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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Corrupt Ethics Attorney Sherry K. Cohen Departing, Finally

Sherry Kruger Cohen, the corrupt Deputy Chief Counsel of the Appellate Division, First Department Attorney Departmental Disciplinary Committee (the "DDC") has agreed to take the state-offered buy-out. Mrs. Cohen, a graduate of Hofstra University Law School, will leave her post at the 61 Broadway state offices at the end of the year.


Wall Street Attorney said...

Someone should suggest a presidential stimulus package for the Wall Street bars and liquor stores. After Sherry leaves the DDC, there will be a dramatic hit on the liquor business.

Sherry Cohen Victim said...

This corrupt, mean-spirited bitch should rot in hell for her illegal actions. Whoever you God is, Sherry, you should be frozen with fear!

Anonymous said...

Holy crap. Can you imagine the drinking that'll be going on when the Sherry leaves the DDC. First, everyone who works there will have a party that'll last for days. Also, Sherry won't be bothered with destroying and creating evidence anymore, she'll be drinking more than ever, if that's even possible.

Is anyone taking a collection. Let's send her a few hundred cases of booze. Or instead of a gold watch, how about golden handcuffs.

Quietly Smiling said...

Ah, the departure of the "cleaner" is oh so interesting. Think she'll wind up at the First Department Court in some capacity?

Anonymous said...

Why is she waiting for the end of the year, so they can find some other corrupt corner to put her in?

Anonymous said...

Why would the state offer any buy they did those corrupt banks & corporations.....
No money for Cohen, she did the dirty deeds, she has gotten caught and paybacks are a bitch!

Anonymous said...

let those lawyers & law firms she covered up for pay her a "consultant fee" !!!!!

Anonymous said...

let those lawyers & law firms she covered up for pay her a "consultant fee" !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Sherry, hic up, hic up..Did Allen Isaac find you another position somewhere else?..maybe at the DA's Office next to ADA Lisa Friel!!!

Is Naomi Goldstein going anywhere?..Is she still at the DDC? I'm sure she's going to be promoted Chief Counsel soon!!

Good bye and good riddens Sherry Cohen...have you confirred with your pal Allen Isaac about your departing plans??????

Maybe!!!! said...

TaTa Sherry..don't let the door hit you in the arzzzzzzzz!!!!! Btw,don't forget to bring the rest of the thugs along with you...I hope and pray the Feds grab all of you while you're walking out the door!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Where are the beefy exhibits Frank E Baby? Anyone got beef with my hero Scheindlin for what she already did for you all by having Anderson sing death lullaby to Cahill, Sherry, AG Cuomo, Spookany, etc. must take it up with me, her soon to be Supreme Court chauffeur. You never know what gun is put to the head of those who do the right thing immediately after and what it may cause them to do after, like gun to granddaughter head can be swaying to some but you can never forget that pristine moment of heroism. You must worship it forever, despite what the future holds. Now be prepared in that scenario of Scheindlin acting off to fire off complaints against her if she does not follow the law but file them with love and pain, as I do with Catherine Wolfe and others. To all those waiting for her, stop and do something bold with what is already before you, be proactive stop waiting for Frank or Shira or Cuomo, fire off some criminal complaints against all those Anderson fingered with everybody, the more the merrier.
And to those most unethical ethics officers who have cast an evil upon this land filled with pain and suffering and death, take comfort that I, Eliot and I A-m That I A-m have a special place for you in hell. I personally will be your eternal tour guide, if you think my writing is long wait until you hear my voice eternally damning you, 24.7.Eternally. Ask Cahill if his soul has been sucked from his being, ask him my name and you will see fear.
Sherry K. Cohen, I already have sucked the lifeblood from your soul. Remember me in Scheindlin's court, the devilish looking angel that your eyes were fixated upon? Your breath sucked dry, as I sat directly in front of your lying and evil soulless body, remember the conversation that only you could hear? I already hear your prayers, your whiney begging and know they will not be answered as that conversation was had, the jury out. This sentence will be long, slow and eternally painful, you will pray more and more for swift death but the beginning is now, death will not help, it is when the fun with you really begins.
Your Travel Guide to Hell
Bat Out of Hell
Mad Inventor
Eliot Ivan Bernstein

Tax payer said...

The first time I saw Sherry K. Cohen the mental image was of her is the uniform of an SS Nazi guard.
Her subsequent appearances have not dissuade me of this representation. How much did her continued silence cost the 1st DEPT. aka the NYS Illegal System?
How much of the taxpapers money did the dirtbags spend?

Anonymous said...

Who are the other half dozen or so staff members leaving DDC?

Dancing in the STREET said...

Sherry: I was able to sit through some of Christine Anderson's trial. I saw you batting your eyelashes at the Jury, while you were lying through your teeth. Oh come now, do you think the jury believed your pack of lies!!!

Wow, Cahill and Spokony/the dastardly duo made total fools of themselves. Lies, Lies and more Lies!!!!!!PLEEZZZZZZ

Anderson and the rest of the related cases with get the just dessert soon..JUSTICE...the truth is finally coming to fruition!!!! He who laughs last, laughs BEST!!!!!! HAHAHAHA.........

Anonymous said...

Sherry Cohen you shall reap what you have sowed. Good luck babe.

Anonymous said...

The Effects of Institutional Racism on Minority-Led Law Practices in New York City

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1. Employees were allowed to plunder and steal company intellectual property, clients, disrespect minority business owners openly, steal from them, and directly compete with them WHILE working for them at times, with complete and total impunity and immunity, as complaints to the New York Department of Labor and the New York Disciplinary Committee to regulate Attorney Misconduct would go completely unsupported, unanswered, or ignored - in effect their behaviors were encouraged by this inaction;

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4. Defamation against the minority business owner was encouraged on both the internet and in public discourse in professional lawyer groups, and rumor mongering about the minority business owner and their law firm was spread like wild-fire (eg, they charged too much, inflated their fees, was incompetent, was a mean and nasty boss, was unethical, etc);

5. Fee Disputes were ALWAYS resolved AGAINST the minority business owner by the NYCLA Fee Dispute Committee, or the New York Civil Courts, in the tens of thousands of dollars, even if the minority owned business always had properly signed, executed, and clear retainer agreement contracts, as well as a detailed hourly billing invoices, huge fat files full of productive legal work, and more often than not, successful outcomes to very difficult cases.

The list is endless. Failure is a certainty. The lesson - if you are a minority lawyer - don't even THINK about starting up a law firm in Manhattan - you will be destroyed by the heavily institutionalized racism permeating the DDC, the DOL, and any other agencies charged with safeguarding both you and your law practice from dishonest parasites and vultures.

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