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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Spitzer Dad Threat— A Sloppy Set-Up, and Out-Dated CIA Trick... CLICK HERE TO SEE FULL STORY

"A sloppy set-up, and an amateur-- and bungled-- attempt to implement an old CIA tool," says a former federal operative in explaining allegations against Republican consultant Roger Stone, which say he threatened Governor Spitzer's father by leaving a recorded message on an answering machine. "This type of set-up mostly went out with the rotary telephone," he says, laughing. "Is anyone that dumb to leave such a threatening message on an answering machine? Eliot doesn't believe it." ...

The Phantom Phone Call

The operative, and who would only allow himself to be publicly referred to as "Mr. Blue," says the nickname "his people" had for this type of set-up was "the phantom phone call." Mr. Blue says that like most people set-up this way, Roger Stone wouldn't have seen it coming. "Stone didn't know what hit him, and he'll be numb for a while. Then he'll go a little crazy"

Like any good phone call, preparation is important, says Mr. Blue. "You first collect various tape recordings of your "target's" voice—in this case Roger Stone's. "Then you piece together the various recordings into a 'statement' or 'threat' so that it will appear to have been verbalized by your target—and you insert loud background noise, if needed."

"In Roger Stone's case, he's been yapping to anyone who would listen to him about the Spitzers, so he's a very easy target to quickly collect a large quantity of recordings from which to use—overheard in a restaurant, in an 'interview' with a writer-- the possibilities are endless with a babbler like Stone."

The Phantom Phone Caller Then Creates Confirming Proof

"Now you have to make it look good— so you just create the evidence,"says Blue. "You make it look like your target actually placed the phone call from a phone line that would normally be associated with the target, like his home or office. Then from your target's phone line, you telephone the person who is to get the message or threat, and you play the 'previously-pieced-together-recording' over the phone."

Mr. Blue says that in the U.S., most operatives don't want to break into offices and homes, especially since people might be there and considering the advancements of monitoring and security systems. "Oh, and it's against the law," he finally adds. So, pretending to be a telephone repairman, they can easily gain access to an office or apartment building's "telephone room" through which every telephone line must pass. "Clip into the specific phone line you need with your 'telephone lineman's phone' and then place your 'phantom' phone call. It's that simple."

In Stone's case, Blue "speculates," they waited until he went out and then proceeded with their plan. Once, Blue says, he gained access to a Manhattan building by heading off, and replacing himself for, a food delivery person. "I grabbed the kid outside the building and told him that I'd been waiting for him. I paid for the food, and tipped him ten bucks. After the doorman helped me get the food to the real recipient's apartment by confirming their expected delivery and letting me up, I was free in the building to do my thing on another floor in a hallway 'service closet'." Blue was annoyed, however, because his own tip was just half ($5) of what he had given the real delivery person out on the sidewalk.

Sleep Tight...

And to make every homeowner sleep easier at night, Mr. Blue says access to telephone lines in the suburbs is even easier. "At midnight, clip into the phone line, which usually runs down the exterior wall of most houses; or simply climb the telephone pole down the block during the day…"

More and More Proof

And to make it look really good, Blue says non-chalantly, just get the cops or district attorney's office to confirm with the telephone company what you already know-- that the threatening call was made from your target's telephone line. "And the icing on the cake—or in Stone's case, another nail—is to bring in a well-known investigator to confirm the findings." Blue says he laughed when he heard that Kroll Associates was brought in to "confirm the obvious." "It was arranged for them (Kroll) to find what had been left for them to find and, of course, to pass that confirmation along to the authorities."

Conspiracy Theories

"And at some point Roger Stone will question his own sanity," laughs Blue. "Stone will confirm that it's his voice on the tape; 'yes' the phone company says the call was placed from his telephone number; 'yes' he may have been home that day. But one question Stone won't be able to answer is: 'if not by you, how else and by who did this happen?' And once Stone wakes up and fully realizes that he was set-up, he'll shout 'conspiracy!' And that's exactly what they want him to say, so he'll really, really look guilty."

The good 'ole Days

Mr. Blue says that the real truth will come out, or simple fade away, once voice spectrographs (voice finger-print-type technology) and other tests are conducted on the actually answering machine recording. "The evidence will show that a 'cut and piece' job was done on Stone, and that it was "the phantom" who was calling, not him. It only 'sounded' like Roger Stone. But the damage has already been done, and by the time Roger Stone is fully vindicated, no one will really care— but the mission accomplished." Mr. Blue says that nowadays the "phantom" call only works with 'harassing' type calls—hang-ups, heavy-breathing or direct, non-recorded messages. "Advancements in audio forensics technology has changed that aspect of the game," he says. And it's the use of the now-outdated (by spectrograph technology) "phantom recording by Roger Stone" that leads Mr. Blue to conclude that the person behind this latest troopergate headline is an "old-timer" who "worked for the federal government in the 1970's."

Mr. Blue believes that the "phantom call" was more of a "message for people to shut up." "What bothers me most is that they dragged a really nice guy—Bernie Spitzer—into this mess. That was unnecessary. But they succeeded in sending the message that if certain people don't zip their mouth, things are going to get really ugly in the troopergate debacle."

Mr. Blue describes himself as "fully retired," not saying exactly from what, and also as someone who once enjoyed climbing.


Anonymous said...

I truly hate to tell you, but OCA tapped my phone lines 2yrs ago, using a 1970's device and a climber hired by a conservative party higher up. they then started calling my house with computerized " out of area " calls, every hour on the hour, 7 days a week for several weeks on three different occasions, all done after i had made moves against them that they knew would destroy them. after i noticed crackling on my phone, i contacted an embedded source and the tap was destroyed, but i could not stop the computerized calls until i contacted the police and gave the name of the person i was told was the perpetrator. mr. blue, you are right in your description of this kind of behavior. i can't wait to see when and how OCA is going to pull out this same i know what they were up to....thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

It appears that Nixon has been reincarnated as Eliot Spitzer and his bag of dirty tricks?

Anonymous said...

You people are fools. It's not the democrats. And it's not the republicans. It's the THUGS, FROM BOTH PARTIES-- the people who control things.

And, Mr. Stone, you're silly to ask if it's POSSIBLE that people were tapping telephones. TAPPING PHONES HAS BEEN A STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE FOR MANY YEARS !!!! HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF JEANNINE PIRRO?


Anonymous said...

...and the message includes that if people don't stop talking about troopergate then everyone's dirty laundry will come out after subpoenas are issued, and through activity in the courts, which are, of course, controlled and manipulated by corrupt judges and workers beholden to crooked party bosses...

There's simply no one to take charge because the filth goes all the way to the top...

Anonymous said...

the Stone message really does sound like a set-up. and if that is true, then Spitzer's own supporters chose to drag the governor's dad into the dirty fighting! these people are awful. they will do ANYTHING.

Anonymous said...

can't rely on our poiticians or state leaders, and we can't count on our courts.... this is very bad.

Anonymous said...

Spitzer has that real mean look on his face just like Nixon, their both cut from the same cloth.

Anonymous said...

I once had a judge tell me on a regular basis, that if the court's problems were made known to the public, that those who were incarcerated and those in the streets committing crimes would become out of control and thus render the judicial system impotent! he believed that the media, local and national, should never report on the serious issues that cropped up in this system, so law and order would remain as status quo, per his standards! this same judge had another person serve prison time for him, so he could proceed to the bench, unhindered. this sucker of a man, was compensated and has a rib business outside of this city! sticky for him in both places!
Thus this judge, who is an appellate judge upstate presently, along with many defense lawyers he convinced of the same belief, is over 70, but judy kaye adores him and recently put him on a panel to modernize our present system! kaye chose an old man, whose life has been rife with crime, including investigations of cocaine use by him and other judges on his boat in the 80's!
what i have gathered from him and his behavior is that this judge and his lawyer friends, which are many, have influenced the local media from commenting about anything to do with the courts and thus they have allowed corruption to be inserted here , as well as down state. the media is very much to blame for the state of the ny judicial system and they owe the taxpayer an explanation which is long over due. will they report to us, the taxpaying public, the present situation or will they back off and let the national media take over and thus embarrass ny state as a whole...guess!!! this local paper has all the information needed to present a series lasting several days while informing the unknowing public here, the information that they have desired for many, many years! the female editor has chosen to take the path of least resistence which i guarantee will explode in her sweet!

Anonymous said...

Hey, come on.....names, please give names.... If you provide a "comment" on a blog, it's fully protected.... no one can get in trouble....come on, NAMES.....this is how we start making the bastards Sweat!!!

Anonymous said...

This is a set-up, Spitzer has serious problems so he is desperate.

Anonymous said...

Sorry guy, for the moment names have to be private,,,i am known to be this person in this town and the retaliation i have sufferd at my home for over a year, included an attempt on my life as well multiple incidences of criminal harassment! the truth will come out if the FBI would do their job and investigate , but they are political in ny state also...they pay homage to Bush's homeland security....almost exclusively by theirown admission! my life would be in danger because OCA is a 2 BILLION DOLLAR BUSINESS with lots of hacks making lots of money and they don't want little, well-informed me NOT right now! as soon as i can i will let you all know what i know, with is WILD AND BIZZARE! i have to remain secure because their is no one out their ready to protect me. trust me...what i say is just a little of what is the patient...ok?

Anonymous said...

Look at the Grasso, Langone, Ramos, Li Ka-Shing story on this blog, it all comes back to Spitzer and Bruno. They have to destroy Bruno. Spitzer and his crew are involved in a big time cover-up, so they called in the pros.

Anonymous said...

Spitzer has always been a bully just look at his record. He can't help it, that's his thing!

Anonymous said...

the guy is correct. A spectrograph will show that audio peices were put together. you can't hear it, but you can SEE it on the graph.... but, also true, is the fact that the damage has been done.

yep, folks, these are our leaders at DIRTY work here....and while the bums pick out their next victim, we ALL remain victims......

Anonymous said...

Just a foot note to the wiretape...OCA also went into every bank in my area to see if i had an account and if i had funds available. i found out,when i went to open a new account at a new bank, in march 2006, the bank could not remove the heading HON. from the front of my first name on the checks. the bank manager came and thought he had successfully removed it, but when the printed checks came they said Hon. before my name. i thought this was suspicious, so i went again to the bank and they had no idea what it was about and attempted to remove it again...sooooooo....i went to my embedded sources and found the truth. with the banks own unsuspecting admission, they said i opened the account DEC. 21, 2005...three months before i actually did... and proceeded to remove the Hon. and sent out new checks, finally corrected...of course i kept that check for evidence.
what my sources found out was that because of my previous actions against OCA and retaliation for all they did to me that was perjury and illegal documentation, they wanted to see if they could ruin me with money lending. i have a middle eastern friend, that was an employee of OCA and well investigated by them, and they wanted to see if i was giving him money to send overseas. they thought if they could catch me doing this, the lies and perjury they used against me would suddenly seem useful and credible, and my case would fail! surprise to them, i have their plot documented and ready for prime time, whenever i am able to discuss this in the open with my evidence.
so, is OCA dangerous besides corrupt in their hirings and dealings....oh beyond your imagination! they also speak of participating in these activities as long as those they use cannot be traced back to them. but they are so being watched, so that scenerio cannot ever be accomplished...thanks to my wonderful embedded sources! if this story does not make you irate, nothing will. this is abuse of power and beyond, and i am sure BUSH thinks it is funny...with that stupid laugh he always displays and cheney's power hoods wondering who the hell i am! got to go...on my way back to MEXICO!

Anonymous said...

It is reported that Eliot Spitzer put the dirty trick rat back on the public payroll as of today.

Anonymous said...

A federal monitor is needed in New York. To oversee the courts and, most importantly, MOST POLITICIANS !

Anonymous said...

I'm mad as HELL and not going to take this anymore, Eliot Spitzer!

Don't you think that everyone can see thru the FIX with your long time minion, Darren Dopp aka Darren DOPE! And now you put him back on the payroll to assure his cooperation! The coverup marches on and buying his silence with public money is part of it. Eliot, why don't you have your father give him a job, pay him off that way?

Darren found a lier (lawyer) for hirer who sent a very real message to you Governor and your handlers. Was it something about emails? You got that message and took appropreate action to buy his silence.

The answer to this situation is a Federal Grand Jury with a complete investigation. Darren must testify under oath in a Federal Court.
Will the real Eliot Spitzer please standup.

Anonymous said...

Hey Shmuck What Do You Read? Eliot What's Up?

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