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Friday, January 1, 2016

A New Year and New Hope Against New York's Corruption

Help Ensure the Appointment of a Federal Monitor over so-called “ethics” Entities in New York State....

Corruption in the United States is rampant, and growing exponentially. While every state suffers from the corruption of ethics oversight, the State of New York leads the nation for historical significance as being more corrupt than the New York Tammany Hall thugs of the 1870’s.

Everyone deserves a United States that is void of fraud, manipulation, cover-up and corruption. Ethics oversight is non-existent, as it too has been corrupted.

The administration must help us restore our faith in our government as the violations of state and federal laws in New York State by public officials is staggering.

An ethics federal monitor- to publicly review, report and act- must be appointed over all local, state and federal governmental ethics issues in the State of New York.


Iviewit Technologies, Inc. said...

Buffalo Chronicle

"A Jan 2nd indictment exudes class, symbolism"
United States Attorney Preet Bharara is expected to indict Governor Andrew Cuomo on Saturday, January 2nd of next year. Sources familiar with the US Attorney say that he is waiting until after the holidays to make the indictment, “to encourage the idea of bringing back civility to the public sphere.”

“He is a class act, with the values of a solid upbringing and good family,” the source says of Bharara. “He is an immigrant with a real passionate idealism about America and our government and how our politics is supposed to work.”

Anonymous said...

I would really like to see that. I want to beieve Mr. Bharara is a good man with real values, but I have to see more corruption out of our State Capital in Albany before I will believe it.
It would be nice if he did make a change for the good as the People have lost faith in their Government and their Governor.

Anonymous said...

Judith Kaye has died and services will be held on Monday (1-11). RIP In a way one can wonder if Judith Kaye would have been on Preet Bharara's target board. You just never know!

Anonymous said...

Sheldon Silver, The Skelos clam and will Andrew Cuomo be next? And then where to? Who knows maybe a few tin-horn Judges that have been living large?

Anonymous said...

Hey, there are more than a "few tin-horn Judges" that have been living large, get them all!

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