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Friday, April 5, 2013

NY Governor Cuomo Asked to OK Federal Monitor Over Empire Corruption

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has been asked to support the appointment of a federal monitor over the rampant corruption in New York......

See the breaking story at:


Anonymous said...

Governor Cuomo, a/k/a THE CORRUPTION ENABLER, better step up to the plate and say YES to a federal monitor.

Anonymous said...

I just heard that Shelly Silver and Jonathan Lippman are on their way to JFK to board a flight to Israel, a place from where they can't be extradited back to the U.S.

Anonymous said...

Upon belief and information, Her DisHonor Laura Drager has been selected to be said monitor...the Queen of Corrupt Courts already is practiced in concealing her crimes and bribes. With her favorite cronies (Ken Burrows, Raoul Felder, Ira Garr, Anne Peyton Bryant, Marilyn Chinowitz, Judy Whyte, Bob Tembeckjian, Alan Friedman, Sherri Heitler, Blank/Rome, Ambramowitz et al) Drager promises to limit corruption to where it belongs, her courtroom. Rumor has it Drager took a pinky swear to fulfill the role of Federal Monitor to the best of her abilities, so long as she could sell her former seat in Part 31 to any of the above Can you hear the cash machines running out as Burrows and Garr vie to buy her seat. Erica better churn out another book to contribute...zipless bribes anyone?????

Anonymous said...

Looks like the DOMINOE'S are about to fall..I can't wait!!!


I have just filed a criminal complaint against Jonathan Lippman, accusing him of election fraud in his ascension to Chief Judge.

I told Preet Bharara that he is OBLIGED to have me arrested for lying to a (Federal agent) if any of the allegations are false.

So if I'm not arrested, you will know that he knows that I know....



Read this article from the US Federal Bureau of Investigation Forum

Brady should publish this.

"Judge Lippman Does PR Damage Control for Corrupt Judge Drager...WHY?"

Anonymous said...

Seems like a very justified and reasonable question about why we have not seen more "comprehensive" and "thorough" work shown in these "Complaints" and Petitions to all these ofices since the Blog has been going over 5 years with complaints and tips from every corner of NY State.

What about the allegations of children forced into prostitution?

What about the fact you have more than enough info that ties in the Head of the CJC right into total whitewashingof Judicial complaints in Upstate near Albany that also implicates former Admin Judge and Third Department in addition to the Judge and Judges complaned of?

This blog has had that info for years but no followup.

So it leads reasonable folks to question what is being done and why all this Fed "action" with the busts comes out so piece-meal, separated , disconnected, no overall state action.

Sort of like the Di Tommasso Interstate Industrial info. Is it "just coincidence" that Interstate Industrial hired then Senator Joe Bruno's Lawyers that are defending him in Fed Court now?

And also hired key Lobbyists in Albany that worked for former Governor? is that all "coincidence"?

Not really a laughing matter at all for those who understand the history of Interstate which also involved Edward Garafola who got murdered and now 20 years later the murder is finally being prosecuted. Most everyone will recognize the name Sammy the Bull Gravano and Gotti but not everyone knows the reported History with Garafola and Interstate Industrial who also was tied in with Bernard Kerik.

Still a lot of explaining to do.

Anonymous said...

"The Division objected to the initial licensure of Interstate and the qualification of the DiTommasos based on their association with career
offenders and career offender cartels.

5. Following a lengthy hearing, the Commission issued a decision
finding numerous associations between and among Interstate and the DiTommasos and individuals and businesses affiliated with the Gambino and DeCavalcante Families of La Cosa Nostra (LCN), including: Marine Contracting;
Flagship Construction; Francis "Buddy" Leahy (Gambino associate); Mickey
Cahill (Gambino associate); William Murtha (Gambino associate); Metropolitan
Stone Corporation; Michael "Mikey Scars" DiLeonardo (Gambino capo); Edward Garafola (Gambino soldier); Gerard "Jerry" Garafola (Gambino associate);
American Ready Mix; Phillip Castellano (Gambino associate); Michael Carbone (Gambino associate); Carl Lizza (Gambino associate); Dan-Ro Trucking; Frank
Fappiano (Gambino solider); Joseph Watts (Gambino associate); and Anthony Capo (DeCavalcante soldier)."

PETER C. HARVEY Attorney for Complainant - State of New Jersey

Anonymous said...

What the?

"With Gov. Cuomo considering ways to attack the recent spate of corruption scandals at the state Capitol, some are suggesting he revive an idea he pushed hard for as state attorney general but discarded as governor.
Cuomo, they say, should seek to expand the powers of the Attorney General’s Office to give it jurisdiction to more easily investigate corruption in the executive and legislative branches."

Maybe he forgot that there are three branches of government.

Why ignore the third?

Read more:

Anonymous said...

If more examples of corruption in the courts were needed:

"The Supreme Court Officers Association’s six board members used their American Express cards to expense everything from clothing at the Men’s Wearhouse to a Yankee Stadium suite for a game, according to records obtained by the Daily News.
Last August, The News reported that Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance Jr. was investigating the nearly $300,000 in suspect bills from October 2010 to May 2012."

Read more:

Anonymous said...

This is all a pathetic Joke so far. Just look at the articles coming out in the NY Post.

First an article trumping up US Attorney Preet as Sheriff of Wall Street that could consider running for Governor or replacing Eric Holder. what a joke that is. This guy has done Nothing about Wall Street. One insider trading case. big deal. And all this stuff this week is low hanging fruit and we have not heard Preet mention one word about Court related corruption.

So then we get all these great articles from Gov Andrew about how to do Reform and saying the entrenched power has been going on for 20 years?

Really? No Kidding? Guess we are all just realizing that. Disgusting.

Keep in mind Andrew has public press piece where he claims that "HE" "IS" "State Government" in NY ( have to see it, he really says that He Personally IS the State Govt ) yet No one calls him on it when it comes time for Corruption and all the scandals.

Cuomo had the IVIEWIT papers Years ago after Shira Scheindlin punted the ball on the Related Cases.

UNLESS we See US Attorney Preet AND ALL the Other US Attorneys from the Eastern and Northern and Western Districts come out THIS WEEK, This Very Week of April 8th through 12th with:

Federal Monitor

Injunction against Commission on Judicial Conduct

Injunction on State Courts until Federal Monitor ( not picked by Cuomo )

THEN Forget It. More Hype Nonsense Distraction and Fraud and Start Exposing this Blog and All the Info it has Had for years to Every Elected Official, news outlet, anyone who will listen.

this blog has all the evidence to tie the CJC and dirty deeds right into Albany and Upstate from NYC.

Have we seen that yet?

Unless it Happens THIS WEEK, forget it, More Political Sagas and sailing off to the Sunset like Boyd Johnson.

Enough is enough.

And Take down some Corrupted Assistant AGs and Fed Judges that have been letting this go on too, let's not forget the FEDS responsibility for All of this Letting it Happen for years.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Let's get real people - Gov Andy was the AG prior to being elevated and SO WHAT DID HE DO ABOUT CORRUPTION? How about NOTHING! Did he every go after anything? Somebody should loook into Gov Andy and see what's in his closet!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hey, Gov Guido just got rid of DA Janet baby - don't laugh at ETHICS - he gave Bernie MAD-OFF's attorney the slot - great State we are in!

Anonymous said...

"Republican Assembly members are calling for a constitutional amendment that would allow voters to recall their elected officials for corruption and other reasons.
Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb says Wednesday that recall elections are working in 19 other states where more than a dozen state legislators were removed after 36 recall elections."

Hopefully, they won't limit it to legislators.

Anonymous said...


How is it that all those Federal departments that are supposed to be protecting us, seem to completely ignore complaints about judicial corruption? It's not like there isn't abundant evidence.

"According to the indictment, Smith was counting on Savino and Tabone to come through for him or else they would lose his support for judicial appointments.

Smith allegedly said, “… Let’s just say they screwed you and me and said, you know, I’m not doing anything… This world is too small… Imagine you came to me and said, Malcolm, they screwed me… I got them already asking me about judgeships, because you know judgeships now come through here, it comes through the governor.”

Anonymous said...

If the US Government ignored warnings from both the Russian government and the Saudi government about Tsarnaev, why is there any reason they would actually do anything about corruption?

What exactly is it that they are doing if not protecting us, especially when they have specific information?

Anonymous said...

Good 'ole John.

Maybe he held all those hearing so he could get the inside info on the corrupt courts to help himself for just this.

"EXCLUSIVE: Charges expected against Brooklyn state Sen. John Sampson: sources

Sen. John Sampson (D-Brooklyn) is identified in court papers as asking ex-Sen. Shirley Huntley (D-Queens) to wield her influence on behalf of a businessman who held a Kennedy Airport lease in March 2012. The FBI is also examining a $100,000 ‘loan’ Sampson took from a legal client. It was revealed Friday that Huntley had been wearing a wire in a corruption probe to catch fellow politicians."

Read more:

Anonymous said...

As I recall there were going to be more hearings. What happened? Why didn't they hold them? Was John Sampson set up?

William K said...

One more crook has now been released into New York City... It's Marc Bernstein, Esq. and FORMER attorney dealing with malpractice. Convicted on several counts of grand larceny, Marc Bernstein has still not yet paid back his victims.

Anonymous said...

Remember former Suffolk County Legislator George Guildi? Ethan Ellner? Donald McPherson, Carrie Coakley? Dustin Dentin? S&M bondage club Manhattan? Straw Buyers? Steve Levy aka he who could not be named? Financial disclosure forms: State or County office? Which form should County Exec file? Is it a state or county position? Should the County Executive have to include his wife's business income in his financial disclosure? Even if that business is court reporting/ stenography? What if that court reporting company does 80% of Suffolk County's stenography? Any recollection of the arrests of Stephen Baranello and Wayne Prospect for selling county contract work (because they were in with high ranking Suffolk official?) Any recollection of a high ranking Suffolk County official announcement that they were not to run for re-election because a District Attorney investigation of 16 months, raised serious issues in his fundraising practices? That same DA had his own term limit repealed due to his assertion that his office was "state" not "county".
The repealed term limit also applied to the Suffolk County Clerk- isn't it the County Clerk responsible for filings of MERS transactions

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