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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lippman Piddles on Citizens, Governor Cuomo and Justice

Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman needs to cut court system's budget before Gov. Cuomo does it for him
The New York Daily News - EDITORIAL - February 23, 2011

Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman's proposed budget would keep spending at pre-crisis levels.

As the man who must lead the state court system through a fiscal crisis, Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman needs to get a lot tighter with tax dollars. His proposed budget would keep right on spending at pre-crisis levels despite the $10 billion deficit Gov. Cuomo is scrambling to balance. Plus, Lippman allocates money for a new well-meaning program when New York can't afford the many well-meaning programs it already has. Lippman's spending plan falls short of the standard Cuomo set in the operations he controls: Each agency is required to chop spending from general tax revenues by a full 10%. Cuomo achieved the target in his own office. He also called for holding the line on big-ticket items like school aid and Medicaid. For the first time since 1996, overall outlays would go down, not up, as Cuomo lopped $3.7 billion off the top. Lippman, by contrast, has called for shaving a piddling $356,000 out of his $1.8 billion operating budget. Factor in soaring benefits costs for his employees, and total spending goes up by $50 million, or almost 2%. His claim that further cutting would grievously harm the court system does not wash. Not when his budget includes $25 million to give lawyers to the poor in civil cases - a service that New York, like most other states, has never offered before. Lippman makes a case that such funding is essential for a truly fair judicial system, but this is not the time to launch such a costly undertaking. This is the time for all public officials to find ways to do more with less - Lippman included. The best way for him to guard the cherished independence of his court system is to sharpen his budget scalpel and trim away. Otherwise, Cuomo and the Legislature will have to do it for him.


No More Silver, No More Lippman said...

Governor Cuomo: Cut the court budget, but first cut Lippman and Silver from their corrupt gravy train.


All of the OCA criminals having been doing worse than just piddling on justice and the people of New York. There are HONEST people in OCA who would be delighted to show the way to restore justice in NY's justice system, and to assist in holding those corrupt people fully accountable. Just ask us, Governor Cuomo.

Anonymous said...

He has been running a 2.5 billion dollar criminal enterprise. He answers to no one but Shelton Silver. GET RID OF LIPPMAN.

Anonymous said...

The Daily News wakes up and finds something is wrong with Lippman. How much do they pay those halfwits they call reporters, if they haven't discovered the reports on this site?
Does Cuomo know Lippman is a crook? Or is poor Andrew, just the dimwitted son of the living Saint, Mario, and was oblivious to all the corruption by Lippman and the NY courts' systems, which were handled when he was AG?
Andrew's heart was pure, but his head was empty?

Anonymous said...

Is this blog also on Facebook and Twitter?

It seems that those sites are able to help in getting the other arrogant despots in the middle east ousted.

Maybe if the rumbling of the masses were occurring a little closer to home, they might start to get the picture.

Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Oh my. He sounds like such a fine fella. A model judge. Thank goodness our civilized society looks to such corrupted scum to adjudge law and order.

Salute to Shelly said...

Lippman's been pissing on people for years. But his actions are but a drizzle compared to the full stream of what Shelly Silver has been showering on the innocent people of New York.

court victim said...

Screw the feds! They have the nerve to say don't post correspondence! What have the feds done for the victims? Screw them the same way they have screwed us! Post everything including all their home addresses and phone numbers! Don't tell me that the feds haven't known all about Jonathan Lippman and what have they ever done? ZIPPO! We have all filed complaints and they are covered up. So screw them all!

pushing 80 said...

The time for change has come. The time for change is long-overdue. Governor Andrew Cuomo can make the needed changes. He's the only one with the balls to make the needed changes. The New York court system has required sweeping changes for longer than I'm alive.

Anonymous said...

So when is this press release coming. Today apparently?

Anonymous said...

Ok its 12:49 pm 03/01/2011

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