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Thursday, February 24, 2011

New York Post Editorial: Why Everyone Hates Lawyers

Why everyone hates lawyers
The New York Post - EDITORIAL - February 18, 2011

Talk about entitled. Bergen County's own Tova Gerson -- with the help of her lawyer dad -- this week actually sued a department store for $5 million after (she claimed) it ripped her off for all of 80 cents. The New Jersey housewife used a $5-off coupon at a Century 21 outlet in Paramus last month. When she returned an $18 outfit a week later, she got a prorated refund -- 80 cents less than the sticker price, to account for the coupon discount. So she filed suit, insanely claiming that Century 21 "unjustly enriched" itself by giving her back exactly what she paid. Unjust enrichment? Gerson sought a return of about 625 million percent on her "lost" 80 cents. That was before the story went viral, and her lawyer-father, Harry Katz of Long Island, withdrew the suit. Earlier, the duo sued Modell's Sporting Goods in a similar circumstance; Katz himself has sued three other retailers. They should be ashamed -- if the word appears in the family vocabulary. So maybe the next time they appear before the bench, the judge should cite them both for tortious frivolity -- and drop a big fat fine on their heads. No coupons accepted.


disgusted said...

Harry Katz needs to have his law license yanked. And, unfortunately, that'll depend on who he knows, can pay off, or who he can suck up to. This is a good example of looking for a quick settlement, usually from insurance companies or a municipality, as a way of winning a lottery prize.

Anonymous said...

This nut and his daughter are fine examples of what's wrong with our society.

Anonymous said...

Before you jump to conclusions.

If you read what the complaint was, she seems to have been correct.

She had a coupon which gave her $5.00 off a $50.00 purchase. She purchased over $100.00 worth of merchandise and returned one item which was a couple of dollars.

The store did not give her the full amount, but pro rated the coupon value and gave her only partial credit.

She complied with the terms of the coupon, but the store did not.

The store apparently does this to everyone. They are making a lot of money doing this.

They are ripping off all their customers, she just called them on this.

While she could have just gone to Consumer Complaints, she chose to bring this practice to light. While it does seem ridiculous, she was attempting to protect all consumers.

I think everyone here is in court for two reasons. First, what happened to them, and second, to stop it from happening to anyone else.

This woman has been maligned unfairly. She should have been commended for the scam she was trying to expose.

Anonymous said...

I agree with 10:06am.... keep in mind that a lot of the gripes are about principles being dumped on. Maybe the Daily News should realize that while people don't like lawyers, it's abuse OF ANY KIND that people really dislike.

Justice for all said...

Imagine these nice lawyers are only doing this for the common people. Thanks, but no thanks; we'd rather you just move to Libya today and tell them you're there to help them.

Anonymous said...

The putz Harry Katz needs have his law ticket punched. Where are the all the other slugs read lawyers who know this putz? He's been doing this for years and getting away with it, so no one ever turned him in? Must be the other lawyer/slugs are doing the same thing and getting away with it. Harry Katz is now teaching his daughter! Isn't that great likefather , like daughter a family tradition. Just wait till daddy's little girl goes to law school!

Anonymous said...

People don't like lawyers because they lie! No one can trust them! Now tell me what part of that don't you understand!

Anonymous said...

Lawyers are all the same. I've never met a lawyer that I could trust.

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