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Thursday, June 30, 2016

A NY Supreme Court Judge for over Twenty Years Pleads Guilty to Corruption

Corrupt Judge John A. Michael admits to accepting bribes, solicitation, filing false instrument …..

The merry road of Empire Corruption within and about New York's "System of Justice"  gets closer and closer to Joseph Percoco and Andrew Cuomo.



Anonymous said...

‘Today’s proceedings expose a corrupt, multiyear scheme to use political favors to buy off a sitting state judge.’
—New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman

Anonymous said...

And Corrupt Anthony Scarpino, the thug who was the Westchester Surrogate collecting piles of cash and recently forced off the bench because he too was corrupt, WANTS TO BE ELECTED AS THE WESTCHESTER DISTRICT ATTORNEY...... This arrogant clown should go into comedy. Please, please, someone tell Tony Scarpino that the days ARE OVER of hacks moving corrupt thugs like himself up the ladder for a promotion or other position where he can shake people down

allmychildren said...

Looking back at the rise and fall of political operative Steve Pigeon:

allmychildren said...

Judge Michalek says he took bribes:

allmychildren said...

Judge Michalek says he took bribes:

Anonymous said...

A "False Instrument"(Penal Law) a Felony is the key term "Only" in the WSJ story. Can't help but see the similarity between this "Business as Usual" idiot Judge and Westchester's own former Surrogate Judge Anthony Scarpino! Interestingly, a former Judge some time ago made a deal with Scarepino to handle a "contract" and he would go to the Second Dept. in Brooklyn - Scarpino couldn't deliver! But don't worry Scarpino did very well with his lockbox! One 'Rat' down many more to go!

Anonymous said...

How did Pigeon or Judge Michalek get the Chief Judge Paula Ferroletto to change the cases from the previous Judge to Judge Michalek in the middle of the cases? Changing Judges in the middle of a case is a outright sign that she, Chief Judge Paula Ferroletto of the Eight District is part of the corruption ring. The news looked at the file and there was no application to change Judges, Judge Paula Ferroletto did it on her own.

Anonymous said...

This is business as usual in what passes for the NYS Court system aka Corruption Center! The pay to play is SOP with the lawyers who go along to get along! Don't believe the AG did this because he couldn't and wouldn't indict a ham sandwich! Something else is going on here, maybe the Feds dropped it in his lap and told him to move?

Anonymous said...

All the campers here in Westchester want to know when the clean-up crew is coming to get ALL the corrupt Judges and Court Personnel that we have here. the mere fact that Anthony Scarpino the former Surrogate Judge is running for DA is a tragedy - the Fox will really be in charge of he hen house if he wins!

Anonymous said...

And the biggest joke of all is the corrupt former Westchester Surrogate Judge Anthony Scarpino is running for Westchester County DA! You can't make this stuff up!

Anonymous said...



Laser said...

We're about to make some big noise, concerning New York State Supreme Court frauds, on the courts, by officers of the court, for the sake of benefiting Goldman Sachs.

Including a 5 Judge panel review of mishandling of escrow accouts; which also involves an international imposter/NY attorney at law.

Please stay tuned?

Laser said...

Today, we lost a fellow warrior against cronyism & corruption.

Robert Alber was an eToys shareholder who joined my efforts against Goldman Sachs & Bain Capital frauds, in our eToys related cases.

He had nicknamed me, to the eToys shareholders group, as "DT"; because they - at first - thought I was part of the Racketeering.

Alber had 2 nervous breakdowns and then underwent brain surgery from the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, resultant of his finding out the entire system was systemically and incestuously, corrupt.

Dr. Karin Huffer has coined the phrase of this PTSD, when one finds courts are corrupt, and you simply can't trust things - like the United States Trustees.

She calls it "L.A.S" - Legal Abuse Syndrome.

With him out of their way, all Paul Traub and gang need, to assure Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital's plot to destroy our eToys public company, are able to succeed - 100% - is that Laser the Liquidator must go away.

Bring it on MoFo's

Alber's demise means I'm coming at you harder M.....!

No Justice


Tony M. said...

Good post.

Unknown said...

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