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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Prudenti Named To Replace Pfau as Chief Administrative Judge

Prudenti Named Chief Administrative Judge

October 20, 2011 --  Presiding Justice A. Gail Prudenti of the Appellate Division, Second Department, this afternoon told her colleagues that she has accepted an appointment as chief administrative judge, a position she will assume on Dec. 1 following the departure of Judge Ann T. Pfau.


Anonymous said...

Different face, same garbage.

Anonymous said...

how much did she pay for this slot?

A Brother said...

Yeah and who did she pay it toooooo? Anyone there Jonathan Lippman/Shelly Silver?

Anonymous said...

Another in a line of useful fools

court employee said...

Hate see you go Pfau but them again you should have never been here, go get your big bucks pension and go to "work for a dirty law firm!"

Anonymous said...

do you think she could have rolled over so she doesn't get indicted?

Anonymous said...

Another fox watching the hen house.
I have documentary proof showing the entire court system is also benefiting from the mortgage fraud that has been crippling our economy.PRUDENTI included.

Wendyzvyv said...

Different face, same garbage.

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