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Saturday, September 18, 2010

It Pays to Have a Clown as a Lawyer

Judge's 'clown' crack wins carjacker new trial
The New York Post by JEREMY OLSHAN and KIRSTAN CONLEY - September 17, 2010

It pays to have a "clown" for a defense attorney. A convicted carjacker will get a new trial thanks to the big-mouthed Bronx judge who called his lawyer a bozo, an appellate court ruled this week. The panel of appellate judges did not dispute the evidence against Damian Leggett, who attempted to steal a driver's car at gunpoint. But they said Bronx Supreme Court Judge Robert Neary's constant insults of court-appointed defense lawyer Howard Levine deprived Leggett of a fair trial. The panel called the way in which Neary denied Levine's objections particularly "egregious." During the prosecutor's summation, the judge snapped at Levine: "Would you behave like a professional, please, and not a clown?" Such criticism should have been made at sidebar, not in front of jurors, the panel wrote. Asked to respond, Neary, a former prosecutor, said "I can't comment on an appellate case. It wouldn't be appropriate."


A Pox On Them All said...

The judge is just the foil for the lawyer clown. The whole court is the joke, except real people are the victims. Was the judge fearful that the jury might not convict? Power corrupts. And the Bozos on and off the bench are not just clowns, but sucking leeches on justice and the public tax dollar.

Asking said...

Did the judge refer the lawyer to the ethics committee? Did the lawyer refer the judge to the judicial ethics committee? Did the appellate court refer the lawyer and the judge to the attorney and judicial committees?

Anonymous said...

From Eliot's facebook page,
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William Galison Elliot, that is ridiculous, You have my message to Candace, If there is anything threatening about it:
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Candace and I had a lovely talk, and she told me that you had asked Frank to take down the personal conversation you posted. That was before you implied that I am somehow linked with the CFR, Skull and Bones and Proskauer Rose.
In response, I called you a jerk, which under the circumstances was pretty discreet. Feel free to call me a jerk anytime, especially if I make bizarre, baseless, paranoid remarks about you on a blog.
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Anonymous said...

Rumor has it the defendant did notify the BBC
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