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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Final Judicial Pay Panel Meeting Set for Tomorrow, Friday, August 26th

Final Judicial Pay Panel Meeting Set for Tomorrow
The New York Law Journal  -  August 25, 2011

The final meeting of the Commission on Judicial Compensation is set for tomorrow in Manhattan and is open to the public. The meeting begins at 10:30 a.m. in Hearing Room 510 at 25 Beaver St. The commission is expected to conclude the meeting with a vote by its seven members to recommend new pay levels for state judges over the four fiscal years beginning April 1, 2012. The judges have gone since 1999 without a salary increase. Those intending to attend the meeting must notify the commission no later than 8 p.m. today at
to gain security clearance to the building. The meeting will also be webcast at the same site.  Friday, August 26, 2011 - 10:30 a.m.  -  Hearing Room 510, 25 Beaver Street, Fifth Floor, New York, NY


Anonymous said...

Let the corrupt eat cake.....

oca employee said...

These meetings, make believe time for public comment and the hearings are a farce. The fix was in a long, long time ago. It's all a show. OCA just does what it wants. period.

Anonymous said...

Not only are they holding these meetings in the middle of summer while everyone is away (even the US Congress and the president are MIA), but they're doing this with an impending hurricane, so the few that are still around are busy with an impending natural disaster.

No wonder everyone wants to leave NY.

Anonymous said...

they put it up last night
during the summer on a friday
when many people are away on summer vacation

They should have not made any announcment at all.
What thry do not say is that 3 people on pannel are lawyers with cases in the n.y court system. The only woman on the pannel is with an orginization that gets money from lawyers. Thompson wants to keep judges happy in case he want to run for mayor again or some other elected office. He will loose again
What they should do is ask the 600 people the courts laid off if the judges need more money. Or ask the teacher that bloomberg wants to layoff if the judges need more money. One of the judges proved what he was overpayed by saying that he was not a Civil service worker. Truth is he is a civil service worker and he is also public servant. Also no one made him take that job or stay in that job. He either put his nane on the ballet or requested and got put on the bench. He is free to leave at any time he wants. He can take his great pension benifits and his medical package and leave. He insulted all public and civil servant workers with his comment.
Another wants to bring back the anual cost of living increases called COLA. Who do they think they are the CEO of a major corperation they are civil servant workers

Not a Sucka said...

This is Cuomo's responsibility. Will you be fooled by Cuomo's posturing and passing the blame? Who believes posting notice of the meeting the day before is honest government? These are Cuomo and Silver Hacks doing Cuomo and Silver's dirty work. Judges need a pay raise and you need to pay more taxes. You must thank God that Cuomo the Magnificent is acting in your interest as your Governor.

Anonymous said...

Who wnts to work for 10 yrs without a raise ?

Anonymous said...

Who wnts to work for 10 yrs without a raise ?

Well, let's start with someone who is unemployed and is not getting paid anything.

Or, how about people who can only find part-time work.

What about people who are making minimum wage?

Let's not forget that no one is forcing these people to run for these jobs.

Don't forget that these people have to campaign and win an election. It's not like their being forced to do this.

I would gladly take this $100,000+ job for the rest of my life and give up any raise. It's not like they are doing manual labor for 40+ hours a week. They are doing a part-time desk job, with a great salary and even better benefits.

And let's not forget the power, prestige and connections they make.

If they don't like the salary, benefits or working conditions, they certainly have options, which they are more than able to exercise.

Give me a break.

T Finnan said...

Cuomo's budget was a joke. A 3.6% increase in state contributions for all State workers will be added to the judges' pay increase for the taxpayers to pay. And wait till you get your local tax bill.

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