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Friday, June 25, 2010

Ethics Lawyer Who Dated Firm Legal Assistant, Dies; Worked For Kaye

Steven Krane, Ex-Leader of New York State Bar, Dies at 53
The New York Times by BRUCE WEBER - June 25, 2010

Steven C. Krane, who was the youngest president of the New York State Bar Association and an expert on legal ethics, died on Tuesday in Manhattan. He was 53 and had homes in Manhattan and Pound Ridge, N.Y. The cause was a heart attack, said David A. Lewis, a lawyer at the firm Proskauer Rose, where Mr. Krane was a partner and general counsel. Mr. Krane, a past chairman of the American Bar Association’s Standing Committee on Ethics and Professional Responsibility, concentrated on representing lawyers and law firms in matters of professional liability and providing counsel on issues of client-lawyer privilege, a lawyer’s duties to clients, conflicts of interest and other areas where propriety can be ambiguous. He taught legal ethics at Columbia Law School, and as the chairman of the state bar association’s Committee on Standards of Attorney Conduct, he was instrumental in updating the rules regulating lawyers’ conduct. The reformulated rules, which brought the New York bar into closer alignment with that of other states, went into effect in 2009. They included changes made necessary by new technology. The previous code, for example, did not address an occasion in which a lawyer inadvertently sends an e-mail to opposing counsel that discloses proprietary information. Is the lawyer who receives the e-mail required to disclose that he has received it? Is he then required to return it or destroy it? Is he permitted to use the information in it? The new rules make clear that the lawyer who receives the e-mail must notify the sender but that he is not responsible for any further remedial action. Steven Charles Krane was born in Far Rockaway, Queens, on Jan. 20, 1957, and he grew up in Hewlett, on Long Island. His father, Harry, worked for the New York City school system. He graduated from Stony Brook University, and New York University School of Law. He joined Proskauer in 1981 and was made a partner in 1989. From 1984-85, he was clerk to former Chief Judge Judith S. Kaye, then an associate judge on the state court of appeals. Mr. Krane was elected president of the state bar association in 2001, when he was 44. In the post, he coordinated the efforts of lawyers to provide legal help to the families of those killed or injured in the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, and he established a program providing grants to help public-interest lawyers repay their law school loans. Mr. Krane is survived by his father, who lives in Boynton Beach, Fla.; a sister, Margery Kashman, of Woodmere, N.Y.; his wife, Faith, whom he met when she was a legal assistant at Proskauer and married in 1983; a daughter, Elizabeth; and a son, Cameron.


Laughing said...

He worked for Kaye?
Say no more.
He was an 'ethics lawyer' in New York?
Say no more.

I know lawyers who were bangin' whatever they could get their hands on, AND THEY GOT IN TROUBLE WITH THE ETHICS COMMITTEES.

Shouldn't the rules apply to everyone equally?

Not Laughing said...

The big law firms own the ethics committees, plain and simple. It's all a joke.

Anonymous said...

Krane spoke with a forked tongue, he had the ethics of an drunken cockroach! Oh, and believe me he was protected like no one would ever believe.

Anonymous said...

The headline should read UNETHICAL LAWYER DIES! And the post (6-25 9:49) about the big white shoe law firms owning the ethics committees is spot on! This is one of the ways they are able to control and fix things!

Eliot Bernstein said...

Steven C. Krane sued before his untimely but fortunate death in a Trillion Dollar Fed RICO & ANTITRUST suit that Fed Judge Shira Scheindlin legally related to a NY Supreme Court Staff Attorney, Christine C. Anderson’s Whistleblower suit. Krane caught aiding & abetting his law firm Proskauer & Partner Kenneth Rubenstein (patent evaluator for MPEGLA LLC) by violating his public ethics office positions to derail attorney complaints against Proskauer & Rubenstein, concealing conflicts until busted by Catherine O’Hagan Wolfe, Clerk of the First Dept at the time. Anderson claimed in open federal court before Scheindlin & the NY Judiciary Committee that the ethics dept Krane was a senior officer of, had been whitewashing & obstructing justice for complaints against US Attorneys, DA's, ADA's & "favored lawyers & law firms."
Princess Andrew "Silverspoon" Cuomo there in the Anderson courtroom, illegally defending state defendants the Whistleblower was accusing, failing, and obstructing, his official duties to the People of NY to investigate dirty rotten public officials and preventing prosecution instead. Cuomo conflicted due to his representation of state defendants personally & professionally, conflicting his duty to investigate. Defenses all expenses paid on NY Broke Taxpayer $$, in effect NY residents paying legal defenses of corrupt public officials & paying the tax funded prosecutors to defend them from prosecution? I thought New Yawhkers were smarter.
Krane, clerked for Judge Judith "Judenraut" Kaye, former Chief Judge of NY & defendant in the RICO, along with Cuomo & NY Supreme Court Judges. Krane is the man responsible for lowering ethical standards in NY for lawyers, opening the floodgates for crooked lawyers, judges, & politicians to fleece the People of NY. The First Dept where Krane held many ethics titles is the Dept responsible for oversight of WallStreet lawyers, wonder what happened to regulations & regulators, Krane disabled them. The highest office in NY law, the NY Supreme Court Appellate Division First Dept Disciplinary, the last stop to protect the people from corrupt lawyers, judges, regulators, politicians, has a “CLEANER” according to Anderson, Naomi Goldstein, who cleans complaints against dirty rotten lawyers, law firms, US Attorney’s, DA’s & ADA’s.
Krane’s fortunate death was welcomed in this regard, along with Judy Judenraut’s husband’s death Stephen Kaye, another Proskauer partner who will NOT be missed, & the country will be just a bit safer without him. Funny how Kaye while stroking her criminal counterpart in eulogy forgot to mention that Proskauer Partner Thomas Sjoblom was found in a Miami airport teaching Allen Stanford employees how to lie to FBI & SEC investigators. Sjoblom a former SEC regulator has resigned, along with the early departure of Christopher Wheeler of Proskauer. Proskauer’s house of crap crumbles, Kaye once claimed from the bench “Proskauer was the in firm”, her husband’s firm, really she should have said hot, as in the place is on fire, hell. Hope they all open their new office windows & jump to early death. Judy’s house of crime dead in the water, may she kill herself for all the pain & suffering she has caused the great People of NY. Desperate to hold it off, the snowball an avalanche, gathers moss, bring it on be-atch.
Eulogy for Krane
Now must get busy fixing everything Krane changed about ethics that have led to the ruins of this country. Perhaps we can rewrite the ethics & laws Krane & Kaye changed to try to make their crimes legal, themselves above the law with the corpses blood & he was a gluttonous one. (see pictures of Krane as grows gluttonous until his eventual popping.

Anonymous said...

Geez, Bernstein...not diagreeing with aything you say, but you may want to tone it down a bit. You don't want a band of U.S. Marshals knocking on your door or buttonholing you again...;)

Anonymous said...


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