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Friday, November 30, 2007

No Ethical Oversight Hits Ex-NY Proscecutor (MORE, CLICK HERE)

The absense of ethical oversight, and the belief that there would be a blind view toward any violation, because of a position of power as a prosecutor, has lead to yet another look into the lack of ethics in New York....MORE.......
Here's the story by The New York Law Journal's Mark Faas:

Ex-NY Prosecutor Indicted for Leaking Info to Inamorato

New York Lawyer
November 28, 2007

By Mark Fass
New York Law Journal

A former Brooklyn prosecutor was indicted yesterday on charges she provided a defense attorney - another former Brooklyn prosecutor who is now her husband - with confidential information regarding prosecution witnesses in cases against two of his clients.

Sandra Fernandez faces 12 separate charges, including official misconduct, falsifying business records and offering a false instrument for filing.

"It is extremely disheartening when a prosecutor charged with upholding the law is accused of violating the law," Queens District Attorney Richard A. Brown, who was appointed as a special prosecutor for the case, said in a statement released yesterday.

"The defendant's alleged actions represent a serious breach of the public trust and should not be lightly regarded."

According to the complaint, Ms. Fernandez, 35, an assistant district attorney from September 2001 until she was terminated in February 2007, performed criminal-background and Department of Motor Vehicle checks of three witnesses in her husband's cases using the state's proprietary system. She faces up to four years in prison.

Her husband, Douglas G. Rankin, is not being charged.

Ms. Fernandez, who appeared yesterday before Brooklyn Criminal Court Judge Richard N. Allman, was released on her own recognizance.


Anonymous said...

this is nothing, it goes on everyday, but it is a begining, both her and her husband should go to jail and permanently be deprived of their law licenses.

Anonymous said...

why is she not in jail right now?

Anonymous said...

Lawyers are empowered by their license to steal (law license) along with their total arrogance since they can and do manipulate the system by way of their club membership that gives them total control. I should know I am a lawyer and some of the things I've seen are unreal, but no Judge is going create a problem because he doesn't want something coming back to bite him/her. It's a great system for us.

Anonymous said...

While i find this atty's behavior repugnant and believe that she should get double the time the state law requires, becasue she took an oath to uphold these laws, i am PERPLEXED that it just happens to be a woman that they found violating these laws...allegedly!
You mean to tell me that no male lawyer in NYC practicing as a DA etc, is not doing something illegal? The federal charge against the DDC is against a woman also, as it sounds it should be, even though CAHILL has been mentioned regarding unethical and possible criminal behavior. Also, OCA has at least 2 more pending case of unlawful termination and discrimination in federal court, where both complainants are female!
It seems that filing charges and firing people related to corruption and it's illegal brother, or should i say sister, known as crime, seems to always involve women. Why can't we find the men (who have the power in this world and state)doing anything wrong. It is just to easy to attack and charge women, because rarely does anyone come to their matter how excellent their reputation may be!
If we are to attack this court corruption correctly, we must take down the tough ones also...that is... white sorry guys, but you know this is the truth! I feel obligated to address this subject honestly,because i am vehement about NY COURT REFORM!

Anonymous said...

I'm an attorney, and know well how a law license is perceived by some lawyers as a license to steal. But I have also seen how assistant district attorneys and federal prosecutors act the same way, to wit, that because of their position, the laws do not apply to them.

It is time for a cleansing. And, probably, only a federal monitor could pull it off. (Good Idea, whoever came up with it!)

I'll be watching this story!

Anonymous said...

you have no idea how bad the corruption is..... ever hear of "it's who you know?"

Anonymous said...

If you know Allen H. Isaac formerly of Gladstein & Isaac and his Croonies..Dream Team..You could have the Judges,DA, COPS and Politicians, in your back pocket.

Anonymous said...

Go to youtube and type in "Police Report Reads" you can see Allen H. Isaac in action discussing how he get favors from Judges and how he admits to sexually assaulting his client E sposito..Stay tuned because he is about to be exposed.

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