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Thursday, May 15, 2014

EthicsGate Announces New York State Corruption Contest

Submit your best Corruption Story Today !  

No need to be creative- good or bad- all the corruption is very real !  

Send your  story, tip, etc. (anonymous OK) to: 

Voice message:        202-370-1885


Fax:             202-827-9828

Join the fun and submit your corruption tale today !!!


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Schoharie Judge Bartlett and James Sackett along with Susan Mallery and Micheal Breen are corrupt.

Someone investigate as they are in co hoots with many other agencys.

Anonymous said...

Schoharie County has so much corruption in all law enforcement that it is a bad place to live or visit.

Anonymous said...

Grant County WA is known throughout the state for having the most corrupt law enforcement, attorneys and judges. Attorneys out of county recognize that Grant county does not follow the law and routinely will not represent clients when they need representation in that county. The attorneys all drink and party with the judges and commissioners, the law enforcement had been involved in wife swapping in the past, and the judges make rulings based on who they know and have been spanked numerous times for non disclosure of conflicts in cases. One judge even tried to take one of the stenographers out of town and charge the hotel room to the county credit card. Someone SERIOUSLY needs to look into this corrupt county.

Anonymous said...

NASSAU COUNTY Clerk's office is fixed. Tampering with court files, no time stamp on submitted documents. Stamping motions in active case with a stamp reading "ARBITRATION".... This is tampering with public records... a felony!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

We need the FBI to look into the cases of corruption as they might be the only people with ethical responsibilites and morals on the planet.


Unknown said...

I agree, nys has a severe court corruption issue. ...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

in Nelson county virginia the courts have become corrupt. Fraudulent cases are allowed to be brought to court just so that the lawyers can get fake pay checks for fake cases. The lawyers do not defend you. In fact they aid and help the other side of the case as much as possible. This way you the client actually pay the lawyer to rob you of your money. This court is a disgrace!!!! Please take your cases elsewhere. Nelson County Circuit court in Lovingston, Va is a crime against its own self.

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