointment as a United States District Court Judge isn't.  According to the letter sent to the President, August 1, 2015 was the last day for one federal court jurist who had been arrested and spent a night in jail.... MORE....

Saturday, August 1, 2015

New York Gets a New Chief Administrative Judge, Hon. Lawrence K. Marks

     As people wait for the next corruption arrest in New York State (and you won't have to wait too long !) (and involving NYS Court's system), there is a sense of relief and thanksgiving that the Hon. Lawrence K. Marks has been named the next Chief Administrative Judge.....  MORE.......

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See Video of Senator John L. Sampson's 1st Hearing on Court 'Ethics' Corruption

The first hearing, held in Albany on June 8, 2009 hearing is on two videos:

               Video of 1st Hearing on Court 'Ethics' Corruption
               The June 8, 2009 hearing is on two videos:
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