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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Ethics Attorney Pleads Guilty in Sexual Battery Case

Outgoing Oklahoma Bar Association General Counsel Enters Plea in Biting Case
The Associated Press - October 10, 2008

A lawyer who examined misconduct allegations against attorneys for the Oklahoma Bar Association has been given a year of probation on a charge of outraging public decency. Dan Murdock entered an Alford plea to the misdemeanor count Thursday, maintaining he did nothing wrong at a June 28 wedding shower but acknowledging that Oklahoma County prosecutors had enough evidence to persuade a jury otherwise. Murdock, 62, was accused of groping and biting a woman that day at Remington Park. He originally was charged with two felony counts of sexual battery. "I understand the nature of the charges and the evidence that would be presented against me," he wrote in court papers. "I understand this evidence, if believed, could be sufficient to convict me." The woman told Oklahoma City police Murdock pulled down her blouse and bit her on the breast. The woman said Murdock also grabbed her by the hair, bit the back of her neck and grabbed her outside her clothes in her genital area.

Besides the probation, District Judge Jerry Bass ordered Murdock to undergo an alcohol assessment and perform 50 hours of community service. "He'll be speaking to people that are in therapy for alcohol abuse and the like," District Attorney David Prater said. Murdock declined comment Thursday. Attorney Tom Riesen said Murdock is pleased the case has been resolved. "This has been a very stressful time for him and he's looking forward to moving on." Murdock resigned his post as general counsel at the bar association last week, but he won't leave that job until Dec. 31. In that position, he looked into accusations of misconduct against lawyers. If Murdock were himself to face such allegations, a seven-member commission would investigate to see whether there is any merit to the claim, according to the bar association. The state Supreme Court ultimately would decide whether disciplinary action is appropriate.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure he had tremendous sympathy for all the attorneys complained of before him. He understood how hard it is for swine to have the same standards of men. This is the Magna Carta for swine. Swine should be judged by his swine peers.

Anonymous said...

the people who review the ethics of lawyers, are themselves the scum of earth.

Anonymous said...

I thought the legal profession was just a ruse to get laid. Am I mistaken? Have I been wrong all these years....

Anonymous said...

Judges and attorneys who cover up pedophilia, child porn and child prostitution should also be held responsible and treated like sexual predators.

Anonymous said...

What a mess and we have the lawyers to blame.

Anonymous said...

This is what he got caught doing ... what else is out there and how long has he been doing it all the while pursuing others for professional gain ... the self serving elect always believe the rules don't apply to them ... murdock is no different ... what goes around ....

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