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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Corrupt Judge Anthony Scarpino Starts Barking in Westchester

Show me the money!
The New York Post by Laurel Babcock and Dan Mangan  -  January 5, 2012
Get out your calculator, creep!

An angry judge yesterday demanded that an Upper West Sider suspected of murdering his estranged wife account for the $1.6 million insurance payout to their kids over her death, and repeated his order that the man keep his hands off the loot.  “You say everything is there and fine,” snapped Westchester County Surrogate’s Court Judge Anthony Scarpino to murder suspect Rod Covlin’s lawyers. “I need an accounting of that.”  Hours later, Covlin’s new criminal-defense lawyer proclaimed the unemployed backgammon whiz innocent of the New Year’s Eve 2009 strangulation of his wife, Shele Danishefsky, in her West 68th Street apartment. The beautiful blond money manager was killed a day before she was due to meet with an attorney about cutting out Covlin from her will.  “He was not involved in any way whatsoever with the tragic death of his wife,” said lawyer Robert Gottlieb. “He will defend himself and is confident that the DA will not charge him with any crimes for one simple reason — he did not commit any crimes.”  The Manhattan DA’s Office is investigating Covlin in Danishefsky’s murder. She was originally buried without an autopsy because of her Orthodox Jewish faith, but after friends told the victim’s family members that Covlin had threatened to kill her, they agreed to an exhumation and autopsy that determined that she had been strangled.  Last week, the New York County Public Administrator’s Office sued Covlin for allegedly causing Danishefsky’s wrongful death by strangling her.  Then The Post revealed that last year, Covlin apparently conned his way into controlling the $1.6 million left to his and Shele’s two kids by failing to tell Scarpino in a Surrogate’s Court guardianship petition that Danishefsky had been murdered, and that he is the suspect.  Scarpino then suspended Covlin’s control of the cash and ordered yesterday’s hearing.  But the judge’s efforts to learn whether he’d been duped were stymied by the absence of Covlin lawyer Phillip Shapiro, who was being treated for a pinched nerve.  Scarpino told the other lawyers to make sure Shapiro is in court on March 6 “to explain exactly what went on here.”  Scarpino also barked, “Nobody gives me conditions” when lawyers said Covlin would agree to continued suspension of his guardianship only if his parents were appointed guardians.  Gina Alberta, one of the lawyers, said, “There is no fraud perpetuated on this court.”  She also said Covlin’s petition had been “truthful by statute,” and that the money was invested with “appropriate financial institutions” and had “not been spent.”


Anonymous said...

Watch out! Scarpino is pissed. The only crooks that are allowed to steal are Scarpino himself and his mobbed-up friends. Didn't anyone ever tell Covlin that you don't steal from the mob?!

Anonymous said...

The Devil's Westchester Prelate barks to draw attention away from why the Devil's Prelate was "judging" for surrogates (the children)from outside his jurisdiction. The Prelate is mad because attention has been directed at his complicity. Lawyer Shapiro needs watch some videos of how Darth Vader or Sauron treat those devils who fail to protect them and then purchase the tickets to Indonesia.

Anonymous said...

Notice how he didn't give up control of this case?

Why would someone appear out of the blue and ask for control of an insurance policy? What about a will, a pending divorce and custody of the children? Didn't anyone think that these were before a judge someone where?

Here's a hint: the Court's have a website where you can search for cases. And, there is something called the Internet, that you can find out a whole bunch of things, but that would require them to step out of their cesspool and into reality.

Anonymous said...

Waiting for a simple decision in upstate that should have taken 3 days back IN EARLY Nov. OCA...but Fed Ct says it was closed for 2 weeks due to the opening of a new courthouse.
It takes me 1 day to move from a big, big house to a smaller one..but 2 weeks for the Fed Gov...really? They didn't move anything before that, SO BUSINESS COULD CONTINUE THE NEXT DAY?
So...2 weeks and no one did any laptops,ipads or ability to read decisions and answer them on the computer.
So how are they answering them when court is working..handwritten?
I think this Fed Ct IS STALLLING to give OCA time to come up with a plan to NOT answer the tuff questions, as OCA states about discovery answers, as material that proves my case so they are not obligated to provide it..yes the NY Ct system said that about discovery..lawyers!
7 yrs and OCA wants to continue this joke, so the American public will not know the syndicate it exits as, and as it fuels itself from political funding and perversion!

wp atty said...

Look to the involvement of Jody Keltz (West. Co Surrogate Atty.) and her relationship with Covlin's father /mother in Scarsdale. Like maybe they know each other and that's the connection. For a start check the cell phone records.

Anonymous said...

The vermin in the Surrogate's Court is in trouble, Scarpino got sweet it is! When will he be fitted for handcuffs?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Scarpino is barking like the DOG that he is - who is going to pull his chain

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