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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Judge Not Too Drunk to Tell Cops, "I'll Take Care of This"

"Come on, I'm a judge.  I'll take care of this.  I'll take care of it.  We don't have to do anything about this," Harrison, New York Town Justice Marc J. Lust reportedly told police after he smashed another car with his Jaguar, drove away, and then refused to take a breath test.

Apparently, Judge Lust, who is also a partner at a Manhattan law firm, Dopf, P.C., is quite familiar with how New York political insiders are able to "put the fix in" so to "take care" of things.  Speaking of New York "fixes," judge/attorney Lust was "elected" in 2011 in the Westchester Town of Harrison after he appeared on both the Republican and Democratic lines- a classic and sobering election scam that has disgraced New York voters, and the rule of law, for way too long..... READ MORE......
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The Washington Times, "Marc Lust, suburban New York judge, charged with drunken driving"

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The Daily Mail, "Suburban New York judge charged with drunk driving (and pleaded with cops to let him off because he's on the bench)"


Anonymous said...

This goes to show the 'Quality' of the slugs and 'Fixers' in Westchester County and is only the 'Tip of The Iceberg' It will be very interesting to see what this bum's peers in the Bar do with this since they all pull rank the same way. So tell us all, where are the Feds since there is no other oversight?

Anonymous said...

Judge Lust I'm sure has a 'Lust' for a great many things including but not limited to cash. The attitude that I'm a JUDGE, I can take care (read FIX) this and no one will ever know shows the hubris
of these JUDGES! Good for the NYPD they nailed this low life! And it also shows how the average Joe doesn't stand a chance against these corrupt vermin.

Anonymous said...

And he can take care of it. You on the other hand can't take care of yourself.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, where is the 'Self Policing Bar' and the other alleged oversight authorities? As the Jerky Judge said I'm a Judge, I can take care of this! The FIX is in so no one will stand up! On the other hand I have to ask myself why Surrogate Judge Anthony Scarpino would resign from the Surrogate's Court with 7 years left on his term??? What's this about???

Anonymous said...

The truth behind why Anthony Scarpino is leaving will be made public very soon.

Good riddance to corrupt judges like Scarpino, but sadly never soon enough.

Anonymous said...

Someone contact the Prosecutor that has the guts to go after Ass. Silver and get him to look into the corruption in Schoharie County.
I beleave the prosecutor is Federal or the US Attorney.

Anonymous said...

Shelly Silver is tarnished! But wait it goes far beyond that! The buzz is that FOLKS were put in a vise and informed on Shelly! They were rolled to protect themselves they gave up Shelly et al.! Who's next to fall? Time shall tell we hope. Anthony (Tony Baloney) Scarpino (has direct ties to a Crime Family) walked out of a Surrogate Judgeship with 7 years left. No attorney in his right mind does that (does anyone know an attorney in his right mind?). Was he told to exit so that a sitting Surrogate Judge (and Former FBI Agent) would not get on the Federal Hit Parade?

Anonymous said...

Hey what happen to this 'Skel' is he alive? Things are silent is something going down? Has there been a new order of orange jumpsuits?

Anonymous said...

Hope this arrogant drunken jerk is not on the bench! I'm willing to bet that this situation was covered up. This jerk will walk, just wait and see.

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