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Sunday, May 23, 2010

'Outsider' To Run For Governor, Wil Clean Up Corruption

Attorney General Andrew Cuomo running for governor; New York Dem on corruption, 'Enough is enough'
The New York Daily News bY Adam Lisberg, Kenneth Lovett and Larry Mcshane - May 23, 2010

Like father, like son - but nothing like the last two governors.

Andrew Cuomo, following in the footsteps of dad Mario and two scandal-scarred predecessors, announced his long-expected campaign for governor by promising a crackdown on corruption. "I don't work for the lobbyists," Cuomo told his supporters Saturday afternoon in lower Manhattan. "I don't work for the politicians. I don't work for special interests. I work for the people of New York. Period." The attorney general, considered political roadkill after a disastrous 2002 gubernatorial run, stood beaming and blowing kisses before confirming the worst-kept secret in New York politics. He immediately becomes the prohibitive favorite to win the November election over any of the three possible GOP challengers. Polls last month showed Cuomo trouncing any of the other hopefuls by a better than 2-1 margin. Cuomo stood in the sunshine outside the Tweed Courthouse, an enduring symbol of New York corruption. The 52-year-old made it clear that cleaning house on crooked politicians was a top priority. "The government is part of the problem," he said. "The chronic dysfunction of Albany metastasized into the chronic corruption of Albany...Albany's antics today could make Boss Tweed blush. "Our message today is simple: Enough is enough." Cuomo mentioned no names, but incumbent Gov. Paterson is under investigation for interfering in a domestic violence case involving one of his top aides. And Paterson predecessor Eliot Spitzer was forced to resign two years ago over his pricey trysts with hookers. "It's time the people of the Empire State strike back, and that's what today is about," Cuomo said. "And in that effort, my friends, I think I can help." The son of former Gov. Mario Cuomo threw his hat in the ring eight years after his first try for the governor's job ended in bitter defeat. A beaming Cuomo, in a suit and red tie, blew kisses to the crowd and made a point of thanking his father and mother for their support. His dad held the job from 1983-1994. "Andrew! Andrew!" about 125 backers shouted. Cuomo, after delivering his remarks, left without taking questions. The state Republican Party, in a release, blasted Cuomo as the obvious and uninspired choice for their opposition. "Political nepotism and the Democrats' royal line of succession long ago determined the crowning of Prince Andrew that will ensue in Westchester this week," said GOP chairman Edward Cox, referring to the site of the state Democratic convention that begins Tuesday. Cuomo, the lone Democratic candidate for governor, will receive the nomination on Thursday. "If Andrew Cuomo wanted truly to lead and turn this state's government around, he could have started by rooting out corruption at the top of his own party," Cox said. Cuomo has already amassed $16 million in campaign funds to face one of three Republicans: upstate businessman Carl Paladino, former GOP Senate hopeful Rick Lazio or Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy. Cuomo, entering to the sounds of Bon Jovi's "Work For the Working Man," stressed his commitment to representing average New Yorkers. "This campaign is not going to be about me, but we," said Cuomo, who promised to visit all of New York's 62 counties before Election Day. He focused on reforming Albany's ethical cesspool and fixing its fiscal mess. He pledged to cap state spending and local property taxes, while freezing state income and corporate taxes and salary increases for state employees. He also vowed to eliminate at least 20% of state agencies, and said he opposes additional state borrowing to fix the budget. Cuomo also promised comprehensive reform requiring full disclosure of outside income, independent ethics watchdogs and campaign finance reform. "New York was not always like this," he said. "This is not New York at its best. I'm old enough to remember when it was better than this."


Cuomo Opens Campaign for New York Governor
The New York Times by DANNY HAKIM and NICHOLAS CONFESSORE - May 22, 2010

Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo announced his candidacy for governor on Saturday, saying he was seeking not only to lead New York but to remake a state mired in political scandal and paralyzed by financial crisis. In a direct confrontation with a Legislature controlled by his own party, Mr. Cuomo, a Democrat, said he would pressure lawmakers this fall to state publicly whether they would embrace essential ethics changes, including disclosing their outside income, ceding control of redistricting to an independent panel and submitting to an outside ethics monitor. Appearing in front of the former Manhattan courthouse named for Boss Tweed, the corrupt political boss of Tammany Hall, Mr. Cuomo told a crowd of supporters: “Unfortunately, Albany’s antics today could make Boss Tweed blush. Our message today is simple. Enough is enough.”

The approach underscores Mr. Cuomo’s determination to avoid the fate of the current governor, David A. Paterson, and the previous one, Eliot Spitzer, who both promised change but were quickly stymied by an obstinate Legislature, and later fell victim to their own scandals. In a year in which incumbents everywhere are under attack, Mr. Cuomo is trying to run against Albany, which could be difficult to sell, given his history. He is the son of former Gov. Mario M. Cuomo, for whom he served as political director, and he has deep connections in state and national politics. But Andrew Cuomo is hoping to exploit his broad popularity and his status as the overwhelming favorite in the governor’s race to begin overhauling the state before next year. His words could be a jolt to rank-and-file Democrats, who consider him a savior capable of restoring their party after several years of embarrassment and disappointment. And the comments could antagonize the Assembly speaker, Sheldon Silver, a legendarily shrewd strategist who has outmaneuvered many a governor and has fiercely defended the Legislature’s authority to police itself and set its own rules. Mr. Cuomo said that “politicians of both parties, Democrats and Republicans, share the blame” for Albany’s rash of scandals and corruption. Further, he said, the state government, which is controlled by fellow Democrats, “has failed and the people have the right, indeed the people have the obligation, to act.”

In addition to making the appearance in Manhattan, Mr. Cuomo released two videos on Saturday, one introducing himself and a longer one detailing his policy positions. Wading for the first time into the budget impasse, he said he opposed a plan being pushed by Lt. Gov. Richard Ravitch to borrow $6 billion over the next three years in exchange for a series of fiscal controls, including the creation of a financial review board. He also spoke directly to New York’s powerful public employee unions, saying he would freeze salaries of state workers. And he said he opposed raising taxes. He proposed capping state spending and limiting local property tax increases to no more than 2 percent annually. But his announcement did not grapple with what will be the next governor’s greatest challenge: plugging a yawning budget deficit next year. Mr. Cuomo made his bid official as Democrats prepared to open their state convention in Rye Brook on Tuesday. He had spent months privately plotting the campaign. His release of the videos, including a 21-minute segment in which he describes his policy positions, is in part a response to criticism that he has ducked questions about what he would do as governor. That criticism has grown louder as the state’s economic condition has worsened.

In the longer video, Mr. Cuomo described his philosophy as “fiscally prudent and socially progressive,” and focused mostly on his plans to reshape the government and rein in legislative excesses. Those plans include a proposal to eliminate 20 percent of the state’s more than 1,000 agencies, authorities, commissions and the like, part of a broad reorganization effort. He has approached former Vice President Al Gore, who presided over an effort to reinvent government during the Clinton administration, to serve on a reorganization commission in New York. Mr. Cuomo also laid out components of an economic agenda, including a plan to create a $3,000-a-head tax credit for businesses that hire unemployed New Yorkers. He described his positions on social issues: He said he supported same-sex marriage, opposed the death penalty and supported increasing the number of charter schools. He pledged to fight discrimination and to further women’s rights in the workplace. The Republican primary for governor is expected to come down to a battle between two men: former Representative Rick A. Lazio of Long Island and the Suffolk County executive, Steve Levy, who switched his party affiliation in March. Republicans will hold their state convention early next month. Mr. Cuomo begins his campaign bolstered by his popularity, at a time when few political figures in the state have much to cheer about in their poll numbers. In a Marist poll this month, 64 percent of voters said they believed Mr. Cuomo was doing either an excellent or a good job. Still, it is not clear how much voters know about Mr. Cuomo beyond his family name. In the longer video, he struck a personal note. Appearing in an office, flanked by shelves of law books and photographs of his father, he linked the state’s need for revival to his own political and personal rebound.

Mr. Cuomo suffered a bruising setback in his abortive run for governor in 2002, when he dropped out of the race after it became clear he would not prevail against H. Carl McCall in a Democratic primary. That loss was followed by a bitter divorce from Kerry Kennedy, the mother of his three daughters. “Sure it’s hard to come back,” Mr. Cuomo said. “I saw it in my own life. A few years ago, I ran for governor and I lost. And I then went through a very difficult time in my personal life. It was a public humiliation. “People said it was over for me; they said my public service career was finished — there was no way I could come back,” he said. “Some days even I thought they were right.” He added, “With the compassion and empathy of New Yorkers, you gave me a second chance.” While Mr. Cuomo’s supporters were enthusiastic about his entry into the race, others were more circumspect. Labor leaders had no immediate reaction to his call for austerity, though New York State United Teachers, which has bristled at proposals to increase the number of charter schools or limit property taxes, has indicated it may decline to endorse him. Many Democrats see Mr. Cuomo’s election as inevitable and are planning for his ascension. Mr. Paterson, who said he had spoken with Mr. Cuomo on Saturday morning, said he would be making some modifications to the sports facilities at the governor’s mansion. “I’m adjusting the basketball rim at the mansion a little lower so he can dunk on it,” Mr. Paterson joked.


LOL -- LOL -- LOL said...

Unless Andrew Cuomo intends to handcuff and criminally charge a few dozen state judges, all top state "ethics" officials and scam-placed-top-banana chief judge Jonathan Lippman, he can forget about my vote. And for the first time in my life I will become VERY politically active. Memo to Andrew: YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM !!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

lets inform each other on each event that Cumo is campaning, and we shall go and hold signs that says
You are part of the problem!!!!!
as an attorney general you have been covering upcorruption!!!!!! you made no Change!!!!!!
we do not believe you!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Cumo knows the rules of the game.
He has gotten a lot of money from lawyers and special intrest groups.
That plan of discclosing what pol gets on the side from being a lobbyist will never get through. They will block it. They will never release what they are getting from the lobbyist.
Cumo is just doing that for votes.
I remember when his father was Gov also. His father was a master speaker who could B/S every reporter with a smile and a short personal story. He knew how to plan the press. The son releases info on certain days/times to certain reporters that like him.
He plays the reporters. He came out with a big news conferance that thier were going to be judgements trhown out because people were inproperly served by process servers. That got him 2 days of favorable press. The truth was that none of those cases were thrown out.

Dr. Bobrowsky, disabled, victim of fraud said...

If Mr. Cuomo wants to clean up corruption, I challenge him to immediately stop defending the judges in my federal action of mortgage fraud and title fraud, and assist me as a VICTIM for which he is federally funded in this SCHEME to defraud me of my PROPERTY. Mr. Cuomo is in conflict with defendantds due to his personal and financial relationships with ex-Senator Nick Spano, his lobbyist, who is partners of Anthonoy Mangone in a title agency. Anthony Mangone, my prior attorney who took 30,000 and did not appear, was indicted for EXTORTION and bribery with the City of Yonkers, also defendants in my RICO action. Based upon my sole complaint to the DDC, attorney Herbert N. Posner was disbarred filing a fraudulent deed on my home and for mortgage fraud; his notary was revoked for fraud in violation of NYS EXEC LAW 130; I testified for the STATE of NY against Posner. Mr. Cuomo is requested to urgently address the fraud sequelae for which he is federally funded due to our STATE mortgage crisis.
My statements are supported by whistleblower Christine Anderson of the DDC, who testified at the Senate Ethics hearing. The now disbarred Posner,still committing fraud as a title AGENT. There is NO oversight of title agencies in NYS which allows the fraud to be perpetrated. Nick Spano and Anthony Mangone are partners in one of the title agencies involved in my case. Mangone,my prior attorney was indicted for EXTORTION and BRIBERY with the City of Yonkers, also defendants in my RICO action. Mr. Cuomo is requested to come forward to assist me as a VICTIM in this scheme to defraud me of my home that used EXTORTION, verbal and physical threats, and conversion on me that is so egregious, a federal investigation should be orderd by Mr. Cuomo. I ask for an immediate conference to address remedy if Mr, Cuomo is seerious to stamp out corruption. I am a doctor and was rendered HOMELESS while on chemotherapy due to this FRAUD that now took the turn that unless I sign over my home, Posner and company, facilitated by the WEstchester involved judges (defendants) that I will never see my mom again. EXTORTION has been ongoing with absolute disregard to any federal law or justice. The interference has now caused TAMPERING with federal transcritpts and documents which required a federal investigation. ALL names of judges were improperly CHANGES, mortgage fraud was changed to mariage fraud, and egregious statments were added that were never stated and that will result in intentional irreparable harm. The title agencies involved are extremely powerful with NO NYS oversight. This is a license for THEFT in the courts involving wills, divorces, and other matters. Mr. Cuomo, kindly meet with me in chambers to resolve this four year scam that has now escalagted to egreous wire fraud and mail fraud superim0posed on additional mortgage fraud increasing with lack of action. I thank you for your assistence for myself, the at least fifteen victims I discovered alone, and for others I already sent you notice of . Thank you.
Dr. Bobrowsky, fraud victim, disabled, requesting immediate in person

T Finnan said...

Dr. Bobrowsky, Cuomo is the problem; would you ask the devil to end evil? I've copied my earlier post here in which I reference my Federal action in which Cuomo defended the crooked judge. Criminal charges were filed with Cuomo against the judge and other parties in my federal action, but Cuomo is the reason this evil flourishes in our courts.
But take heart, the People are disgusted with these scum and elections matter.
Prior post: Let's judge on what they do and not on what they say.
In example, we have Bill Owens, now representing NY-23 in Congress. As his law firm's managing partner, he was knowledgeable and approved of the corruption of his firm in co-acting with Judge Kevin K. Ryan with a Kangaroo court where the only Notice to Terence Finnan was a call into the cardiac intensive care at CVPH Hospital which asked Terence Finnan to check out and come to court that same morning. No calls are ever relayed into cardiac intensive care and Judge Kevin K. Ryan knew his call was never received by Terence Finnan. Terence Finnan was defribrillated five times and had multiple heart surgeries.
Decent people know this is corrupt. But Bill Owens, Managing Partner, saw opportunity and encouraged that same client with other perjury and fraud which ripped off up to $200,000 from government and college programs. Of course, using perjury and fraud, corrupt judge buddies, and submitting perjured federal papers was profitable to Bill Owens' law firm. In an affidavit, a partial legal fee of $447,000.00 was acknowledged from that client.
Voters might be happy to know, Bill Owens brings home the bacon, but for whom, besides his cronies?

note: this is a part of action 08-5977-cv in Federal Second Circuit.

Anonymous said...

So tell me what little Andy Cuomo has done to stop corruption in New York and the answer is - NOTHING!!! This meatball has some set of balls!!! He is running against himself!!! Whoever the Republicans put up better be a contender or everyone will know the fix is in by Uncle Al!!!

Anonymous said...

Cuomo protects his criminal friends, in particurlar those using the courts as a pedophilia and child porn ring. Right Andy as long as your friends are involving in the racketerring of selling children for sexual abuse in child custody cases you won't investigate.

Anonymous said...

To Finan,
from my experience, you may have had someone sick that judge on you, someone who hates and uses everyone they know to harm you, you may not get justice, once they start and commit illegal acts they have to perpetuate it, to protect each other.......figure out who that person is, they are evil, and stop them from ever harming anyone do you do that, figure out their schemes/scams and turn them in, trust me people like that are absolute low lifes and there are good Christians that will take them down!

Anonymous said...

To Finan,
from my experience, you may have had someone sick that judge on you, someone who hates and uses everyone they know to harm you, you may not get justice, once they start and commit illegal acts they have to perpetuate it, to protect each other.......figure out who that person is, they are evil, and stop them from ever harming anyone do you do that, figure out their schemes/scams and turn them in, trust me people like that are absolute low lifes and there are good Christians that will take them down!

Anonymous said...

heres you clues,
somone who knows that judge
someone who know you were in hospital
someone who knows you had legal issues.........
someone who hates

knock them dead T Finan!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

If Mr. Coumo is really serious about cleaning up the corruption in New York, he should start right in New York City. He should call for an investigation of why Justice Lippman gave "special permission" for Justice Charles Ramos to be the PAID EXECUTIVE of Herbert Weissber'g's Estate months before he died in July of 2003 when he had never been named an Executor before in my Weissberg's previous wills and long after Mr. WEisseerg could no longer speak or write or understand complex matters due to Aphasia and Dementia The Paid Executive of a very complicated Estate (Mr. Weissberg was the owner of the Gramercy Park Hotel) allowed Justice Ramos to make HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS and spend hundreds of hours working on this coplex EState while the good people of New York were paying his salary. So, do Judges really need a raise? How many other judges have "SPECIAL PERMISSION" to make serious money "on the side" while the NY Taxpayer pays them to do the people's work and not spend the people's time enriching themselves?
The Weissberg case and Judge Ramos's part in it has raised very serious questions on this very website for years. Frank Brady himself has contacted Mr. Coumo about this case. Now is the time for Mr. Coumo to show New Yorkers he is serious about cleaning up corruption He should start in his own back yard before he takes on Albany. The Lipipman/Rampos/Weissberg case would be a great place to show New Yorkers he will be on their side. There is certainly no oversight or protection in place for Heis who become Victims of the worst abuses of Power and Greed. Heirs in this case have been silenced with "sign offs" that protect Judge Ramos. They have no Voice but Andrew Coumo, you can stand up and stop the Abuse Of Heirs in NEw York.Abused Heirs will come out of the woodwork and be beyond thrilled that a man like you, a man of power, will become their voice! I'm routing for you!

So It's No Fed Monitor said...

No Federal Monitor

the idea has been absorbed into the Cuomo campaign..

and so far, they don't enforce the laws that are already on the books...

Should we be impressed?

or is it...

Sianara New York...?

Anonymous said...

Kinda funny,

they take your ideas for the popularity.. but do nothing to help the situations..

Personally, I think, I and we, should have been paid for the consulting...

We've been Pimped... LOL

Anonymous said...

What happened to the complaint counter?

Where did it go?



Anonymous said...

From Wikipedia, found at - Early life, education and career Andrew Cuomo was born in Queens, New York, the elder son of Mario Cuomo, the first Italian American to be elected Governor of New York and his Sephardic Jewish wife Matilda Raffa, daughter of Charlie Raffa (See Jewish Genealogy in Sicily at He is the older brother of ABC News journalist Chris Cuomo.

During the administration of former New York City Mayor David Dinkins, Cuomo served as Chairman of the New York City Homeless Commission, which was charged with developing policies to address the homeless issue in the city and to develop more housing options.

Cuomo, as HUD Secretary holding a press conference with then Treasury Secretary Larry SummersAndrew Cuomo was appointed to the Department of Housing and Urban Development as Assistant Secretary in 1993, as a member of President Bill Clinton's administration. After the departure of Secretary Henry Cisneros at the end of Clinton's first term under the cloud of an FBI investigation, Cuomo succeeded him as HUD Secretary in January 1997 after being unanimously confirmed by the Senate, serving until 2001 when Clinton's administration ended. In 1998, Cuomo's lauded work in the department garnered speculation that he could challenge Senator Al D'Amato but he ultimately declined, saying that he had more things to revamp in the Department. Instead, Congressman Charles Schumer won the Democratic nomination and ultimately defeated D'Amato. Cuomo was also mentioned as a candidate for U.S. Senator in 2000 but deferred to First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton.

During Cuomo's tenure as HUD Secretary, he called for an increase in home ownership.[4] He also pushed government-sponsored lenders Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to buy more home loans issued to poor homeowners, in an attempt to end discrimination against minorities.[5] Some believe that this helped lead to the current subprime mortgage crisis.[4][5][6] Edward J. Pinto, former chief credit officer at Fannie Mae, said "they should have known the risks were large. Cuomo was pushing mortgage bankers to make loans and basically saying you have to offer a loan to everybody."[4] But others disagree with the assesment that Cuomo caused the crisis. Dean Baker, co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research, said Cuomo "was a contributor in terms of him being a cheerleader, but I don't think we can pin too much blame on him."[4]

In other words, apparently this man Andrew Cuomo caused the entire financial crisis/great depression this country is facing now.

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