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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Judge Fired, Confused by "Innocent Until Proven Guilty" Thing

Judge Fired for Being Confused by That Whole "Innocent Until Proven Guilty" Thing
By The Associated Press - June 28, 2010

ATLANTA - The Georgia Supreme Court has permanently removed a suspended Twiggs County Probate Court Judge from office and barred him from ever holding judicial office again in the state. The court ruled on Monday that Judge Kenneth E. Fowler showed he was unwilling to live up to his legal and ethical responsibilities. The Judicial Qualifications Commission conducted an investigation and found Fowler had violated several judicial canons, such as by telling criminal defendants they had to prove their innocence. The commission also said Fowler allowed criminal defendants the option to buy out of community service, then put the proceeds into a bank account he controlled. Fowler, who was suspended in May, is not a lawyer. His attorney, Jon Helton, did not immediately return a telephone call seeking comment.


Anonymous said...

Yup, another confused judge. Lovely.

Anonymous said...

Areal Judge who's not an attorney? How did that happen? He did all these things without an attorney? Don't buy that! Didn't the attorneys control this situation well?

Anonymous said...

The judge was 'confused' ? If you really think about it the judge was right - in this country you ARE guilty until proven innocent.

couple of years ago I was being questioned for jury service. I knew I had no chance of being selected, nor did I want or did not want to be selected. Other than being rejected, I could have cared less.

So I get my chance when asked can I presume the defendant is innocent until proven guilty.

I told the lawyer that with all apologies to Her Honor, the statement the judge made about a person being presumed innocent is nonsense. It is just something the law forces the judge to say. If the guy was presumed innocent he wouldn't be sitting in the chair fighting for his freedom.

we just love to massage ourselves with the notion there is justice.

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