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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Crooked Hacks to Run for the Exits

Gov delivers 'robust' ethics reform
The New York Post by Fredric U. Dicker  -  June 4, 2011

ALBANY, NY — Gov. Cuomo and leaders of the scandal-scarred Legislature agreed on a sweeping ethics-reform package late yesterday that will at long last force lawmakers to publicly disclose their outside incomes and name clients they represent before the state.  The dramatic reform package -- called the "Clean Up Albany Act of 2011" -- creates an independent Joint Commission on Public Ethics with "robust enforcement powers" to investigate both the executive and legislative branches of government.  "This bill is the tough and aggressive approach we need. It provides for disclosure of outside income by lawmakers, creates a true independent monitor to investigate corruption, and spells out tough, new rules that lobbyists must follow," said Cuomo, who campaigned on a platform last fall that called for sweeping ethics reform.


Cuomo in the past has credited The Post for a series of exposes on corrupt practices in state government -- reports that helped build support for his calls for reform.  Until now, an embarrassingly weak Legislative Ethics Committee has overseen the conduct of state lawmakers, a long string of whom have been indicted and convicted of a wide range of crimes in recent years.  The new 14-member commission will oversee financial-disclosure requirements for state officials as well as regulate the state's $200 million-a-year lobbying activities.  Six commission members will be named by the Democratic governor with at least three coming from a "major political party" other than the governor's -- i.e., Republicans -- while the remaining eight will be named by the four leaders of the Legislature, with half being Democrats and half Republicans.  Insiders said the breakdown of the legislative appointees was a sticking point, as Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos (R-Nassau) insisted on a strong GOP presence.  The new law will require the 212 members of the Legislature to disclose the dollar amount of their outside income within narrowly described "bands" that leave little to the imagination.  The law, which becomes fully effective when a new Legislature is seated in 2013, will require disclosure of the names of a lawmaker's clients and/or customers doing business with the state, as well as the clients of the lawmaker's own firm that may be doing such business.  Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver (D-Manhattan) -- whose longtime involvement as a paid lawyer with a major personal-injury law firm, Weitz & Luxenberg, has stirred the ire of reformers -- said the new law would "strengthen our citizens' faith in their government and hold accountable those who betray the public trust."


Looking for the Feds said...

Too little. WAY TO LATE........

Anonymous said...

To easy Thier has to be loop holes
If thier were not loop holes Sampson and Silver would be strongly opposed to it. Maybe the money can go into the lawfirm directly instead of thier pockets.
This was way to easy
Gov got a lot of press which he loves. This is press release to show how good he is doing.

Anonymous said...

The law is effective 2013? What happened to the rest of 2011 and all of 2012?

This should give the crooks time enough to figure out a way to avoid the laws.

When in 2013 will it become effective - 12/31/13/

What is more sad is that Fred Dicker used to be one of the best political reporters in the NY Media. Now he is just another hack sucking up to Andrew.

John said...

If you could learn to freaking spell, it might have some impact on the degree of credibility we impart to your comments. Just a suggestion.

Anonymous said...

Oh, please.

Who out there actually believes that there is going to be anything that changes.

If the crooks were heading for the exits, Silver would be the first in line. Certainly doesn't look that way.

Remember the old adage: How do you know if a lawyer is lying? His lips are moving.

Rotten from the top down said...

Let's see who will pick the new hacks. Will Senator Samson and Shelly Silver pick new hacks or just recycle the old ones. Will repubs pick honest hacks to oppose the corrupt hacks of Samson and Silver? Here, have a sip of some of this Dicker Koolaide.
And Fred U.Dicker,Cuomo's Press pimp and shill, assures us that Cuomo will appoint the highest quality hacks. O glorious day, Prince Cuomo is replacing the old hacks with the new hacks. Have another sip of Dicker's Koolaide.

Anonymous said...

I was honestly waiting for Cuomo to end this session with THE BIGGEST REFORM,CHANGE, ETHICS,PAY TO PLAY, FRAUD, BLAH BLAH..BS. I am so disappointed.. 2 years from now is no longer meaningful.Coumo has cracked down on everyone teachers ,unions,middle Class Young, Old, but never the lawyer, judge,court, DA, ABA, mayor. WTF? New York is done let them all live here and fight amounst themselves.

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