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Monday, May 17, 2010

From Coast to Coast, Judicial Corruption Stinks

Odor in the Court
The Seattle Weekly by Rick Anderson - January 12, 2009

A few years back, Pierce County had cornered the market on judicial corruption. The list included Superior Court Judge Grant Anderson, who swapped favors in return for a new Cadillac; Sumner muni Judge Gene "Hammerin' Man" Hammermaster who threatened traffic offenders with life sentences; and kind-hearted Ralph Baldwin, the Lakewood municipal judge who invited lawyers and jurors into chambers for a cold beer at the end of a drunk-driving case - then, tipsy himself, drove home. So is anyone surprised to learn prosecutors are reviewing allegations - even before he takes the bench - that Pierce County Superior Court judge-elect Michael Hecht (left) patronized a male prostitute several years ago and recently threatened to kill the man? The TNT says the allegations were raised by supporters of outgoing Judge Sergio Armijo, claiming Hecht picks up male prostitutes near Tacoma's Antique Row. In an interview, the prostitute confirmed what he told Armijo's supporters, "saying that as a teenager he exchanged money for sex with Hecht on multiple occasions beginning in the late 1990s." The man, Joseph John Hesketh IV, introduced a News Tribune reporter to another man, 39-year-old Edward Smith, who said he had sex with Hecht in exchange for cash in the recent past. Both men are now homeless and have criminal records. Hecht, 58, married with three grown children and the grandfather of one, denies the allegations. He will be sworn in today. Memorably, on his campaign website, Hecht says: Judge Armijo's record is an embarrassment to the judiciary in our county...It is time for change and I say to the voters you will not be embarrassed by my decisions or my judicial temperament.


Anonymous said...

In the Orange County Court in Goshen New York both the Family and Supreme Court have a Pedophilia odor. You will find there racist, pro sexual assault, pro child sexual abuse, pro child porn, pro parental kidnappers, pro racketerring, pro tampering with court records and forging of court orders, pro threating litigants and intimidating litigants been screwed with the use of a gun. All of these legal intestinal obstructions are been paid with our tax money. Sadly, the Orange County DA protects and defends the criminal activities taken place in the Goshen Court and supports the sexual exploitation of children 100%.

Anonymous said...

If the court oversight (an oxymoron)and the Fourth Estate would do there job we would be reading similar tales about more that half of the slimes in what passes for the NYS court system.

T Finnan said...

In NY, this wouldn't be reported by our media, which filters news to protect us. The NY Times is, "all the lies fitted into print." See this site for the $40 million fraud by our Chief Justice, Lippman. This Hecht would be a bit player in our leagues.
Remember what you were taught in school and read in your papers; we have the best legal system in the world; our lawyers like Perry Mason will appear to defend you; you can trust our appellate courts to rectify corruption; the Commission on Judicial Conduct works for the People; the government supervises the investment community. Andrew Cuomo, a man of inherited virtue, cannot not be corrupted by his campaign contributions; his father appointed Judith Kaye; Judith Kaye is looking into Paterson's issues; Judith Kaye cleared Acorn of any misdeeds in a few days; Chief Judge Lippman was a Schul buddy learning ethics and morals with our long serving Speaker, Sheldon Silver; and Senator Sampson only asked for $50,000 from multiple Labor leaders so he could serve the people.
Do you still buy the Times?

Anonymous said...

Judge Charles Ramos worked very hard for that $40 million plus and everyone should give him a break. Wonder how much Judge Lippman got to permit him to pull this score?

Anonymous said...

Sampson only got 50,000 and he is a Senator for God's sake Andy arrest Ramos on thief gouging!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Judge corruption, just sent this mail to Niagara County lawyer to stop bothering me and have all 4 Criminal Complaints turned in.........

Dear Walter Moxham,

Regarding the Kelley Estate, my complaints have been filed with the Attorney Grievance Committee, these complaints include numerous criminal activity to deny my Civil Constitutional and Human Rights.

Therefore I request you contact the Attorney Grievance, the Attorney General, the Department of Justice and the Honorable Thomas DiNapoli and find out why a full scale investigation has not been forthcoming on my 4 Criminal Complaints.

I also request you turn this into any and all investigative agencies to report Court Corruption, since Dawn Myska denied any and all of my requests at my personal cost and large cost to the Estate and their heirs.

Thanking you for your time, in anticipation of your immediate action to possible corruption

Karen Summers

Anonymous said...

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