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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Fraudster Lawyer, Accountant Removed From $400 Million Estate

Lawyer, Accountant Removed From Heiress' Estate
The Assocaiated Press  -  December 24, 2011

Citing evidence of tax fraud, Manhattan Surrogate Court Judge Kristin Booth Glen has suspended the attorney and accountant for a late Montana copper mining heiress from administering her $400 million estate.  Surrogate Glen on Friday said there was evidence that Huguette Clark's attorney, Wallace Bock, and accountant, Irving Kamsler, engaged in tax fraud that resulted in $90 million in unpaid federal gift taxes and penalties. Both deny any wrongdoing. Mr. Kamsler resigned Wednesday from administering the estate.  Ms. Clark's family has accused the pair of plundering her fortune. The Manhattan District Attorney's Office has been looking into how Ms. Clark's affairs were managed in the past two decades, people familiar with the probe have said.  The reclusive Ms. Clark, a U.S. senator's daughter, was 104 when she died in May.


Anonymous said...

If the adminstrator is accused of stealing money he blames accountant and/or lawyer. No matter who gets blamed they just blame the other let it sit in court for years if anyone gets charged it is slap on wrist.
Probably the case will go away.
When you fail to pay the taxes to the goverment. Whole different story. They are going to account for every penny of that estate.
Just playing blame the other guy and stalling this out for years is not going to be enough. Being that she died recently they can not say they destroed the files because to many years has passed and a host of excuses that they can try will not work.
This could get interesting.

Anonymous said...

He obviously forgot to payoff the right people. A crook AND stupid.

Disgusted said...

The system has the Surrogate Judge supervising his crony friends for two decades. If a complaint is made to the Surrogate, the Surrogate takes twenty years to look into it. The Surrogate Judge, the lawyer and the accountant are all in it together and should all go to jail for twenty years together. What did Chief Judge Lippman know and when did he know it? Has Judge Lippman had other complaints about Surrogate Judges? Does Judge Lippman know what it means to supervise? Or does Lippman only know how to cover-up corruption? Check this site for other Surrogate crooked judges and Lippman cover-ups.

Anonymous said...

CORRUPTION, first, last and always!!! The buzz is that Surrogate Glen is poised to appoint a few favored white shoe law firms to extort funds from this mega prize Estate. They are currently rubbing their hands in anticipation. Of course they will not forget where their bread is buttered! It's called pay to play or the Surrogate Court Tax for the un-washed!!!

Anonymous said...

Fraudster Lawyer, that is an oxymoron since all Lawyers are Fraudster in one way or the other! They work for the Judge and you pay them! Some racket these bums have going!

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