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Monday, October 4, 2010

Federal Judge Arrested on Drug and Gun Charges

Ga. federal judge arrested on drug, gun charges
The Associated Press by Greg Bluestein. - October 4, 2010

ATLANTA, GA — A veteran federal judge faces drug and firearms charges after an exotic dancer at an Atlanta strip club told authorities he used cocaine, marijuana and other illegal drugs with her. Senior U.S. District Judge Jack T. Camp was arrested Friday minutes after he handed an undercover law enforcement agent $160 for cocaine and Roxycodone, a narcotic pain medication, that he intended to use with the exotic dancer, authorities said in a court document released Monday. They said they also found two firearms in the front seat of his vehicle. Camp, 67, who has presided over some high-profile cases, was released Monday on a $50,000 bond. His attorney, William Morrison, said after a brief hearing that the judge intends to plead not guilty. Morrison said Camp would probably take a leave of absence and would not preside over any more cases until the charges are resolved. "This is really a case between Judge Camp and his wife," said Morrison. "It's not about Judge Camp being a judge. It's about him being a husband."

Camp's arrest set up an unusual domino effect in the federal courthouse. The district's federal judges all recused themselves, so Magistrate Judge Charles S. Coody of Alabama was brought in to hear the case. Federal prosecutors from Washington also flew in to handle the government's arguments. The charges against Camp were laid out in a shocking eight-page affidavit released after the emergency hearing was finished. Camp met the confidential informant, who recently began cooperating with the FBI, at the Goldrush Showbar in Atlanta in early 2010 and he soon began paying her for sex and buying cocaine from her at $40 to $50 a pop, according to the records. In June 2010, Camp followed the informant to a drug dealer in Marietta to buy Roxycodone. He was also recorded in a wiretapped telephone call on Sept. 28 talking with her about getting together over the weekend to split more pills and cocaine with her, according to the charges. He showed up at a Publix parking lot in northeast Atlanta around 7:15 p.m. Friday to meet with the an undercover agent posing as the dealer. When the informant told her she was worried about his safety, the judge told her, "I not only have my little pistol, I've got my big pistol so, uh, we'll take care of any problems that come up," according to the affidavit. He handed over $160 in cash to pay for the drugs around 7:35 p.m. Ten minutes later, authorities arrested the judge and seized the two guns from the front seat of his vehicle.

The judge faces four drug-related charges and one count of possessing firearms while illegally using drugs. It's a stunning turn for Camp, a Vietnam War veteran who was appointed to the bench by Ronald Reagan in 1987. He is a former chief judge for the Northern District of Georgia. Known for wearing suspenders around the courtroom, he handled hundreds of cases before taking senior status — and a lesser caseload — in 2008. In 2004, he sentenced two men accused of killing DeKalb County Sheriff Derwin Brown to life in prison without parole. He also handled litigation from voting rights groups who sought to block Georgia from asking new voters to prove their identities and citizenship before casting their ballots. The judge also handled several high-profile drug cases, including the May 2009 sentencing on prescription-related charges of the personal doctor to a professional wrestler who killed himself, his wife and their 7-year-old son. Camp, wearing a pinstripe suit, said little during the brief hearing Monday but turned to flash a smile at his family after he walked in. He hired four defense attorneys over the weekend to represent him, and Morrison said his client was in "good spirits." "Judge Camp's wife is an extraordinarily strong woman and she's going to stand by her husband," said Morrison. "And this is a very strong man. He's going to overcome these circumstances."


Anonymous said...

Why are they after this judge and someone from Washington flies in for "Justice", since when?

Anonymous said...

What about the judges in the Ninth Judicial District selling children to be sexual exploited in child custody cases? I think a pimp judge is worst than a drugie judge.

Anonymous said...

obviously not a good situation in any respect but everytime one hears about an exotic dancer or stripper it sounds like a scene out of the Godfather II with the US Senator from Nevada being found with the woman.

for better or worse the federal judge probably has some ideas and information on how those businesses never seem to go away from our nation despite being illegal for decades

Anonymous said...

When are they going to get it that just because someone has a job as a judge, doesn't meant that they are just as capable of wrongdoing as anyone else.

This "judicial immunity" is b.s.

There have been enough examples of corruption and misconduct of police, prosecutors, lawyer, judges and the like to make it clear that they system is broken.

Even the U.S. Supreme Court can't and won't fix it.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

How many federal judges are there? So, one down how many more to go? How many do we have in Florida?

Court Employee said...

It's no surprise that our judges and our judicial system have lost all respect. This thug- a federal judge, no less- is a fine example of what can happen when politics trumps integrity. I'm most amused by the fact that thugs like this judge have a lifetime job and judicial immunity. Make an example out of this guy, a BIG example.

A Pox On Them All said...

Time for citizens to wake from their stupor. Judicial immunity was passed by the voters, where? Give someone a lifetime appointment and they'll respond by being good?
We have the American system of Justice, "the best in the world", but which world? We need lawyers and judges to interpret law? If it's subject to interpretation, it's not law.
How come these same judges don't recuse themselves more often?

When are we fumigating the entire 2nd circuit?

Anonymous said...

American Justice

Hey Lippman

Where do I file Rico Charges dating back to atleast 1994
(4 separate cases- 3-1 mil+)
that have denied every right I have including and not limited to

-providing fake/false information to FEDS & Police
-falsifying medical records & history, bill of particulars, bills, court records, police records
-making fake calls & complaints to Niagara County Sheriffs, DA, my doctors, my lawyers, judges, the Defense, public officials....etc

Where do I file charges of the absolute terrorism by the liars, cheats & whores of the American Justice System?

Anonymous said...

So, is this judge going to be indicted for drugs, prostitution and guns under the RICO ACT they should chek for gang activities. They all belong to the black robe gang and should be indicted for gang crimes.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who reads the work of any judge knows they are on drugs, so what who cares! nobody, if anyone did they all would be off the bench and be in jail!

Anonymous said...

Probably forgot to pay his dues to the "Corrupt Judges Fund" so this is their payback.

Anonymous said...

you want dirtball lawyers judges and ADA's of Niagara County, wait for the "party" that large law firm lawyer has in February.......
there is always snow in Buffalo!

Anonymous said...

you want dirtball lawyers judges and ADA's of Niagara County, wait for the "party" that large law firm lawyer has in February.......
there is always snow in Buffalo!

Anonymous said...

Who put this dirtbag on the bench??? What President?

Anonymous said...

mickey mickey mickey of Jaekyl & Hyde, you know wherer the FEDS are dirtbag, and I know where the DEA is......and it is a return the favor, fat fuk & friends!
next time you try to kill me, make it a clean shot!

looks like some lawyers will be Racketeering their own cases,
to represent each other, it is a shame what it is going to cost you bunch of dirtbags!

Anonymous said...

who will the Judge roll over on? I see a lot of people upset!

Anonymous said...

How about the pimp of Orange County?

When are the FEDS going to get this pimp aka "Law Guardian" selling children in child custody cases to be sexually exploited?


I have a surprise for you Bernie for thanksgiving...I'll tell you where to google your you can enjoy the surprise with your daughter when she comes to visit for thanksgiving break from school. ;)

Why aren't the FEDS AND ICE NAILING this pimp for her sexual crimes against children?

Why is it that the OC DA refuses to investigated the allegations against this pimp?

Anonymous said...

Wasn't that Major in the State Police Detail who allegedly "suicided" himself during the Dan Wiese investigation from Orange County?

Whatever county he was from he had been on the State Police Detail for Gov Pataki and Spitzer and the NY Post wrote about AG Cuomo getting all the evidence or something?

So instead of the NY Post writing about the outcomes of these investigations, New Yorkers have Fred Dicker aggravating an altercation with Paladino.

Only in NY where the people's business means nothing.

how about more on how Madoff pulled off his racket?

Where are the feds?


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