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Monday, December 12, 2011

Corrupt Tembeckjian Goons To Hold Judicial "Ethics" Hearings

Come to the Show at 61 Broadway (12th floor) on Wednesday, December 14, 2011.  See How Even NYS Judges Get Denied Due Process in the Make-Believe "Ethics" World of The Empire State. 

Disciplinary Proceedings to Resume Against Judge
The New York Law Journal by Brendan Pierson - December 9, 2011

Disciplinary proceedings against Bronx Surrogate Lee L. Holzman will resume next week [Wednesday, December 14, 2011] following an order by an Appellate Division, First Department, panel denying his request for a stay (NYLJ, Dec. 7). The proceedings, which will be open to the public at Surrogate Holzman's request, are set to take place Dec. 14 through 16, Dec. 19, Jan. 3 through 6 and Jan. 9 through 13.  The Commission on Judicial Conduct alleges that Surrogate Holzman allowed Michael Lippman, a former counsel to the Bronx public administrator, to collect $300,000 in excessive fees. Surrogate Holzman became the chairman of the Administrative Board of the Offices of the Public Administrators, which is charged with approving fees for public administrators' counsel, in 2002. He eventually fired Mr. Lippman in 2006. Mr. Lippman was indicted last year for allegedly collecting excess fees in five cases and is facing criminal charges in the Bronx. Surrogate Holzman had asked the First Department to stay the disciplinary case against him until Mr. Lippman's criminal case was resolved.


Tembeckjian's Corrupt Judicial Ethics Group Still Ignoring Larger Corruption

Tembeckjian's Corrupt Judicial Panel Accuses Surrogate of Wrongdoing

Presiding Judge Fights Back Against OCA and Tembeckjian Thugs

Tembeckjian and Friedberg Hit New Low

Feds Asked to Investigate Tembeckjian and Friedberg in $40 Million Scam


OCA insider said...

Tembeckjian is a spineless dog. He simply follows the instructions of a small bunch of OCA criminals. Good luck If you're a judge in NYS and you're looking for fairness or any type of real process. It doesn't exist at the CJC. It's only about numbers.

Anonymous said...

Are cameras allowed?

Anonymous said...

I just read the related stories and am shocked that it appears Mr. Tembeckjian pulls names out of his hat as to which judge he should go after. That Judge Loehr who parties with known criminals and let rapists go free tops my list.

Anonymous said...

This is a 'Show Trial' - 'Q' will Tembeckjian's better half (Barbara Ross) of the NY Daily News attend and file an article as it's illegal editor on this serious matter?

CircularFILED?? said...

Hey where are they hiding all of the complaints against Judge William J. Kent? Didn't Judge Lippman mandate that all complaints will be investigated? Is that why I haven't received my acknowledgment yet? Ya do have to investigate what was never never received.

Anonymous said...

"Judge Lippman mandate that all complaints will be investigated?"

When did this supposedly happen?

Doesn't really matter, because he probably didn't say who was to investigate. Probably the cleaning people as they empty the garbage cans.

Anonymous said...

How come they never give real advance notice on these hearings? Guess they don't want the public to be there and see what goes on

2010 cjc policy manual said...

2.1 New Complaints
(A) All new complaints against judges or justices of the unified court
system are reviewed by the Commission. Staff shall submit copies of the actual
complaint and a summary, analysis and recommendation.
(B) Staff may not dismiss a complaint. Staff may respond to subsequent
complaints that involve the same allegations against the same judge without
additional authorization from the Commission. Subsequent letters by the same
complainant containing new allegations against the same judge, or allegations
against a different judge, shall be treated as new complaints to be reviewed by the

DirectoryNotMandatoryLOL said...

This Policy Manual concerns the internal management of the Commission.
The policies herein complement the Commission’s responsibilities and procedures
as set forth in Article 6, Section 22, of the Constitution, Article 2-A of the
Judiciary Law, and 22 NYCRR Part 7000.
These policies are directory, rather than mandatory. Failure to adhere to a
particular policy or procedure will not alter the rights afforded to any person
involved in a Commission investigation or proceeding and shall not affect the
validity of any investigation, hearing or other activity carried out by Commission

Anonymous said...

Tembeckjian and the CJC don't follow Judge Lippman's mandate. Everything is a fraud covered up by the news media.

To Judge Lippman said...

Dear Judge Lippman,

I am aware of numerous complaints that were sent to the CJC pertaining Judge William J. KentIII.

The complaints describe an intentional deprivation of rights and in many instances the litigants are entitled to sua sponte' relief.

Please look into the procedures utilized by the CJC staff.

Something is very wrong somewhere..

Anonymous said...

Considering they have no respect for the Constitution or the laws of the state, why would anyone think they would comply with any 'rules' they make?

What happens if they don't? Will they get promoted or retire?

Anonymous said...

CJC really means "Cover-up Judicial Crimes" and that is Tembeckjian's job

Anonymous said...

Is Mike Lippman related to Jonathan Lippman? Not for nothing but for years he got a free pass in the Bronx and other venues and this guy is dirty. So how did he do it? Is Lee Holzman taking the fall to protect someone?

Anonymous said...

\Don't know if he is kin, but know that he, Michael Lippman is some piece of work!

Betsy Combier said...

The Hearings with Lee Holtzman are not at 61 Broadway, but 111 Centre Street, Room 687. I was there on thursday the 15th, and it was fascinating. Everyone should attend on monday, when Lee Holtzman wil testify.

Betsy Combier

Anonymous said...

Glad someone attended Ms. Combier. Was Michael Lippman in handcuffs? Do you know if any of the major press was there? Haven't read anything in the papers about this story.

Anonymous said...

Do you think we can bring rope to hang him/them with?

Anonymous said...

Heard some stories about Holzman and what he has done to Estates and the Beneficiaries and it's not good, he's a real bastard!!! A lawyer who became a Surrogate Judge who is drunk with power and did I say also very corrupt!!!

retired court officer said...

Worked in the BX Court House and know Lee Holzman and he is bad news big time anyone there knew he had a bad rep.

Kennethzggf said...

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