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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Your System of Justice at Work....

Vadim Vassilenko spent six years in jail awaiting a trial.  New York's highest court finally determined that there was no proof his internet check cashing business was an "enterprise."
ABC's Jim Hoffer interviews the man accused of financial crimes and notes that even Bernie Madoff's $50 Billion Ponzi scheme provided for bail.

CLICK HERE TO SEE THE STORY AND VIDEO, "Jailed for six years with no trial."


Anonymous said...

Wow, what a complete failure. The DA didn't care, they had a warm body in jail and a case that looked good on paper. District attorney supervisors didn't pick up on this? TIme for a new Manhattan DA if he doesn't wake up and serve some justice.

Anonymous said...

Did you read the story in today's NT Post? 3 judges brought in to the Bronx to help with the backloads have replaced 3 Bronx judges of good reputation. Bronx judges twiddle their thumbs. "Imported" judges are housed in a 'posh NY" hotel and driven to work each day by a court officer - security.

Gail Prudenti, seems to have a good handle on it all.


Anonymous said...

an elderly guy who sold italian ice and burgers around town up there said there "was a thing" at the nearby Catholic Church St Mary's just below State Supreme Court in Albany and the Court of Appeals. apparently if you sat in the right pew you got instructions on cases handled for the day / week or something? one of the upstate judges sent to the bronx was allegedly a church goer to St Mary's. may still be? implication that he knew about the persons passing messages in the pews. info been available for very long time.

Anonymous said...

All part of the pattern and practice of corruption in the State of NY and no one cares

Anonymous said... bench. The judicial theatre openly known about must stop. Arrest a few of the key actors of this show like star Laura Drager, and her supporting cast - Ira Garr, Judy White, Anne Peyton, Felder, Ken Burrows, Blank/Rome, Stutman, Abramowitz, Marilyn Chinowitz, Reisel, Nina Epstein, Bob Timbeckjian, Naomi Goldstein, Sherry Cohen, Cahill, Lippman, Alan Friedman...

Put these key people away, plus a dozen others like Silberman and Beeler. Turn it over to the Feds, keep Cuomo and Silver and Quinn away. Maybe bring Spitzer back and appoint him DOJ special prosecutor? Who cares about Ashley, he had moxie and the corruption and crime enabled against innocent NYS families must STOP! Down with Drager!

Anonymous said...

All great work and yes over one Million documents is a lot.

BUT, it is now nearly a Month since Governor Cuomo allegedly got the Letter about the Black bag operation.

Still NOT one Word or Acknowledgement from Cuomo's Office and Not a Bleep about this in the Press.

So what is this? the Feds Knowingly and Willingly Continuing to Allow the Illegal Operation of the NY Courts?

How long does this go on for?

Oh yea, all under seal, blah blah blah. Hidden prosecutor blah blah blah.

Well this is what the Blog had to said nearly 6 YEARS Ago and where is this ACTION? Where are these Results? Where is this Change?

August 24, 2007:
"Justice Department Widens "Patentgate" Probe Buried by Ethics Chief Thomas J. Cahill...CLICK HERE FOR FULL STORY
In a letter dated July 16, 2007, the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Professional Responsibility, announced from its Washington, D.C. headquarters that it was expanding its investigation into a bizarrely stalled FBI investigation that involves an almost surreal story of the theft of nearly 30 U.S. Patents, and other intellectual property, worth billions of dollars. The probe reaches some of New York's most prominent politicians and judges, and has already proven to be a stunning embarrassment to the State's ethics watchdog committees. (To the right, see the July 16, 2007 letter "D.O.J. Widens Patentgate Probe")..."

"Iviewit was been radio-active from day one," says one prosecutor who asked not to be named. "Considering who was involved, you know the phones were ringing off the hook, and with a simple directive: 'don't go near it' (an inquiry)." He believes, however that a serious shake-up is imminent. "The powers that be can't contain this story anymore—it's out, U.S. Senators and Congressman are talking about it. This involves national Commerce issues: attorneys stealing U.S. Patents from their own client, and the illegal failings of a state's ethics agency by its own cover-up, and selective, self-dealing, politically-based inaction. Patentgate appears to have exposed the true, and troubling, underbelly of ethics investigations in New York State. And its not pretty."

Notice the word "imminent" was used in 2007, sort of like the word that folks would be "dancing in the streets" in Fall of 2008 yet here it is Over 5 years Later, not one arrest, not one indictment, not one official acknowledgement of a problem or press story on the issue.

Eventually folks say, enough is enough. Talk is cheap.

Anonymous said...

Or maybe we will be told, Oh, now we have to wait 3 years for Cuomo's office to "review" all One Million pages as the US Attorney gave the State that consideration.

By then a New Governor will be in place and all back to the drawing board again, same old same old with no change, no results.

Again, great work, herculean work, great info, but if it goes nowhere and nothing gets done, what was this all about?

After all, there are only just a few offices with Power to do anything anyhow and Fed Judge Scheindlin directed the "related" cases to the US Attorney and NYAG back in 2008 when she booted he cases and that was over 4 years ago and nothing from the US Attorney or NYAG since.

So really, the question becomes, what Office is Holding things up? What individuals are blocking?

That is a small, finite discrete number of possibilities that does not take even a year to figure out.

So really what is the real deal here?

Or just dropping out tidbits for folks to hold on to and make them stay passive and go away and everything gets too old and stale so then get dismissed for being too old and stale.

Isn't that what part of the Garcia Corruption Hotline Scam as all about?

Inquiring minds and people want to know and want real answers in their own lifetimes before too many family and friends die and no one cares anyway as so old everyone forgot.

Anonymous said...


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