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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Public Outrage Gets Top Court Attention and Needed Law- Necrophilia Now Illegal in Wisconsin

Laura Tennessen Corpse Sex Case: Wisconsin Bans Sex With Dead Bodies
StupidCelebrities.Net by Monya  -  July 9, 2008 

Laura Tennessen, 20, died in a motorcycle accident and became somewhat of an internet celebrity, after three Wisconsin men attempted to dig up her body in order to have sex with her.

Laura Tennessen was a nursing assistant, who died from injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident. She was a passenger on the Honda motorcycle, driven by Thomas Sweet, 20, when they were flung from the motorcycle when Sweet lost control. Deputies stated that alcohol and speed were the main factors in the accident, and that neither Tennessen or Sweet were wearing helmets. Tennessen died from her injuries, while Sweet only sustained minor injuries.  As sad as the accident is, it is only the first part of a story that just gets “more sick”.  A few days after Tennessen’s death, three Wisconsin men spotted her obituary, and obviously found her quite attractive, and decided to dig up Tennessen’s body to have sex with her. Nicholas Grunke ( son of a Methodist minister), his twin brother Alex, and their friend Dustin Radke all plotted this disgusting act.  Police said the three Wisconsin men were carrying shovels, a crowbar, and a box of condoms to the cemetary to dig up the dead body of Laura Tennessen, who had died the week before in the motorcycle wreck.  Nicholas Grunke had viewed her photo in the obituary and asked his brother and friend to aid in helping dig up her corpse so that he could have sexual intercourse with it.  The three guys used shovels to reach her grave, but were not able to pry open the vault. After seeing the abandoned car, police questioned Alex Grunke, who was acting very nervous, and he admitted to police the scheme, and that his cohorts were digging up Tennessen’s coffin.  When the police arrived at the gravesite, Nicolas Grunke and Radke were gone, though cops noticed that a hole had been dug down to the concrete vault encasing the woman’s coffin. Nicholas Grunke and Radke were later arrested while walking about eight miles from the cemetery.  Wisconsin passed a law yesterday, banning sex with dead bodies, and reinstating charges against the three men. The court had to go into the nasty case after lower court judges in Wisconsin said there were no laws there banning necrophilia. The lower court decisions outraged the public, and a state lawmaker pushed to make having sex with a corpse a crime.  In Wisconsin, the law now states that sex acts with dead people are considered illegal, as the corpse is not able to give consent. Sounds crazy, but I guess that is true!  This ruling now reinstates the sexual assault charges against the twin brothers, Nicolas and Alexander Grunke and friend Dustin Radke, all guys are 22. The charges could carry a punishment of up to 10 years in prison.  The judge, Patience Roggensack, said sexual intercourse is banned with anyone that cannot give consent, “whether a victim is dead or alive at the time”. And continued saying, “A reasonably well-informed person would understand the statue to prohibit sexual intercourse with a dead person, ” she wrote.  This legal ruling brings Wisconsin into line with more than 20 other states that prohibit necrophilia or the abuse of a corpse.  With sickos like this around, perhaps we don’t want to look too sexy or attractive in our obituary photos. What do you guys think about this case?


Anonymous said...

OMG....they're BEYOND SICKOS!!!! this story made me sick to my stomach...SEX with a DEAD BODY!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

These kids were destined to become lawyers- screw anything, alive or dead.

Anonymous said...

They've necessary character and proactive self-interest to be made members of the NY bar for their ability to screw even people without money and without having to pay off the surrogate judge. Judge Lippman will have strong competition for the "The Bar Vulture of the Year" award.

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