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Friday, January 30, 2015

Open Letter to Next NY Governor Kathy Hochul



New York State Governor Kathy Hochul

Dear Soon-To-Be-Governor Hochul,

Do you know what’s better than you being sworn in as New York’s next Governor?  

That’s right, NOTHING !

       New Yorkers deserve a leader who will restore their faith in their government, and as soon as you are legally authorized, it is imperative that you take immediate action regarding the widespread corruption in and about New York’s System of Justice.  

        Sadly, New York’s judges, court employees and those seeking “justice” in New York are disgraced everyday by the lawlessness that exists in and about New York’s state legal system, where ethics oversight and proper accountability does not exist.  

  While the structure of the state justice system is sound, it has, in practice, been unhinged by self-dealing corruption, and abused by those who can- leaving a total void of any legal integrity or legitimate oversight. 

  It is respectfully requested that you immediately shut down The New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct (the “CJC”) and all NYS Court System so-called “ethics” oversight committees.  The Murphy Report, describes a courageous act conducted under another Governor named Cuomo, and where an Appellate Division Presiding Judge ordered armed officers to shut down the corrupt Manhattan attorney “ethics” committee (the “DDC”).  New Yorkers need a Governor who will exercise her leadership and order the NYS Police into action. 

      You should know that since 2008, now Co-Governor Andrew Cuomo and Co-Governor Joe Percoco have been fully aware of the extent of the corruption of New York’s “ethics” oversight entities. They advised that they “couldn’t do anything for political reasons.”  Imagine that, huh?
                All the best as New York’s 57th Governor !


Governor Hochul is the 57th Governor of New York, and the first female Governor in New York State history.

Prior to her election as Lieutenant Governor, she served as a Group Vice President for Strategic Relationships at M&T Bank, serving as liaison for community matters and significant economic development projects.

From 2011 to 2013, then Congresswoman Kathy Hochul served in the House of Representatives from New York’s 26th Congressional District. There she earned a reputation for taking on the tough fights for Western New York and working to strengthen our economy, create good-paying jobs, relieve the burden of student debt, fight for farmers and small businesses, and take care of our veterans.

Prior to her time in Congress, Hochul was the highest-ranking female elected official in Erie County while serving as County Clerk from 2007 to 2011.  During her tenure as clerk, she successfully eliminated unnecessary requirements for new license plates, improved the customer experience at the Department of Motor Vehicles, and streamlined internal operations while saving taxpayer dollars.

Governor Hochul also served 14 years as a Hamburg Town Councilmember.

In 2006, Governor Hochul joined her mother and aunt in establishing the Kathleen Mary House, a transitional home for victims of domestic violence, and served on its Board of Directors.  Moreover, she served as a member of the Board of Trustees at Immaculata Academy as well as at a local library and co-founded the Village Action Coalition to help local businesses survive competition from
big box stores.

Governor Hochul holds a bachelor’s degree from Syracuse University and a JD from Catholic University in Washington, DC.  At the start of her legal career, she worked at a large firm in Washington and later as in-house counsel to a major corporation engaged in homeland security. Hochul then gave up private practice for public service. She was asked to serve as a legal counsel and legislative assistant to Congressman John LaFalce (D-NY) and later to Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan.


Anonymous said...

Shelly's scams are amateurish compared to Cuomo's schemes. Cuomo generated 100 times more from Litwin and Glenwood.

A 5th grader needs to do a chart about Cuomo and his HUD "arrangements." -- HUGE DOLLARS.

Maybe Andy can get NYS AG to indict him quickly, and then Andy can pardon himself.

It does seem like the "We'll-Be-Seeing-A-New-NY-Governor-Soon" Train has left the station. woo-woo !!

Anonymous said...

Include Eric Adams in the fray. Does anyone wonder why this all is happening after Mario has been put to rest. Andy boy is on his own and is jammed up and who is behind this move? Andy boy has a lot coming his way, if you know what it means.

Anonymous said...

Would be nice to see Andy come crashing down. He's been harmful for to many years. Egotistical control freak!

Anonymous said...

Does Big Al have Andy's back?

Anonymous said...

Look for information on resignation of Alan W. Freidberg.
Conflicts of interests withthe Teachers' union.

Always ruled in favor of Teachers union lawyers.

Can thedisciplinary acts against him be utilized to impugn his rulings in support of union lawyers?

Anonymous said...

What happened to Benice Leber and the Task Force of wrongful convistions?
Where is The League of Women Voters?

Look up: Mooney v. Holohan 294 U.S. 103

Shih Wei Su, 335 F. 3d at 126.

People v. Hunter, II N.Y. 3d I (2008)

We need a new Gov. and a Woman would be perfect for the job!!!

Anonymous said...

To bad Cuomo Jr. does not have honesty like his Father.

He is running the Great State of New York into the ground.

Anonymous said...

the chant being heard over and over again is 'Anybody but ANDY!' Also someone should inform the world about Andie's 'Beard' if you know what I mean!

Anonymous said...

What No-one seems to understand is that absolutly no-one-person can do anything. I've tried.
We need major news papers and news stations to report and then follow up on everything as everyone is to busy to do anything after working all day and trying to keep the home in repair so we can pay more taxes.
I hate this State and am moving this spring/summer.

Anonymous said...

Does everyone know that it is NOT just CORRUPT JUDGES in this state of New York, but DA's ADA's and most of all CPS (Child Protective Services). They all have absolute immunity or at least qualified immunity and can do anything they want. Because of Ms. Stacey Swartwood a CPS worker in Schoharie County New York, I have lost my children, went to prison, had my conviction overturned, and lost all faith in our system of Law.
There are no more rights of "The People", there are only the rights of the powerful and corrupt Police, DA's, ADA's, CPS, and those they work with.
They need no evidence, all they need is anyone to say is that you did something. Then they will convict you at tax payers expense.
You will never win unless you have money as money buys justice.
That's how it goes now and will forever be.
I wonder know what ever happened to being honest, working for a living and having an "American Dream"...
I know this is not the only corrupt county in New York or the only corruption that is going on in the 'United States' as many other states have the same problems.
I'm wondering where I can move to where people have morals and help one another like it used to be many, many years ago.
Does anyone know where such a place is?

Anonymous said...

There is no more "We The People".
There is only "We The Government".
We the people are suppose to be able to redress the government, but as everyone can see, that does nothing. All the protesting on the corruption and brutality of the Police and the so-called Justice System is ruining our Country.
It would be nice if any of the new Politicians had Morals and would do something to secure our Nation as you would think that the Politicians would know that they have to live here too.
God help us, as it seems no one else can.

Anonymous said...

Children - remember it's by the lawyers, for the lawyers and the lawyers own everything!

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