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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Administrative Judge Clean-Up Releases Creative Juices

On Monday, October 20, 2008, we announced that Thanksgiving would be coming before Halloween this year, in that "A New Administrative Judge May be Coming to a Corrupt Court Near You."

As a matter of background, it had been first announced that Manhattan Administrative Judge Jacqueline W. Silbermann, the deputy chief administrative judge for matrimonial matters, was going to leave her post in December. The "official story" was that she really only stayed on because Chief Judge Kaye "asked" her to stay on last year. The "REAL STORY" is that she was told she'd get the boot from the administrative post and return to a regular calander by year's end, so she "decided" to take a job a Blank Rome. And in mid-October, it was revealed that 9th Judicial District Administrative Judge Francis Nicolai, was told that he was no longer welcome as the administrator of anything. He was also told to move out of his "shrine-like" administrative offices by the end of December.

It now seems, through sources, that Judge Nicolai has been attempting to negotiate a promotion for himself, to a statewide post equal to a deputy chief administrative level position. And that will make him happy, sources say, as long as he gets to maintain a Westchester office, where he feels most at home. It's also rumored, from folks on Madison Avenue at 25th Street, that he's even petitioned former Chief Administrative Judge Jonathan Lippman to take on his cause. Judge Lippman, understandingly, has been too busy dealing with important court business to really focus on Judge Nicholai's "dreams," and as one clerk described it. The clerk, who asked not to be identified because he likes his job, says Nicolai sees the normal accolades, "...since he was such a great administrator in the 9th, the entire state should have him..." Smiling, the clerk cautions, "Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it. Nicholai out as Administrative Judge of Westchester, Dutchess, Rockland, Putnam and Orange, but back in a higher position over all state affairs." It could be a very scary halloween.

Click here to see what Judge Lippman might be busy working on: $40 Millions Reason Not To Lie to Judge Lippman


Anonymous said...

Nicolai has done enough damage. If he gets a promotion, I'm moving to Cuba.

Anonymous said...

Why does Frank Nicholai have to call Jonathan Lippman at his new office in Manhattan. Frank should just relay the message to Amy Lippman (Jonathan's wife), and who collects a nice fat state paycheck for her "work" in the White Plains court house right near Franky boy.

By the way, Nepotism is defined as the practice among those with power or influence of favoring relatives or friends, especially by giving them jobs. But that doesn't matter in the New York State court system, and especially in the 9th JD under King Frank. (And Frank stills laughs at PJ Prudenti, because "she can't touch him")

Anonymous said...

Is it scum or cream that rises to the top?

Anonymous said...

I know what's going on in Westchester and I can tell you that Nicolai will NEVER be appointed to something statewide. It just won't happen. Everyone, including Frank Nicolai, knows how dangerous he is. Yes, Nicolai was trying to get a promotion, but he quickly gave up when he realized it would never happen. Remember, no one, including Nicolai, really knows what's going on in Frank Nicholai's head. Many believe it's time for him to retire. More time for trips to Italy with girlfriends, et cetera.

Anonymous said...

Nepotism is also very, very rampant in the 8th judicial district, in upstate NY!

Here we have families with members in Family, State Supreme and City Courts that range in the 8-15 and above numbers!! Also the admimistrative offices (personnel) have their family members crammed in there, in droves!

It is bad for the obvious reasons, but here in the 8th dist., those courts and offices are within one square close that if you dare to cross one member of the can kiss your ass and career goodbye!

And you must not forget the JUDGES who have put their sons, daughters and other close family members, in the District Attorney's Office, which resides in the same Bldg as the Supreme Court Bldg.,
and then work side by side with them in doling JUSTICE?

We here in the 8th could only wish for our large local courts to be on different streets or even different blocks...more than a minute away from one another!

We have all this, and the Buffalo News just endorsed a sitting Supreme Court judge's son for the office of DISTRICT ATTORNEY, WHILE AN EXTREMELY TALENTED AND EXPERIENCED FEMALE, with no politcal ties to any judicial person, WAS REJECTED BY THE NEWS!

So if you want corruption to have to fight the courts, the administrators of the courts, the district attorney's office, the multiple families injected to protect OCA from any coup d' etats, and then the mighty Buffalo News that promotes this type of JUDICIAL GOVERNMENT!
They have knowledge of all that is wrong with the COURT SYSTEM IN THE 8TH DISTRICT AND NY STATE, and they absolutely refuse to investigate it and report it to the read it here WNY'ERS~

Anonymous said...

The news media doesn't want to be on the bad side of the judicial mafia family in the 8th.

Anonymous said...

Time to be a big boy, Frank, and just step down- retire. Did you think you'd get away with your bullying forever?

Anonymous said...

Francis Nicholai and Jonathan Lippman are old buddies from Grant Street. Big time money is being spread around to insure that Frank gets to be the head nigger.

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