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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Congratulations to the Next Victim of Corrupt NY Ethics Thugs

New York's Judicial "Ethics" Panel Wants Albany Surrogate Cathryn Doyle Removed

It's been four years since a federal prosecutor called Albany Surrogate Judge Cathryn M. Doyle a "co-conspirator" in the criminal probe of former NYS Supreme Court Justice Thomas J. Spargo (CLICK HERE to read background stories) 
And in a November 15, 2013 dated article, "Judicial Conduct Agency Calls for Removal of Albany Surrogate," The New York Law Journal says the reason is because "she improperly presided over several matters involving her personal attorney, an attorney who served as her campaign manager and a lawyer who represented her in a prior disciplinary action."

MEMO TO: The high-and-mighty on the "ethics" panel: the insider "legal community" is, by its very nature, incestuous. The most important issue is impartial, and corruption-free, proceedings- standards completely alien to Commission of Judicial Conduct ("CJC") chief counsel Robert Tembeckjian and his little friend Alan Friedberg. 

No matter how guilty Doyle is, or is not, she is entitled to fair, impartial and a corruption-free process.  And the current CJC leadership is incapable of fulfilling that duty.     (CLICK HERE to see CJC's "Determination")

MEMO TO:  Judge Cathryn Doyle: Ask Corrupt partners Tembeckjian and Friedberg why they looked the other way when Westchester County Surrogate Judge Anthony Scarpino allowed his bagman, and election transition manager, Frank Streng of McCarthy Fingar to file back-dated papers that prevented the repayment of over $100,000.00 in stolen 9/11 donation monies.  And if you follow the Westchester money, you'll see that Scarpino and Streng have had a nice little "arrangement" going in many other big-money cases, including the Thomas Carvel and Brooke Astor estate proceedings.

Now, Judge Doyle, don't you feel better?  

And if you really want to feel good, pick up the phone and call the U.S. Attorney in Albany. He's a nice guy, kind of waiting on your call. And he's just what New York State's "system of justice" needs----  US Attorney Richard S. Hartunian, tel: 518-431-0247.


Anonymous said...

If Judge Doyle is getting taken out by the minion of the legal racket Rob Tembeckjan, then the citizens should nominate her for Sainthood - it is a badge of honor

Anonymous said...

Till the Citizens who are asleep wake up and do something all this is useless.

Time for action.

Anonymous said...

Didn't NYS Sen John Sampson uncover the corruption in the Surrogate's Courts? In a story dated May 17th, 2013 it says that 'they' threatened and then successfully bribed him due to his discoveries of ongoing corruption in the Surrogate Courts that involved BILLIONS OF DOLLARS. Several courts (locations) were mentioned and I believe Albany was one of the locations. This article also stated that the Feds from Washington, D.C. were involved and had notified NYS authorities of pending arrests. Is this why this happened? The Gov wants to get the credit?

Anonymous said...

I'm one of many victims of the Westchester Surrogate Court. Can't wait to see Scarpino, Keltz and company doing the perp walk. Maybe this year it will be a Christmas present for all the people that got victimized by the predators, surprise - surprise!

Anonymous said...

My wife and I are victims of Doyle's corrupt court while she was judge in the Supreme Court. If she is removed from all courts in fairness to all parties who had cases in her courts as far back as her first censure in 2007 should have all the cases reviewed and put back in court with an honest judge. But in this state his will never happen because justice goes to the highest bidder in all the courts.

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