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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Future Lawyers Study Sex Scandals for Committee on Character and Fitness

Brooklyn Law School furious over steamy photo shoot
The New York Post by Kevin Fasick and Dan Mangan - Nobember 13, 2010

There oughta be a law -- against being this naughty.

Brooklyn Law School officials rented Diesel its library expecting a tasteful photo shoot for a jeans ad -- but what they got was a steamy display of writhing young models in skimpy lingerie grinding against books and computers. "It's gross. I work on those computers every day!" fumed a female student, referring to a shot showing two bra- and panty-clad women climbing over the machines toward an open-mouthed man. "Ugh. The library fantasies are now relentless." Red-faced school officials said they were duped by Diesel. "We are as shocked and mortified as you must be by these photographs," interim dean Michael Gerber wrote in an e-mail yesterday to students, faculty and staff. "When the school gave its permission to do the shoot, the school was assured that the photos would be in good taste. They are not." And how.

The frisky photos, shot last spring, show off the hot bodies of male and female models as they prowl around the library's floors, tables and bookshelves -- while wearing tight-fitting panties bearing various seductive messages. In one shot, a woman crouches over a man lying facedown on a desk covered with legal tomes, with the rear of her pink panties bearing the words, "Today I am your school teacher." His gray undies answer, "Tonight I am your student." In another photo, a topless, bespectacled brunette bashfully bends over -- cupping her breasts with her hands -- while wearing black panties, thigh-high stockings, and high heels amid stacks of law books. "I thought the ad was disgusting," grimaced Jordan Hersch, 22, a first-year student. "For a law institution to have people in their underwear where we study and work is unbecoming of a law institution." Not only did the saucy snaps scandalize students and staff, they may also have been a breach of contract. All of the racy photos are showcased on Diesel's Web site, but it's unclear if they will be used in any ad materials. Brooklyn Law was paid an undisclosed fee by Diesel -- which had hired an ad company for the shoot -- for use of the library during spring break last March, a school spokeswoman said. The school previously has done such deals with TV and movie productions. "Our understanding was that they were going to be doing a shoot for jeans, not intimates," the spokeswoman said. But she admitted that Brooklyn Law events director Chris Gibbons was in attendance during the shoot, while the nearly nude models crawled all over the library's desks and each other. The spokeswoman said she did not know whether Gibbons shouted "Objection!" when the ladies got lewd in the library. Spokesmen for Diesel, an Italy-based apparel company, declined to comment yesterday. Some more broad-minded scholars at Brooklyn Law were laissez-faire about the ads. "I guess a lot of people are upset about it, but I saw the photos, and I thought they were kind of funny, because the library is such an unfunny place," said Margaret Garrett, 29, in her second year. But a fellow second-year student wasn't laughing. "I am embarrassed, and the faculty and administration are embarrassed," said the student, who requested anonymity. "They should have been more suspicious. How could they let this happen?"


Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to Catherine O'Hagan Wolfe and Sarah Jo Hamilton? Does anyone know?

Disgusted!! said...

!" fumed a female student, referring to a shot showing two bra- and panty-clad women climbing over the machines toward an open-mouthed man. "

Um..I wonder if the "open-mouthed man was ALlen H. Isaac..!!

dog walker said...

If you look closely at the pictures, you'll see Alan Friedberg sniffing around the backside of the male models.

hic said...

and sherry cohen sniffing around alan's hairy ars, with a bottle of vodka in hand of course. hic.

Anonymous said...

Did Allen Isaac get a job as a law librarian at Brooklyn Law School. Tell the students to wash their hands.

Themis unblinded said...

The oldest profession and the bar just sell different parts of a person's dignity. Law school provides this "invisibility cloak of ethics" which the students can believe they can hide under after graduation.

Anonymous said...

Lawyers behaving badly letting their hair down as well as other things! It makes them look bad, their real self is exposed, is this not beautiful?

Anonymous said...

We know that the "LAW" is about Sex and Screwing people --- this is no surprise

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