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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

NY Post: Appeals Court Blasted Judge Jacqueline Silberman ...CLICK HERE FOR FULL STORY

The New York Post reports that top NYC Matrimonial Judge Silbermann was blasted "for giving the husband everything without the wife knowing she was being sued for divorce." Everything, including the child and the house....

The husband is reported to be politically active and a former president of a Manhattan Democratic Club.

The Appellate Division ruling comes after troubling allegations were made, in May of 2007, concerning backroom deals and certain improper workings within two of New York State's Court Judicial District administrative offices— Westchester and New York counties, where the district administrators are Judge Nicholai and Judge Silbermann, respectively.

The Westchester Guardian newspaper had reported that a criminal investigation had been called for involving alleged improper actions by Westchester County Surrogate Judge Anthony A. Scarpino and New York City Administrative Judge Jacqueline W. Silbermann.

On August 13, 2007, The New York Law Journal reported that 9th Judicial District Administrative Judge Francis Nicolai, and who is only an elected County Court judge overseeing the District's higher level Supreme Court justices, would be running for one of the two open Supreme Court slots in the upcoming election. Not surprising, insiders say, County Judge Nicolai has been seeking a cross-endorsement in that election.

The complete August 12, 2007 New York Post article follows below, and the actual decision from the Appellate Division, First Department, is posted to the right as "Silbermann - Gass v Gass"

New York Post



August 12, 2007 -- She lost her son, her home and her job - but a Manhattan woman has fought and finally won an appeal to overturn the uncontested divorce that gave her politically connected husband everything.

After a three-year battle, Susan Gass, 50, won a ruling last month in which the appeals court blasted deputy chief matrimonial judge Jacqueline Silbermann for giving the husband everything without the wife even knowing she was being sued for divorce. Gass, who was repeatedly told she couldn't fight the 2004 divorce, claims politics drove the judges' rulings. Her husband, Thomas Gass, is the former president of the Village Reform Democratic Club in Manhattan.

In its decision, the appeals court said Silbermann "abused her discretion" when she ignored Gass' repeated attempts to fight the divorce, which awarded child custody and the house to her husband. "There was a complete lack of due diligence on the part of all the judges," Gass told The Post.

Susan Gass said her husband filed for an "uncontested divorce" without ever serving her; he has claimed he did. Thomas Gass would not comment on the ruling. Susan Gass refused to give up, even after Silbermann granted the terms of the divorce in 2005.

"I couldn't go to my grave letting them do this to me and get away with it," she said. Now, she plans to head back to court and divorce her husband again.


Anonymous said...

Now these corrupt pigs don't even go through the motions of making believe someone has a chance. Why bother serving papers when some hack has already made the decision?

I know all about this babe Silvermann. Bad news, iron fist, used to be decent then power went to her head.

Silbermann and Nicolai should share a cell upstate. (here are two good examples of administrative judges administering law and order right into the ground.)

Move out of New York.

Anonymous said...

This shocking since Silbermann has be thru a divorce, she should have just a little feeling

Anonymous said...

Silbermann always plays games, and even in her own nasty divorce. She can't help herself.

Yes, everyone- including the AD1- is getting tired of "My Way Silbermann"

CLEAN HOUSE ANN PFAU. The best thing to do is to shake up the administrative mucky-mucks. You know what dribbles down hill from the top...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Jackie Silbermann is just like all the rest of them. It's the money honey!

Anonymous said...

Bring in the FBI.

Anonymous said...

So it looks like the administrative judges in new york and westchester counties have their own little crooked house of horrors going on. nice example they're setting....

Anonymous said...

Where is the FBI?!?!?!

Anonymous said...

This is totally hopeless. Gansters are running our courts!

Anonymous said...

Please don't send the judicial crap to upstate ny...sentence them to iraq! i hear they have a prison they might enjoy!

Anonymous said...

a clean sweep is needed....starting with EVERY administrative judge.

Anonymous said...

hey dear. what you're doin' is wrong and illegal. stop fixing cases. you're not an old fat cat, so stop trying to be one. your days as a big shot have been numbered by OCA....after you retire, new york city will be a better place.

Anonymous said...

Jackie, Shame On YOU! YOU know better!

Anonymous said...

They all sellout when they get their price! What was yours Silbermann? What did your Judgeship cost you or your former husband?

Anonymous said...

Make sure you read the full stories on Silberman and Scarpino on this blog. They are very corrupt judges who are in charge of other judges, even the honest ones.

Anonymous said...

Silberman is the judge in my divorce. My spouse was domestic abuser of me and kids. I was domestic, caretaker and as 2nd child had started pre-k, I went back to school and work. Then spouse filed false Dom Abuse charges against me. Then started having sex with reporting cop. Then NYPD had spouse committed to psych ward. When released spouse filed at least 4 versions of abuse against me, had cop and others lie (not even good lies--eg., 2 cops contradicted each other)and was awarded and O of Protection, Custody and is about to be awarded the marital home (Manhattan co-op). Spouse admitted to Insurance Fraud, pleadings indicated Tax Fraud and committed Fraud upon the Court (STOLE a document from court). Silberman did nothing all around except everything she can to keep me from my kids (haven't seen them in over a month which included my 7-year old's birthday). After 2 1/2 years they still have not heard the truth which I have spouse admitting to on tape (rape), batterings (acknowledged by the babysitter on tape--who has become liar for spouse). Law "guardian" NYSPCC lied in Fam Court then law "guardian" Mary Clarke said "I don't want to hear it..." Spouse harassed me at work (I lost the job); got support award (cleaned out my bank account which was the proceeds of a student loan--I had gone back to school). I'm depressed and can't do anything productive except work on this (derided in court for seeking justice). (Silb denies DRL 237-- spouse income $100,000; my income $0). No job, no $ and I'll be homeless at end of April. Spouse has falsely gotten me arrested & jailed 3 times (1st 2 dismissed, 3rd just happened). I filed Mal Prosecution, false arrest, etc. but I'm screwing up--prose se, no DRL remember). But I'm still plugging away.
Silberman is an arrogant fraud if you ask me and all her cases should be voided. I just wish I had a lawyer who cares about justice (no $ remember) and wasn't scared of the judiciary. Oh, I've learned enough to say, "All of the above is upon information and belief."

Anonymous said...

I have just been " treated" to a Westchester County style divorce. My spouse had been emotionally and physically abusive for years, and our daughters reported sexual abuse. He was a powerful executive and is extremely wealthy. Always a superb liar, I thought he would be able to talk himself out of an investigation by CPS and he did. What I wasn't prepared for was the complete corruption of the matrimonial bar of Westchester and NY: They have a game they play on both sides: Get dad out of abuse charges for $$$$ and hold custody of the children for ransom on mom's side $$$$. Make the divorce last years. Judges are too dumb or corrupt themselves to connect the dots though the same characters and story parades by them a thousand times. BLAME MOM is the name of the game if dad is the monied spouse. And the kids' safety? C'mon, kids can't buy influence. One justice department study found less than 2 percent of mothers falsely accuse. But 75 percent of accused dads win custody (BECAUSE IT IS FOR SALE) and 11 percent of children commit suicide when the judges give custody to accused father. OUR COURTS ARE A MESS

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