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Friday, June 20, 2008

10th Ethics Federal Lawsuit Filed

Breaking News...... And then there were 10 !! The Ethics Scandal Grows..... Public Integrity Unit of U.S. Attorney's Office on Notice..... 

The plaintiff in the most recent filing is a New York admitted attorney...The latest filing, made June 17, 2008, in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, seeks association to Anderson v. NY (07cv9599). The request to be RELATED is pending before the Hon. Shira A. Scheindlin. Stay tuned to history in the making: Tammany Hall II .............. MORE ON THIS SOON...............


Anonymous said...

I hope I'm next....I'm finishing up my federal complaint now. The end is near for the bastards who have destroyed people and families!!

Anonymous said...

It's about time the real story get out about how the ny courts have been corrupted and abused by a relatively few political fat cats. I hope they rot in hell.

Anonymous said...

The fact that this attorney wrote to Kaye about any of her concerns or issues.. Kaye just signed her legal death warrant! Once Kaye finds out from the person personally, that they are disturbed about some corrupt court issue...she gives the word and you and your case are she thought and thinks!
Kaye is one of the most vicious and evil people I have ever had to deal with. All the while she was crooking, she was making trips throughout the state pretending to feel empathy for women and minorities, and then behind the scenes she was pushing them out of the droves!
Unfortunately for Kaye...she will get the taste of her evil...long after she retires and without the protection of the devils she created! I am overjoyed this will happen to one of the worst criminals, this state has ever known!

Anonymous said...

anyone notice that thier are 10 lawsuits now. Everone that reads this blog knows what about Cahill.
The DDC in Manhattan questions less than 1% of the over 2,000 +/-
complaints it recieves annually at 61 broadway. The few that get questioned then get rubber stamped rejection letters. If they actualy bring a lawyer before the pannel almost always they get let off.
THE MEDIA continues to ignore the problem..

Anonymous said...

to wonder out loud - how many of these situations are out there? How many people have been screwed over by the DDC? Let them all come out of the woodwork, it's a good thing.

Anonymous said...

What... about 2000 complaints filed every year..for how many years?...oh crap for OCA!

Anonymous said...

I've written Judge Judith Kaye several letters regarding Attorney Allen H. Isaac, and how he discussed getting favors from Judges on the First Appellate Division. I also wrote letters to her regarding the First Departmental Disciplinary Committee. The response I received from Monica Mone was unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

I am a former State employed attorney who quit the profession in disgust after total disillusionment. I am preparing a lawsuit with documentation that will blow Allan Friedberg out of the water, along with two former member and one sitting member of the CJC . This will be the CJC equivalent of Christine's case against the DDC.

Stay tuned folks. Allan Friedberg and three of his "friends" will be unemployed (at best) by year's end. Thanks to Christine and the other plaintiffs (and Frank) for opening the gate.

Anonymous said...

I again repeat, that writing to Judy Kaye about anything illegal, corrupt or unethical, going on within HER judicial signing your death warrant! This woman is one of the most outrageously criminal and self centered witches, the court system has ever known ( in such tremendous power)...and believe me there are more of them.. they are just not in complete power like her! My advice to everyone, is to stay away from complaining to anyone in power at will regret it and they know it!

Anonymous said...

I personally tend agree with the prior posting comment. I wouldn't waste my time writing Judge Judy. Her departed husband bought her her Judgeship and her ego has grown ever since.

Mr. Justice said...

There is another angle that many are forgetting which will soon come to light. Just as the Grievance Committee has acted arbitrarily in failing to prosecute certain white attorneys, they have acted equally arbitrarily in the over prosecution of minority attorneys in Brooklyn and Queens. There is no trial for these attorneys, they are given no due process, the judges and the prosecuting attorney have private meeting together to conspire on how to slam the attorney. The Appellate Division has abdicated their responsibility by rubber stamping the findings of retired judges assigned to hear these matters. All attorneys should be concerned with this grossly unfair process and speak out to guarantee justice in the process.

Anonymous said...

It is not just attorneys that OCA deals with so blatantly, unfairly. OCA denies due process to their female and minority employees, just as equally! They use the same white male attorneys and judges to act as hearing officers, who they insist must be prejudiced at these hearings, and solicit them also, for their rubber stamping!
OCA needs to be exposed for all their injustices against the very groups that Kaye pretended to protect, throughout her entire useless career, while trashing everything civil rights!
I believe that it is well noted in some of the present lawsuits, that OCA is guilty of extreme prejudice, relative to the civil rights act of 1964! This issue is least in federal court!

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