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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

NY Legal Ethics Scandal Whistleblower Back in Federal Court

NY Legal Ethics Scandal Whistleblower Back in Federal Court

Witness Tampering Brings NY Attorney Christine Anderson Back to Federal Court

Widespread 'Ethics' Corruption Now Includes Threat on Witness in a Federal Proceeding



Anonymous said...

Shira baby what are you going to do with this radioactive potato? Do the right thing girl!

Anonymous said...

Maybe, just maybe the long suffering Christine Anderson will have her day in Court and receive Justice - if that is possible within the alleged 'legal system' due to the corruption.

Anonymous said...

The Second Circuit is a bunch of clowns giving everyone the run around unless you have a connection. The honest and decent judge is extinct in the Second Circuit.

Kris Sergentakis said...

Again I say "Christine should be a modern day Saint".

This woman has endured the open corruption of The Second Circuit Cesspool.

No oversight means open corruption. Put video in every Courtroom in America.

see leukemia scandal dot com

Anonymous said...

Almost as Important to see what Judge Shira Scheindlin is going to do with this Filing is How is current NYAG Eric Schneidermann's Office going to handle this?

Remember how NYAG Cuomo Simultaneously Represented Multiple State Defendants at the same time in the Underlying Case? Had to be violation of Conflict Rules. Had to Deprive Anderson of Fair Process even in Seeking Settlement. And yes Anderson filed Post Trial Motion on some of the Actions of the NYAG.

But this goes to Heart of the problem or close to Heart in the NY State System.

If the State's "Top Law Enforcement Officer", the Attorney General, can Blatantly Violate the Rules in Federal Court, how can Any Citizen Expect that the AG will Uphold Any of the Rules on any other level?

Yet the State AG Litigation Offices, Division of State Counsel, Routinely blatantly Take this action in Federal Court filings all over the State.

The Federal Judges have Duty to Supervise Members of the Bar including the State AG.

Scheindlin Needs to Address this.

But Schneidermann does too. Neither former NYAG Cuomo, Current AG Schneidermann, nor current Gov Cuomo or Chief Judge Lippman have EVER even Acknowledged the problem in the Operations of the State Courts or what came out in the State Senate Judiciary Hearings of 2009 that were "supposed" to continue.

Time for that to change.

upstate new york

Anonymous said...

Breaking News!!! the NYAG has already acknowledged a CONFLICT OF INTEREST and therefore is required to obtain outside counsel. Waiting to see how the "Corrupt System" will try to cover this one up!!! STAY TUNED

Anonymous said...

I find it curious how bad the Republicans want us to be outraged about FAST AND FURIOUS..guns loose in a country that shoots and beheads more people than live in NY State in a the most scandlous thing that has ever happened in the US!
This while the NY Justice system has been reported on here in massive lawsuits that the courts in the STATE AND FEDERAL divisions have committed crimes, cover-ups and murders and attempted murders..and not one Republican has flinched or stomped in outrage.
American conservatives can keep that cheap trick gimmick for themselves in this election year, and the media needs to stop covering it like it is I know it... NO ONE CARES about that ..but loads of us care about American corrupt justice that just keeps rolling over every citizens lives in every category that they live..even if many do not know the extensive part the justice system plays in their existence!

Anonymous said...

Christine. Will you agree to be interviewed for 'LawlessAmerica; the Movie'? Bill Windsor is coming to NYC soon in July.

Anonymous said...

Will be very curious to see what the NYAG has acknowledged for a "conflict of interest" and what action is take.

In recent submission on Art 78 in Queens-Brooklyn courts which implicated CJC, reports to FBI, Brooklyn DA and more Assistant AG from Litigation Bureau had papers Less than 24 hours and despite being directly petitioned under Public Officers Law Sec 17 to perform "investigation" quickly dismissed and Determined to represent State Supreme Court Judge saying private litigants have no rights under the Public Officers Law Sec 17 and AG gets to do whatever they choose ( in "essence" ) internally.

That is precisely at least half the problem in New York Court Operations.

NYAG doing Valid "Investigation" under Public Officers Law Sec 17, upholding State Constitutional requirements for effective CJC etc could have prevented good part of what has gone on in NY Courts.

Be nice to get a Story on this Assistant AG's actions.

One of the Related Cases!!! said...

Stay Tuned ..I'm about to file something myself at the Southern District Court, before Judge Shira Scheindlin!!!

Anonymous said...

Where are the Feds? Are they still sleeping? Why don't they jump into corruption swamp and drain it? If they don't it means that they're also part of the problem.

Anonymous said...

@11:23 Holder and his lackey Breuer at Justice are in charge of investigating crimes in NY, too. But NY has the lowest rate of prosecution of financial crimes in twenty years. This isn't Republican or Democrat, its the media cover-up. If they nail Holder, one scum down and more to go. The pig Holder will squeal loudly about all the others escaping prosecution. Most of the Second Circuit judges were chosen through Schumer recommendations and look what we got. Republican AG Mukasy was picked by Schumer for that dumb Bush to select as AG. That new Second Circuit Appeal judge was the lackey of Bharara who was Schumer's lap dog lawyer before he was US Attorney for Southern District.

Anonymous said...

The 'SCANDAL' is not only in the 1st Dept., it is all over the State of New YOrk. The coverup is in high gear and rolling right along. How come we're not reading about the 'SCANDAL' in the NY Daily News or the NY Post? Who got to them?

Anonymous said...

Has Judge Shira taken the Anderson case back? Or will she sandbag her?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Yes, Christine Anderson is back in Federal Handball Court let's see where the Anderson Case bounces next

Kris Sergentakis said...

Unfortunately nothing will happen.

It's their sandbox no normal citizen has any rights.

Unless you have a big bag of cash there will never be justice.

Christine Anderson is the most honorable person I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Much too good for these criminals in black robes.

Anonymous said...

When will Tom Cahill be going before the firing squad? We should sell tickets, hey why not alot of people would pay to see it!

Anonymous said...

Sen John Sampson was going to hold additional judiciary hearings a couple of years ago (2009?) did this ever happen? Let's have hearings and Christine Anderson should testify again, but this time with as much media as we can get.

Anonymous said...

Never, ever should the State of NY hold any meetings relative to ethics or corruption..they will GO NO heavily redacted for a cover up and used so the state can find out who has what on them..and then NY State will create false documents to alter those allegations, so Federal Ct or Washington or whomever has the ultimate power.. will accept them as fact without proof, and throw out the actual, now convoluted truth! Been done already!

The first hearings were a mistake and any additional ones will be the demise of anyone who has facts of judicial do not know how evil and vicious the NY Justice system is and how willing they are to protect their evil crimes...they are worse than anything you believe exists in countries you think are terrorists!

Anonymous said...

Interesting and most likely very Accurate comment at 10:35 am July 4th.

This is precisely why several individuals had great reluctance to come forward in any manner since the vicious underhanded Retaliation forces are just that.

At least one person who "trusted" and "believed" came forward many months ago and has had life turned upside down for the last 5 months.

Another Brave Hero likely ended up Dead as a result of trying to uncover and expose the corruption and seek Justice.

That is Sun Ming "Sunny" Sheu.

No Trust or Belief in anything here or in the State for many. Does not appear to be changing any time soon and No Real Answers from anyone.

What a way to celebrate 4th of July 2012, "Independence Day".

Anonymous said...

Now that Anderson is back in Shira's playpen how many 'new' related cases will she attract?

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