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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Tom Carvel's Kin Urgent Plea to Governor Spitzer

DEVELOPING.......FOLLOW UP SOON......In a letter delivered to New York Governor Eliot Spitzer in Albany on Friday, April 27th, the niece of ice cream magnate Tom Carvel has made an urgent plea for the immediate appointment of a Special Inspector General to oversee, investigate and prosecute, if necessary, the alleged wide spread corruption in the Surrogate's Court of Westchester County.

Since the plea to Governor Spitzer was made public on Saturday, the ECC (ExposeCorruptCourts) Blog has been inundated with emails and court-filed evidence which, according to the providers, support the Carvel kin's request. Many, and who call themselves "victims" of Westchester and other Surrogate's Courts in New York, promise to send letters to Governor Spitzer in support of his immediate intervention. "This is long overdue," says one trust and estate attorney who asked not to be named and who refuses to appear in contested estates in Westchester or Manhattan. "Only with a [Governor] Sptizer and [Attorney General] Cuomo combination is there hope that the corruption will be stopped."

"Tom Carvel was a beautiful man, and who intended to provide for his widow Agnes upon his death," says Pamela Carvel. Instead, she says, Agnes Carvel never received a dime during the eight years she survived her famous ice cream magnate husband.

See the April 26, 2007 dated letter from Pamela Carvel to Governor Spitzer (Click on page to the right)
To see Tom Carvel's Last Will (Click on page to the right)


Anonymous said...

As a Victim of Corrupt Surrogate Court Judges as well as corrupt court personel, I know first hand the terror one has to endure. The gangsters in black robes and people such as Jody Keltz should be behind bars! I am writing a letter to Gov Spitzer and everyone should.

Anonymous said...

I recently heard about an old widow from Manhattan who has not received a penny from her husband's estate. The slim ball lawyer who drafted the will now has his friend as the executor after he got the old widow deemed incompetent and in need of a guardian. So thanks to the Manhattan Surrogate, the old widow now has a court guardian (another payoff!). The catch here is that the old widow, who has a court-ordered guardian in her husband's estate, IS HERSELF A COURT APPROVED GUARDIAN FOR ANOTHER MANHATTAN COURT!!!!!!!

As soon as I get more info, I'll pass it along !!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't buy this blog's "In Fairness to the Courts..." article. If you are a LAW ABIDING Judge, then you turn in the corrupt judges, and you speak up about "fixing cases" and other ILLEGAL things you see. HELLO!!!! What the hell is going on when OUR JUDGES are ignoring illegal activity, deciding to simply remain silent. If you are a judge and you keep quiet, YOU TOO should be thrown off the bench, have your law license taken away, and thrown in jail!!!

Anonymous said...

I too have been SCREWED by the Manhattan Surrogate's Court. I will be writing Gov. Spitzer demanding he do the RIGHT THING!

Anonymous said...

Just found this blog and think it's a breath of fresh air. I will be happy to write Gov. Spitzer since I have a friend who went through HELL in the Westchester Surrogate's Court.

Anonymous said...

We all owe it to Tom Carvel to make sure justice is done here !!!!!! NO MORE ICE CREAM FOR THE CROOKS!!! THROW THEM IN JAIL !!!!!! No Justice, No Ice Cream!!

Anonymous said...

I found out about this blog from a comment to a story in The Journal News, a Westchester County newspaper. But The Journal News has NEVER done a story about all the allegations of corruption in the Westchester County Courts!! Why is that?!?!?! And then to find out that the claims of corruption in Westchester were reported in the NEW YORK LAW JOURNAL?!?!?!?! Don't reporters and editors get news feeds from the New York Law Journal?!?!?! We always hear about Brooklyn Court Corruption?!?!?! But never about Westchester?!?!?!?

Anonymous said...

God Bless Richard Blassberg of the Westchester Guardian for his in- depth story about Pam Carvel's herculean efforts on behalf of Tom & Agnes Carvel (her uncle & aunt) and her continuing battle against the insidious corruption of the attorneys (including Judges) and banks. When I read this terrifing story in this week's issue (5/17), my heart poured out to this family and also to the several other people that are mention (McCormick & McKeown). Richard Blassberg called it the "Incestuous Relationships" and that's on the money! I also thought about my own situation and what my family will face with Judge Scarpino. Recently, my attorney has been after me to update my Will, naming him and the criminal Bank of New York as Executors. After carefully reading this Blog and seeing what goes on in the courts with the corruption, I've come to the conclusion that I'm going to fire the attorney. Will look for a new attorney but, I will not tell him that I know the game. That is that, it's all one big swindle, the same way Enron was. You can't have any confidence in a system that has the thieves in charge. What has become of my country?

Anonymous said...

What is Governor Spitzer doing about this?

Anonymous said...

this bum Scarpino should be in jail for what he does to good people

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