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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Judge Gives Some Hope to Return to Ethics

Queens judge steps down from accused hubby-killer Sheehan case
The New York Post by Christina Carrega  -  July 12, 2011

A Queens judge has stepped down from the murder trial of accused hubby-killer Barbara Sheehan because defense lawyers argued he has a conflict of interest — his daughter is a prosecutor in the Queens DA’s office that is handling the case.  Lawyer Michael Dowd raised the question of whether or not Queens Supreme Court Justice Richard Buchter would be fair because his daughter, Rachel, is a Queens prosecutor, even though she is not handling this case.  Dowd later retracted his thoughts, but Buchter, not wanting to take any chances since the issue had been raised, decided to step down anyway.  Sheehan is accused of pumping 11 shots into her ex-cop husband, Raymond, in their Howard Beach home on February 18, 2008 after years of alleged domestic abuse.  With a new judge, it gives Dowd a third chance to file a renewed motion for the battered woman defense that retired Judge Arthur Cooperman denied in 2009 because Sheehan missed a court-ordered exam.  Judge Buchter had been reviewing the motion, Dowd said.  "I’ve had a history of handling high profile cases, murder cases, I’ve dismissed cases and I’ve shown nothing but fairness," Buchter said tod ay. "This is the first time I’ve ever recused myself.  "Once it was raised, it can’t be unsaid. Its like the sword of Damocles hanging over my head," the judge said about his decision to take himself off the case. Sheehan’s trial was set to begin in September, but now the decision as to who the new judge will be is up in the air until July 26. It will be between the administrative judge Queens Supreme Court Justice Fernando Camacho or Queens Supreme Court Justice Robert McGann.


Anonymous said...

Good luck with that hope!

Anonymous said...

So he dismisses some murder cases. Did he consult with victim's family?

Anonymous said...

Not sure I can agree with the Title to this one as "giving hope" for Ethics by this Article coming out of Queens, NY with a Judge recusing himself from a Murder case where his Daughter is a Prosecutor in the Office prosecuting.

Not bad news, just not really much to give such a title to.

More important news is the Sunny Sheu from Queens, NY story and investigation and the statewide implications.

Anonymous said...

How come that Scumb*g Judge golia never did the right thing? Is it because the MAFIA is his back up? Oh, and he's leading the charge to get the illegal pay raise too.

Anonymous said...

This has to be the nuttiest thing I ever heard. Will the judge now RECUSE himself from ALL cases brought before him by the DA office?

I know of one federal judge that has a wife that works as a ranking ADA for DA Hynes. Will this judge recuse himself from all federal cases that emanate from the Brooklyn DA office?

Several years ago the judge did an interview for a NY newspaper and he said that he would often wake up at 3:00AM wrestling with a sentence he gave a defendant or was about to give to a defendant. His wife would be awoken by his restlesness, and when learning of his anguish she would tell him go back to sleep, my darling - and be happy you sent the guy to jail.

jail4judges said...

judges don't know how to spell the ETHICS much less know what the word means

Anonymous said...


The United States was founded as a Constitutional Republican Democracy. It only works when people are free to do business with one another, speak their minds freely, and when there is accountability for one's actions.

Unfortunately, America as a free constitutional republican democratic form of government has been corrupted, subverted and dragged down by special interest groups, lobbying agencies, the balkanization of its people into opposing and militant groups, and its instruments and agents of administration have been perverted by money and bureaucratic red tape.

Being honest, hardworking, and truthful no longer will guarantee you success in business or in relationships.

You must now also become a politician and professional ass-kisser to survive in the United States, by allying yourselves with, and essentially selling your soul to, the powers that be in this country, ie.whoever has the most money and influence over the Courts, the Government, and the different governmental and private agencies regulating our daily life, etc.

If you are unfortunate enough to live in any of the major cities of the United States this has now become an unfortunate but essential component of life - people in rural areas still know what freedom feels like.

The true enemies of today's society are anyone who falls into BOTH of the following categories: (1) they dominate or head a militant or balkanized "group" within the United States of America, such as feminists, racists, bigots, sexists, fundamentalists; and (2) belong to another entity, far larger and greater than the first "group," but with interests that are often at odds with the aims, goals, aspirations, and directions of the United States of America.

If you are unfortunate enough to clash with one of these "enemies," then your world is over unless you immediately bend over, suck in your pride, become a political whore, stifle your freedom of speech and own opinions, and take it up the proverbial ass.

Then you may have a chance of not losing your freedom, your business, your job, your children, your family, and your life.

I will let you all figure out who these enemies are.

The FBI, CIA, DOJ, local Police Departments, and all other law enforcement and protective agencies, which are charged with safeguarding and protecting all Americans in their Constitutional rights to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness," have all been subverted and hamstrung by the enemies listed above, and although these agencies are mostly populated and staffed by well-meaning, initially idealistic, educated Americans, who took an Oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution, they are also, absolutely and totally powerless to do anything about it.

For many of them, it feels like they are stuck behind a thick unbreakable pane of glass, while watching a slow gruesome violent murder that is taking place - the murder of the United States of America.

And even they know that their bosses, in order to even get that job in the first place, are all bought and paid for and owned, lock stock and barrel, by the better funded sects of these "enemies" within the United States.

God help America.

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