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Monday, June 27, 2011

The First Priority Is Always The Lawyers' Bank Accounts

Divorce lawyers have reason to celebrate New York's legalization of gay marriage, too
The New York Daily News by Lukas I. Alpert  -  June 27, 2011

Same-sex couples aren't the only ones rejoicing over New York's legalization of gay marriage - divorce lawyers are also breaking out the champagne.  More marriages will ultimately mean more divorces - and in the short-term more prenuptial contracts to draw up, experts say. "We are certainly going to see a significant increase in business over the next decade," said Manhattan attorney Alton Abramowitz, who is also vice president of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers.  While he says a spike in divorce cases isn't likely to emerge for at least five years, a surge of couples seeking prenups is certain to come knocking on lawyers' doors.  "We will probably see a big increase in business right away with prenups," he said. "A lot of gay and lesbian couples have waited a long time and are older and have therefore accumulated greater levels of wealth."  The final passage late Friday of a bill legalizing same-sex marriage in New York is expected to be a boon for many industries that serve brides and grooms.  But while florists, cake-makers and wedding dress stores cater to visions of happily ever after, divorce attorneys are preparing for the dark side of marriage to emerge down the road.  "The real impact for us will come over the next decade," Abramowitz said. "Probably not over the first five years but after that. Marriages tend to begin experiencing stress after five to seven years."  He said divorce lawyers in states that have already legalized gay marriage have yet to see a spate of splits simply because the change has happened too recently.  As the city clerk's office prepares for a big influx of couples eager to wed, Abramowitz says many will be paying a visit to their lawyers' offices first.  Overall, he says the market for prenuptial agreements has grown dramatically in New York. "This has been a growth area with hetero couples for many of the same reasons," he said. "There has been huge wealth accumulated in New York due to Wall Street, and people are getting married later in life so they've had more time to earn."


Anonymous said...

Bring in the Feds!

Anonymous said...

obviously something had to be done for healthcare choices, tax reasons and estate issues but did they have to tell our children ......these people are MARRIED.......what happened to common law?

Anonymous said...

obviously something had to be done for healthcare choices, tax reasons and estate issues but did they have to tell our children ......these people are MARRIED.......what happened to common law?

Anonymous said...

common love act..something other than GAY MARRIAGE

Anonymous said...

Marriage in NYS is nothing more than a civil contract. That is the written law.

What is really interesting, is that there never was anything in the law that prevented two same sex people from getting married.

If you ever read any court decision that said it was prohibited, they never cited any law that prohibited it.

The law does say the age that people need to be to get married, and does prohibit certain types from marrying, like cousins.

But there is nothing that prohibits same-sex. There is also nothing that says who can get married.

The marriage and matrimonial laws are written very poorly. That's what helps these attorneys from making the whole matter even worse than it would be anyway.

My question is, since the state defines marriage as a civil contract, how is it that neither party is really aware of what the contract contains? When the state issues a license, they should advise the parties of what it is they are legally getting into, instead of waiting until the parties are in a distressed state to spring it on them?

Anonymous said...

Cuomo heart's desire was to further enrich his sleazy fellow lawyers.

Anonymous said...

other lawyers association`s, i think even the trial lawyers association was in favor of gay marriage. They saw it as an oppertunity for more clients. I was talking to a lawyer and his take on it was that being that N.y legal comunity was so large that it`s laws and court decisions would shape the rest of the country`s laws. I made the comment that what what he as saying that lobbyist groups that control n.y courts would make the laws. He responded money talks.

Anonymous said...

It's all about the money baby and don't forget it! If Andy son of Mario even thinks he's going to run for President, he can forgetaboutit!!!

Anonymous said...

heard it thru the Grapevine said: word in upstate is that several very wealthy members of this cause held out large amounts of cash that was divided up by the Pols and that there were deals that several GOP Senators would get to tap into the funds for re-election and more

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