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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Federal Ethics Panel Sets Monday Hearing for New Yorker

Ethics panel sets Monday hearing for Rangel
The Washington Times by David Sands - November 12, 2010

A House panel has set a Monday morning date to hear the ethics case against New York Democratic Rep. Charles B. Rangel, former chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee and long one of the most influential black lawmakers in Congress. The 9 a.m. Monday session announced by the Committee on Standards of Official Conduct will come on the first day lawmakers arrive back in Washington to begin the lame-duck legislative session following the November mid-term elections. Mr. Rangel, who easily won re-election in his Harlem district to a 21st term Nov. 2, has insisted he is innocent of the charges and has rejected offers to settle the charges. The ethics case — and one still pending against another top black Democratic lawmaker, Rep. Maxine Waters of California — proved an embarrassment to the party in an election where congressional Democrats suffered heavy losses. Committee Chairwoman Rep. Zoe Lofgren, California Democrat, announced last month that hearings into the two cases would be held during the lame-duck session. Mr. Rangel, who recently fired the attorneys representing him and could defend himself at Monday's hearing, is accused of 13 violations of congressional ethics, including failing to disclose at least $600,000 in assets and income in a series of inaccurate financial-disclosure reports to Congress and using a rent-subsidized New York apartment for a campaign office, when it was designated for residential use. The hearing could reportedly last several days. Mrs. Waters' case, relating to charges she improperly aided a bank with ties to her husband, is tentatively scheduled to start Nov. 29.


proudless said...

Between the schmucks that make Albany dirtier that it already is, and this ethics-less muck Rangel, I am completely disgusted with our public servants. They only serve their own bank accounts, that's it.

Hell's Journal said...

MLK is moaning, "They sold us out for how many pieces of silver" and has rolled over in his grave into a fetal position. What have NY black leaders, Rangel, Sampson, Adams, Smith, etc. done for blacks since the 60s; they've enriched themselves. The Plantation's White owners have been replaced by the new black Poverty Over-Lords. Simon Legree now has a black mask and his whips replaced by the multiple scourges of thieving Black Over-Lords stuffing in their underwear,freezers, and AEG stashes, the lucre they extort for selling out. They lack even the remorse of a Judas, who hanged himself.

Anonymous said...

Is Charlie charging admission for those attending the hearing?!?!

This mutt Rangel probably charged his mother for giving birth to him.

Once Charlie gets the boot, he should go to England where he can be regarded as royalty

Anonymous said...

84731 Скачать Носители :-]

Anonymous said...

Leave the brother alone.....go after the real thieves everywhere.....THE LAWYERS!

Anonymous said...

To 12:10:

Charles Rangel is a lawyer.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if Charles Rangel is a lawyer or not...that is irrelevant since he has a right to due process. Due process is repeatedly violated daily by the lawyers (officers of the court) and the system on a daily basis.

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