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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Iviewit Press Release: Patentgate and NY's Ethics Scandal (MORE, CLICK HERE)

History in the making, folks. Tammany Hall Part II is in full swing. See Iviewit's November 23, 2007 Press Release....MORE....

Press Release
November 23, 2007

For Immediate Release:



United States of America (Press Release ) November 23, 2007 -- In an explosive $80 Million federal lawsuit a staff attorney at the New York Supreme Court claims officials whitewashed Iviewit complaints against Proskauer Rose, Steven C. Krane, Esq. (former NYSBA Pres & clerk to Chief Judge Judith Kaye) & other high ranking NY Supreme Court officers. The inside whistleblower also claims she was physically assaulted & then terminated to keep Iviewit claims of fraud on the US Patent Office and other government agencies buried.

The New York Law Journal @ and The New York Times @ reported on a federal lawsuit claiming high ranking members on the New York Supreme Court, purposely and with intent to cover-up for other high ranking court officials, caused the whitewashing of complaints against attorneys and senior court officials who committed hosts of state, federal, and international crimes against a multiplicity of governmental agencies, and in fact, threatened and coerced Plaintiff Anderson, including wrongfully terminating her and physical assault, for voicing concern that there was irrefutable evidence of wrongdoings by the attorneys and court officials to cover up the crimes committed against the United States.

In the lawsuit filed on October 27, 2007 in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, filed as Christine C. Anderson v. The State of New York, et. al. S.D.N.Y., October 27, 2007 the Plaintiff affirmatively claims support by the Iviewit matters of patent sabotage, FRAUD ON THE UNITED STATES PATENT AND TRADEMARK OFFICE, intellectual property theft, and an attempted murder perpetrated by, among others, the once respected Proskauer Rose LLP and its members Kenneth Rubenstein, Steven C. Krane, (former New York State Bar President, former clerk to Chief Judge Judith Kaye), Chief Judge Judith Kaye and her late Proskauer partner husband Stephen Kaye, Christopher C. Wheeler, Foley & Lardner LLP led by its former Chairman and former Republican National Committee, Chief Counsel, Michael C. Grebe and others.

In that lawsuit, the Plaintiff factually alleges that:

Upon information and belief, defendants also state that the timing of the, Plaintiff's abrupt firing was connected to the newly circulated revelations concerning Cahill's status as an individually named defendant in a lawsuit entitled In the Matter of Complaints Against Attorneys and Counselors-At-Law; Kenneth Rubenstein-Docket 2003.0531; Raymond Joao-Docket 2003.0532; Steven C. Krane- Docket 2004.1883; Thomas J. Cahill- Special Inquiry #2004.1122; and the Law Firm of Proskauer Rose, LLP; filed by Eliot I. Bernstein, Pro Se and P. Stephen Lamont Both Individually and On Behalf of Shareholders of: Iviewit et. al., Petitioners. [Iviewit's].petition was filed in the Supreme Court of the State of New York, Appellate Division: First Department.

The Iviewit Petition @ for immediate investigation was later granted by the First Department Justices in a unanimous decision to begin immediate investigation for the Appearance of Impropriety and Conflict of Interest in Unpublished Orders:

** M3198 - Steven C. Krane & Proskauer Rose @

** M2820 Kenneth Rubenstein & Proskauer Rose

** M3212 Raymond A. Joao and Meltzer Lippe Goldstein & Schlissel and,

** Thomas J. Cahill - Special Inquiry #2004.1122 - Cahill was transferred for Special Inquiry and Investigation to Martin Gold per First Dept rules.

Original First Dept Complaints:

** Kenneth Rubenstein - Docket 2003.0531 First Department,
** Raymond Joao - Docket 2003.0532 First Department,
** Steven C. Krane - Docket 2004.1883 First Department,
** the Law Firm of Proskauer Rose, LLP and,
** the Law Firm of Meltzer Lippe Goldstein Wolfe and Schlissel

Additionally, and similar to the NYLJ and the NYT, as reported in an article aptly titled "Justice Department Widens 'Patentgate' Probe Buried by Ethics Chief Thomas J. Cahill" @ the Iviewit inquiries have reached the highest levels of New York & Washington political circles and into many judicial chambers as well.

The original inquiries revealed that New York ethics Chief Counsel Thomas J. Cahill of the First Department Disciplinary Committee whitewashed investigations, which recently led to his abrupt departure.

In a letter dated July 16, 2007, H. Marshall Jarret's office, the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Professional Responsibility, announced from its Washington, D.C. headquarters that it was expanding its investigation into a bizarrely stalled FBI and US Attorney investigation, initiated in 2001, that involves the theft from Iviewit of nearly 30 patents, trademarks and other intellectual properties, with an estimated value of a trillion dollars. The OPR investigation was sparked by a request from the DOJ - OIG, Inspector General Glenn Fine's Office whom is also conducting an ongoing investigation. The patent pending applications and other IP have been suspended by the Commissioner of Patents pending the outcome of ongoing state, federal and international investigations. The probe reaches some of New York's most prominent politicians and judges, and has already proven to be a stunning embarrassment to the State's ethics watchdog committees.

As a backdrop to the technologies in question, Mr. Bernstein's inventions, the Iviewit video scaling and image overlay systems, are the backbone, enabling technologies for the transmission of video and images across almost all transmission networks and viewable on all display devices, an elegant upstream solution (towards the content creator) of reconfiguring video frames to unlock bandwidth, processing, and storage constraints -- the "Holy Grail" inventions of the digital imaging and video worlds that enable low bandwidth video on the Internet and mobile phones.

As previously reported, the U.S. Senate and U.S. House Judiciary Committee(Representative John Dingell, Chair of the Energy & Commerce Committee forwarded the Iviewit matters to John Conyers, Chair of the House Judiciary Committee for investigation) have known about the Iviewit investigation since about September of 2006. Sen. Dianne Feinstein's office is also championing the Iviewit cause. The story is globally known in technical and intellectual property circles, with ongoing investigations at international patent offices such as the European Patent Office as well.

Full information available @, including full pertinent documentation and images of the car bombing attempt on inventor Bernstein's life.

Eliot I. Bernstein & P. Stephen Lamont
Iviewit Technologies, Inc.
Iviewit Holdings, Inc.

About Iviewit Technologies, Inc. and Iviewit Holdings, Inc., Iviewit's innovative patent pending imaging and video technologies deliver to millions of people around the world digital video and images every day. Founded in 1998 by Eliot I. Bernstein, Jude Rosario and Zakirul Shirajeee, Iviewit's core backbone technologies deliver video and images to top web properties in all major global markets enhancing the overall web experience for users. For more information, visit . Currently the Iviewit patent pending applications have been suspended by the USPTO pending investigations by state, federal and international authorities concerning
the theft of the IP by patent attorneys charged with filing them.

For more information:

39 Little Ave
Red Bluff, CA 96080
Visit our website:
Eliot Bernstein & P. Stephen Lamont
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Proskauer Rose
New York Times
New York Law Journal Steven C. Krane
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Anonymous said...

You can't make this stuff up....these people (mostly lawyers) steal things and get away with it through the Courts.....they should all go to JAIL.

Anonymous said...

Hang all these son of bitches

Anonymous said...

I'm and attorney and I'm numb. A friend referred me to this site this morning and I've read a few stories. There are some very serious issues here. All of this is VERY concerning: the DDC and Iviewit allegations, just to start...

Anonymous said...

This guy Bernstein, the lawyers had a hit out on, do you believe it? They blewup his car. It's only right Bernstein should see some people and put out a hit on all of them. What comes around goes around. Screw them all

Anonymous said...

This guy Bernstein, the lawyers had a hit out on, do you believe it? They blewup his car. It's only right Bernstein should see some people and put out a hit on all of them. What comes around goes around. Screw them all

Anonymous said...

Sara Jo Hamilton also need to be looked into by the feds.
I was told the EEOC could not look into the DDC a few years ago. Hopefully with the lawsuit maybe the EEOC will look into it.
It is amazing that these people have unions. In the lawsuit it says that they have a union.
I do not understand
in the lawsuit it says they are union workers. If they work for the State jobs should be open and competitive. They also should be held to standards that other state employess are held to. They are
state jobs that are not equal oppertunity, that are not open to
all who qualify regardless of race and other influences.
If it the Unified court system writting the checks. What does the Unified Court system and the State answering questions about who they hire at the DDC?

Spitzer should get involved.
He claims he is going to clean up Albany.

Anonymous said...

First he needs to look at what judicial favors are coming out of Cuomo's office.

Anonymous said...

If the Feds have dropped the ball on this one where is our fighting Attorney General Andrew Cuomo?

Anonymous said...

First of all, the EEOC is a massive hack office of the federal gov.! they told me i did not have a case and i knew i did from a past federal action and my extensive experience and education from OCA....THANK you OCA! I FORCED THEM to investigate (WNY) and maryanne drabczyk, eeoc, did... an i'm screwing you, lazy girl attempt from her desk and telephone to OCA'S hack and admin. heads, and then made outrageous, untrue, lies and statements in writing. Butt, funny she did give me the right to sue letter. for the second phase of my case, termination by OCA, she pretended she would just send a right to sue letter immediately to my home.... acting sweet as liquor. but after consultation with andrew eisenberg, non-judicial admin., for chief judge sharon townsen, 8th dist., from OCA, she sucker punched me and sent it to the washington bureau of the dept of justice, DOJ, first, for their approval...hoping they would see that no investigation was done and, not knowing that she sent me a right to sue a few months prior, they, the dept of justice would reject it! BUT.... i got word from my excellent investigative sources that she did this and i called DC and gave DOJ THE MANY details they needed.... and soon after i got the right to sue letter!!!! EEOC does business with OCA through the STATE division of human rights and, therefore will do whatever they can to negate your complaints about any agency within matter how serious they are. EEOC needs to be investigated also ,and they are part of my federal complaint... they will always work with NY courts behind your back! always file and force them to investigate, even if they accuse you of taping them? huh?..oh yes, until they give you the right to sue letter!
as far as the unions....CSEA is in collusion with OCA....fact! CSEA'S only interest is securing small cost of living raises for its dues paying brothers and sisters, while spending the other 3 years playing with each other...check out what they do in their offices and how they pretend to represent you, when they 'never" "WIN any cases that don't include a bunch of employees....singulair cases take play time and play money from CSEA big shots and, allows OCA to play hardball at contract time!....right donahue?! CSEA and OCA are in concert with pillow talk!

Anonymous said...

The system doesn't work! It has been hijacked by gangsters and is not responsive to the people.

Anonymous said...

Hi,I am Luisa Esposito, my story is listed on October 10, and October 11, 2007.(Esq. sex scandal). I cannot believe what is going on with our Judicial System, Police Departments, District Attorney's Office, etc. After reading what happened to Mr. Bernstein,and Ms. Anderson, it leads me to believe that all of my conspiracy theories might be valid. I along with Mr. Bernstein and Ms. Anderson, have substantial evidence of a possible cover-up within the DDC Dept.and other Agencies. I was allegedly sexually abused by my former Attorney Allen H. Isaac, Esq.I presented my evidence, DVD Audi-Video tape with Mr. Isaac's admissions on it to the District Attorney's Office along with witnesses.I was victimized by the Chief of the Sex Crimes Unit,she had me in tears for approx. 3 hours. My evidence was never presented to the Grand Jury. I went to the Manhattan Special Victims Squad and the Detective told me "Mr. Isaac was getting arrested". The Police Report reads "Felony, Sexual Abuse, Wanted Allen H. Isaac. Will Prosecute, Yes".The Detective told me" favors were getting called in and they were not allowing the arrest". Thus Far, there has not been an arrest. Attorney Anthony Denaro sent a letter to Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly, a Notice and Demand to arrest on reported "Felony level Sexual Abuse". In addition,i filed a complaint at the DDC in 2005, and could not believe what i was experiencing at the hands of these proceedings.The DDC transcribed my DVD Audio-video tape which had numerous ommissions regarding pertinent and critical conversations. They told me i could not have an Attorney present during the hearings, they were not submitting the Police Report into evidence,witnesses on my behalf were not getting called in to corroborate my complaint. An Intern that worked for Mr. Isaac came forward saying that this was not an isolated incident, the Office staff warned her to steer clear of him. She was not getting called in as a witness.The harrassment i experienced at their hands was beyond believable. My testimony was blackened out with magic marker, after i tried to address my concerns about the hearings. Why is our system failing us, Is it Greed, Money, Power? God Bless us all, let's band together as citizen's to try and stop all of this corruption.Go to and listen to my video and read the comments.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Bernstein, I admire your courage and fortitude. This Country is full of cowards, they allow these animals and thiefs to steal our souls from us.That is why they continue to get away with lying, stealing, and corrupting our system. Hang in there, i hope they lock up all of these bums, and throw away the key.

Anonymous said...

Our judicial system is failing and in full participation of many forms of conspiracy, because there is no accountability, tons of greed and way too much power given to weak and cowardly people with mental issues! The only salvation is for the masses to come together and demand a federal investigation, national media coverage and removal of the top administraters...Kaye goes first and foremost,along with Lippman and Plumadore!I am hoping this will begin by the beginning of 2008! People please get MAD!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I've read Anderson's amended complaint, and I've read Iviewit's press release, which is, at various parts, factually inaccurate.

But Iviewit is correct about one thing: heads need to role on what happened to them.

Anonymous said...

How can you trust a government that allows this? They certainly make it difficult to debate with my european and canadian friends on these and various other issues.

It's a joke!! Hard to defend my country and it's system with crap like this!!

Anonymous said...

What was ray joao's role? Can someone explain. Thanks.

Iviewit / PatentGate / Eliot Bernstein said...

A few comments to the bloggers here.
Ray Joao was retained by Proskauer Rose to patent Iviewit inventions as Kenneth Rubenstein's lackey. Both Rubenstein and Joao were at Meltzer Lippe Goldstein Schlissel and Wolfe prior to Proskauer grabbing Rubenstein immediately after learning of the inventions and starting an IP department based on stealing those inventions. Raymond Joao is beyond a disreputable scum, he is scum from the bottom of hell, he put 90 patents into his own name, all to do with Iviewit inventions. A true bottom feeder and lackey for Proskauer and Foley and Lardner doing the dirty work. Ray purposely filed false patent applications a federal crime and violated almost all of his federal patent bar regulations. Ray also is a flat out liar, he tried to say he never met inventors Jude Rosario and Zakirul Shirajee but mounds of evidence refute that. Ray is under investigation at the USPTO OED with all these criminal attorneys, I mean attorney criminals.
As for Luisa Esposito, I admire this woman who has been hosed by the system to protect some sexually perverted attorney who solicits bj's for legal work, hope when she gets hers, he will like giving bj's to his roomie homey in New York’s finest prison.
As for me, well we can stop this crap now, yank these public servants gone mad from their jobs and try them for their abuse of power. It is not impossible, oh, you mean Dick Cheney has impeachment papers at the Judiciary Committee for war crimes, etc. and Alberto Bongo is gonzo, well it takes time but history is replete with incidence whereby crap like this is removed in a single flush into the New York historical sewer.
New Yorkers must now get enraged at their public officials and call them to the light, they hate the light, demand answers, file complaint after complaint, force them to jump down into the sewer to escape the light.
Fear not who they are from title, title is earned, they brought down Nixon and he had a pretty powerful title.
Fight now or you are cowards and your children will spit on you when they see you were a coward who sold out their freedoms and government.
My kids are making noise now
The government is trying to suppress rebellion and what they are about to find out is that New Yorkers and most Americans are not going to stand for this shit much longer before we pitchfork their heads. Fool me once.
If you can't fight city hall, tear it down!
Anarchy 101

Anonymous said... are sooo right, so honest as well as graphic...which is necessary... and correct about piling it on till they can't you crack me up! Give the judicial system what they give us...a blast of living hell! The respect for the ROBE is gone and now the courts cannot do business as it needs to. Criminals rule this state!

Richenry7 said...

Proskauer Rose LLP donating money to Clyde Lo-chin's Steel drum club.

Clyde Lo-chin (currently mediator in Tampa, FL EEOC) recruited me (Ricardo E. Jones) and a friends (Robert Brown) of the US Army Reserves to apply for positions at the EEOC-NYDO as investigators on or/about early 2001. Clyde had meetings with us both to prepare us for the interviews with members of management of EEOC-NYDO. I never believed that I was going to be hired despite my background in Law Enforcement and investigation. Clyde said not to worry you'll get hired. I was hired sometime the first week of April 2001. After I was hired Clyde was working on a big case against Ralph Laren Polo involving a large Black Class of employees. Sometime later Clyde asked me to attend one of the settlement conferences at Proskauer Rose LLP where I meet top negotiator Paul Salvator Esq, and other attorneys for Polo. Later after the conference I was contacted by Paul Salvator of Proskauer Rose. Paul asked if I had a case with the respondent MBIA. Paul wanted me to set-up a similar conference to settle the case. I did and it settled for $650,000.00 in less than 90 days. Clyde Lo chin admitted to me that he asked Paul Salvator to have Polo to donate $5000.00 to his Clyde's Steel Drum club and he did.

Clyde Lo chin has a relationship with Nancy Boyd who at the time of my hirer was Enforcement manager, and later Deputy Director of the EEOC-NYDO. Nancy Boyd was fixing cases for Vice Chair of EEOC Leslie Silverman (formerly of the Senate subcommittee on employment and workplace safety) for the Proskauer Rose Law Firm. Leslie Silverman left EEOC and became a partner of Proskauer Rose in Washington DC and works with Paul Salvator of Proskauer Rose in Washington DC.

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