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Monday, September 10, 2012

9/11 Donation Fraud and Sheldon Silver Cover-Up Go To Washington

All U.S. Senators Asked to Vote Against President's Nominee Jonathan Lippmann

Every U.S. Senator will be greeted this morning with an urgent request to vote against President Obama's nominee for the national organization The State Justice Institute.  The communication, along with various related newspaper articles was sent, via facsimile, to all D.C. and local state offices of all U.S. Senators.

September 10, 2012
The United States Senate
Washington, D.C. 20004

RE: Vote on Presidential Nominee Jonathan Lippman for The State Justice Institute
        Jonathan Lippman’s Involvement in Cover-Up of 9/11 Donation Fraud 

Dear Senator,

Please vote against the President’s nomination of Jonathan Lippman to be a member of the Board of Directors of the State Justice Institute.  The U.S. Senate’s Executive Calendar for September 10, 2012, lists the pending Privileged Nomination at page 13, Message No. 1692 and 1693 - Jonathan Lippman of New York, to be a Member of the Board of Directors of the State Justice Institute.

I have personal knowledge of Jonathan Lippman, in order to protect political supporters in New York, covering-up a fraud involving over $100,000.00 in stolen 9/11 donation monies, and that further defrauded an insurance company that partially paid out on the loss.  To date, those stolen donation monies have NOT been repaid.  (Please see the attached New York Times article,  “Red Cross Quietly Settles Case of a $120,000 Theft,” by Stephanie Strom (April 28, 2006) 

In addition, Jonathan Lippman was implicated in an alleged $40 Million Dollar fraud involving a prominent New Yorker who was on his deathbed. (Please see attached letter to the NY FBI).  In fact, these troubling allegations involving Jonathan Lippman were reviewed by White House staffers on April 2, 2012, reportedly while finalizing approval of the President’s nomination. (See the June 12, 2012 story at, “White House ‘Criminal Leaks’ Explained.”

Jonathan Lippman was politically created by his childhood friend, attorney Sheldon Silver who was, just last week, the target of a court order involving a Special Prosecutor to review criminal allegations of improperly using public funds to cover-up sex harassment charges by and against NYS officials. (Please see attached Village Voice article, “Justice is Blindsided- How Shelly Silver Made His Pal Chief Judge.”  Various news articles about Jonathan Lippman’s friend and attorney Sheldon Silver- and the public’s outrage- can be seen at    

The citizens of the United States deserve an end to corruption and cover-ups, and we all deserve your vote against the nomination of Jonathan Lippman for a position at the State Justice Institute.



Anonymous said...

I'm calling my 2 U.S. Senators now!!

insider said...

The time for Lippman and Silver to be ousted is LONG OVERDUE. CALL YOUR U.S. Senators NOW !!!!

scared said...

It really shows you how dumb most voters are when a criminal like Silver keeps getting reelected.

And how dumb, corrupt or frightened, fellow democrats are to keep electing Silver as their leader.

All New Yorkers have gotten exactly what they've asked and voted for-- criminals who lead the lowly and mindless sheep, and who steel billions from their supports.

It's all very scary....

Anonymous said...

One's things for sure. Big changes are needed. The corruption in NY has gone on too long and has gotten too horrible.

Anonymous said...

Wow, great letter Mr. McKeown..I hope they s*** in their pants after they read it...I am praying for Justice!

Anonymous said...

I just sent a fax to Harry Reid. He's the head of the democrats and decides when the vote for Lippman will be.

Anonymous said...

I spoke to the SJI and the US senate has NOT voted on the Lippman scam nomination yet. So get your letters in!!!

Anonymous said...

Good ole Lippman. A nice boy from Westchester. Let's give credit where credit is due. Election Fraud was perfected in Westchester. Exhibit A is one Jonathan Lippman.


Here's my report on Judge Lippman:

Semt to all members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, the White House, the FBI and to be published in Truthout this week.

Also sending Kevin's complaint t all of the above.

Glad to see Brady and I are on the same page here.

Anonymous said...

I just read the Village Voice article about Judge Lippman. I am in shock. I say that New York should get rid of the likes of Lippman and Silver immediately. They can move to the UK and try to be kings there.

Anonymous said...

Jonathan Lippman belongs in JAIL NOW along with Sheldon Silver and our Dear Andrew Cuomo

Anonymous said...

Why wasn't this reported, AND OPPOSED, in the NY Times, the NY Post and the NY Daily News?



Anonymous said...

Great effort on the part of Kevin/Brady..a move to break the silence of the media..whose job is to boycott Judicial Corruption to keep Americans from knowing how bad this country really is.
So when one or a few people open their mouth about their horrific experiences it will appear to most Americans like they are disgruntled litigants or employees..and that does work for the Judicial system right now.

The NY Times just hired the Ex- Editor of the Buffalo News 3 weeks ago.
Her name is Margaret Sullivan and she is Buffalo born and raised.
Margaret,s father was a lawyer in town..she will block all court corruption stories, as she is well aware of what has happened in Buffalo and told reporters to NOT report any stories.
Sullivan also was receiving e-mails from the Adminstrative Judge in the 8th NOT to publish certain people;s letters to the editor revealing court crimes or discriminations.
Sullivan was born and raised in the country,s most politically corrupt town of Lackawanna NY...home of the most corrupt Conservative Party in the USA..that has been investigated and determined to be factual by outside NY State sources.
This Conservative party has major influence in ALL JUDICIAL SELECTIONS, SEATINGS AND HIRINGS OF OUTSIDERS..and can be said to be the biggest factor of upstate judicial corruption!
Sullivan protected all reporting of these facts and allowed upstate to be uniformed about Judicial crimes unless it made the police blotter and she could not HELP OUT HER LACKAWANNA FRIENDS and cover it all up.
Sullivan is the Editor in charge of dealing with the people who read the Times...DON'T KNOW THAT TITLE BUT IT IS SIGNIFICANT AS A POSITION THERE.
She also started the most ridiculous commenting section of any national paper by forcing all commenters to give their full name and address on everything they commented on..what a blowout crap move that was by this idiot woman.
So NYC..enjoy the woman Buffalo hated where she felt the hate so much she moved towards you.
She is a gutless, coward, horrible journalist, that felt that NYC did not know her and she could force her idiocy over there at the Times.

Since she left... the Buffalo News reported a terrific article on Sheldon Silver..complete expose and calling him out big time by 2 reporters..the readers could not believe that the news actually had the guts to print those articles....because this woman you now have ran away from the rath of Buffalo.
Good Luck getting the Times to write anything viable about the courts//remember SULLIVAN has this cowardly protection mindset within her that she packed in her suitcase to sprinkle around NYC..our gain your don't expect the Times to get better..NEVER HAPPEN WITH SULLIVAN!

victim said...

Call The White House Comment operator at 202-456-1111 (open 9am-5pm ET) Tell the President to withdraw the Lippman nomination!

Catherine Wilson said...


I am well aware that you are doing due diligence and investigating this appointment. Allow me to assist you - check out the link on this site to my testimony before the NYS Judicial Committee on the corruption in the NYS courts and the abuse of the system. I gave recommendations as to how to improve the system and the Senators wanted me for an oversight task force - Lippman NEVER approved it.

Read: "Lopez-Torres v the NYS Board of Education" the law suit brought by NYU's Brennan School of Justice on behalf of NY Judge Lopez-Torres who was brave enough to expose the corruption in the judicial system in NYS. Despite the fact that the US District Court concurred and referred to the NYS judicial system as "the most corrupt in the nation", Lippman has sat on this court order and done NOTHING to improve the system and correct the abuses and corruption.

As I informed the NYS Senators, I was a global auditor for Reader's Digest, I was married to a NYS law clerk for 20+ years (my ex, Ray Powers, was the private legal clerk to Judge Nicholas Colabella), and I was the victim of the corruption in the NYS courts when Ray walked out on me and our children. He circumvented paying child support with the assistance of the judges he worked with who created "college credits" to erase his child support - credits that have no basis in law. I wrote to Lippman about this abuse constantly during the ten years my children and I were abused and he did absolutely nothing.
I uncovered evidence that court clerks were removing court documents from other cases from the courthouse to do personal research on their own cases (forensiic reports from psychiatrists on other divorces to review how those psychiatrists would analyze them in their divorce) - Lippman did NOTHING. He didn't even issue a white paper to the staff reminding them that they could not remove sealed court records from the court house (nor should they be allowed access to sealed records on cases that they were not responsible for).
In NYS, we have tons of judges who are committing payroll fraud - when their terms are coming to an end, they resign for one day so as to file for a pension, then they are sworn in the following day for their new term. They are collecting two checks for the exact same job. Since the NYS courts receive both state and federal grants, they are beholden to generally accepted government accounting standards, standards which consider one employee taking two checks for one job to be payroll fraud. IS THIS THE STANDARD YOU WANT JONATHAN LIPPMAN TO SET FOR THIS COMMITTEE?
I also uncovered kickback lists of court appointments by judges - lucrative court work being given to political players and major contributors, all white boys, of course. Again, Lippman did NOTHING. One of the recipients of these appointments was a local politican, Nick Spano, who wasn't even an attorney, thus he was not permitted to accept this work (Spano has recently been indited for corruption by the FBI).
Lastly, I uncovered a case where an ex NYS Senator (who was removed from office because he was convicted of embezzlement) was appointed by the Surrogate's Court to handle the trust of an autistic child. Another complaint to Lippman, who yet again did NOTHING. That Surroagte Judge had the Carvel case - the judge appointed a bank as trustee, the bank gave the judge a "loan" of $400K for his house, a loan that the District Court found was never paid (Judge Anthony Scarpino). Again, Lippman did nothing - that judge is still on the bench.
I shall be in the DC area on Columbus weekend - I AM WILLING TO MEET ANY SENATOR ON THE JUDICIARY COMMITTEE TO DISCUSS THIS EVIDENCE. As an auditor, I can assure this committee that I am not making a single statement here that I cannot back up with evidence. You may reach me through the web master of this site, or call Jonathan Lippman's office - his secretary Mary will have my phone number in her files - Lord knows, I've called them often enough!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Ms. Wilson sounds like she has the "goods" on Jonathan Lippman and a few other of his minions - so where is the oversight? Tell men where are the FEDS? Didn't the FEDS take over the Chicago PD due to corruption? Tell me why they couldn't take over the NYS Judicial System and give it a really good enema?


Frank Brady and I have had our differences, but we are definitely on the same page here,

Please check out new blogsite

If you contact me at, I will be happy to include your comments, letters and complaint about Lippman on the site. And keep posting them here of course.

This is the best opportunity we have had thus far to get NY court corruption into the national spotlight and on to the desks of the US Senate and Whitehouse.

Let;s ruin Lippman's day!!!!

Deluge the whitehouse and senate with your leters!!!!


ALSO CALL AND send faxes and emails to Jonathan Mattiello, Executive Director of the State Justice Institute - the place Lippman was nominated to be on the Board.

When I called Mattiello and asked him if he wanted to see the evidence against Lippman from dozens of New Yorkers he said NO!!!!

He said that the FBI checked Lippman out and that was good enough for him!

The SJI's phone number is 571-313-8843

Ask for Director Mattiello!!!! Tell him what yu think of Lippman and record the call if you can - he'll LOVE that!

also fax him at 571-313-1173

and email him at:

The SJO contact page is:

Anonymous said...

The American FBI is deliberating maintaining NY STATE JUDICIAL CORRUPTION for whatever reason the American Government is purposely hiding it and allowing multiple innocent citizens to become victims in many ways unimaginable that our AMERICAN GOVERNMENT would ever consider doing to its own citizens!
I spoke to the FBI personally at my home 7 yrs ago and showed them altered paperwork, told them of wiretaps, showed them damage to my vehicle by an OCA supervisor and other syndicate judicial crimes.....and the FBI AGENT said I don/t want to look at your must go to Federal Ct and ask the sitting judge to investigate..that is his JOB not mine.
Yes folks that is the attitude of the American FBI and their concern for corruption and innocent AMERICAN citizen abuses..and you all wonder how 911 could have ever happened..really?
So the FBI'S advice to you is to address your concerns with a Federal Ct judge..and the one pointed out to me refuses all mail and visitors unless they are there to praise him..hysterical if you knew the way he rules in summary judgments.....all for the Government..who are usually wrong in his Federal Ct cases.
Judge S is not about to reflect any of that crap to the public..his name will be made public in the future.

Anonymous said...

Surprise, all the victims are on their own - the people that are charged with protecting this Republic and it's citizens are gaming us all - it's all one big fraud and now they want our votes to be reelected - we are all being gamed - just look at all the criminal 'Banksters' on Wall Street and not one has gone to Jail but if it were you or me they would have us in Gitmo ....prove us wrong

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

So would think that the FBI would be tasked with a full and complete investigation of Jonathan Lippman. Want to bet they discovered nothing of a negative nature. It's as clear as can be, it's all one big scam.


Please see "The Crimes Of Jonathan Lippman" website

The opening page was submitted t the Washington DC FBI field office as an official complaint.

Receivd an answer last night:

"Contact the New York Office"

What a bunch of fucking waste of taxpayer money!

Anonymous said...

When is Shelly Silver going to jail?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The 'elected' yob's don't listen to the peasants, our only purpose is to provide tax money to them which enables them to make private arangements (read payoffs) that is why they are in the racket

Anonymous said...

Is there any truth to the rumor that Jonathan Lippman is brain dead and has been institutionalized?

Anonymous said...

No, but I wonder if this blog is dead?

Anonymous said...

What's the update on this? Has the Senate voted on Jonathan Lippman whatsoever? Any news? What's the story?

Anonymous said...

Who really cares about what US Senators do? VOTE THEM OUT, NOW!!! Make them ALL care about what we the taxpaying people think and want!!!

Anonymous said...

Does voting actually do any good whatsoever? Just look at what we get!

Anonymous said...

The 'elected' yobs are all blood suckers and we are the idiots

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The New York FBI is well aware that the New York Family Courts, the only court that remains anonymous and non-public, remains this way precisely because it is actively used by foreign and domestic espionage, terrorist, activist, and other criminal organized crime elements for the purpose of entrapment, extortion, blackmail, covering up child pornography/sexual abuse/exploitation, and other criminal acts directed against certain targeted people for political, ideological, financial, or other nasty reasons, and most if not all of the Family Court Judges and Personnel are either aware of this, know about it, or actually take active part in it.

Again - it is the ONLY court in the nation which does not operate publicly and operates in the shadows as a proverbial Star Chamber - much the like the Disciplinary Committees - but even the Criminal Courts are part of the public record - so why not the Family Courts?

Now you know why.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman has completely and totally subverted each and every single Court in New York State at the behest of Sheldon Silver and his foreign cronies, including the NY Family Courts, NY Civil Courts, NY Criminal Courts, and NY IDV Courts, as well as all of the Judges he approved or handpicked to run those Courts.

Chief Judge Lippman even changed the NYS Constitution illegally and he needs to be arrested for treason and treated as an enemy of the United States of America.

Also the money trail should be traced to those Judges who took benefits, promotions, awards, or other accolades for "towing the line" in favor of those lobbying groups and NGOs such as Safe Horizon and Sanctuary for Families which have terrorized the citizens of New York in these courts for decades, building up in crescendo over the past 10 years under the watch and tutelage of Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman and their other partner in crime, Governor Andrew Cuomo who willingly assisted and sabotaged the Moreland Commission on Ethics last year, which was the only hope New Yorkers had to escape the yoke of slavery and tyranny that these bastards foisted upon us in their corruption and pursuit of ultimate power at the taxpayers' expense.

Anonymous said...

This is how the Justice System works in New York.

Step 1. Some corrupt Jewish person or lobbying organization gets angry at someone and then either sets them up with equally corrupt members of the NYPD, or takes them to court;

Step 2. That Jewish person or pissed off lobbyist then contacts Sheldon Silver who takes their money and their instructions;

Step 3. Sheldon Silver then contacts Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman who then instructs the Associate Judge or District Attorney on that case to hurt, as hard as possible, even using unfair, illegal, and unethical methods, that person who the original Jewish person or lobbying group is angry at.

This is how these corrupt people operate.

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