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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Toodles, Judge Poodle

Toodles, Judge Poodle
The New York Post - EDITORIAL -  January 21, 2012

Speaking of out-of-control judges, it’s au revoir for state Supreme Court Justice Emily Jane Goodman — the leftist lapdog we dubbed Judge Poodle for her slavish devotion to the city’s bleeding-heart brigade. Goodman is calling it quits after a nearly 30-year career on the bench. She calls it retirement. We would say she’s merely formalizing a partnership she’s long maintained with — speaking of dogs — the legal beagles of the loony left.  It seems that Goodman is founding a law firm with former NYCLU chief Norman Siegel and two other leftist gadflies.  Her chamber doors were always open to such activists: She literally held court in her living room for the Legal Aid Society one night in 1998 to block a set of rent-law reforms from taking effect — the very essence of a judge legislating from the bench.

Here’s some of her greatest hits:

Free Rides: In 1998, she tried to undo the city’s workfare reforms by allowing welfare recipients to essentially call in sick. In 2001, at the behest of the group Housing Works, she held the city in contempt and ordered it to pay fines for not finding shelter quickly enough for five homeless AIDS patients — never mind that the city had done so speedily for more than 8,000 patients already that year. More recently, in 2010, she tossed even the most modest reforms of rent regulations that have strangled the city’s real-estate market and kept prices artificially low.

Crime: The NYPD led a two-year investigation of the Sound Factory, a notorious West Side nightclub and drug den where 20 patrons overdosed and two died. Cops raided it in 2003, but Goodman laughed off their evidence and ordered the club re-opened.  The party ended in 2004 only after the feds busted in on what they called a “stash house” for ecstasy and crystal meth.  Most recently, Goodman was caught displaying an official NYPD placard in her car so she could park illegally at expired meters near her apartment.  Respect for the law? Not Judge Poodle. Doggone good thing she’s leaving.


Anonymous said...

Let's get this right. She is not a Supreme Court Justice. She is one of those sham "certficated" judges. One who get's their position through connections and as payback for doing the bidding of those who have connections.

When are reporters going to bet back to actually accurately reporting facts and not just repeating the lies and misrepresentations of those crooks who are in government?

Anonymous said...

Certified in 2011 by Chief Judge Lippman. Earlier, appointed to Supreme Court by Administrative Judge Lippman. The rot in the court oozes from Lippman down through the whole system. Rather than as poodle she is better described in German as (translated) 'swine dog.'

Anonymous said...

Interesting article on immunity.

Repeal of legislative immunity proposed in Arizona
By PAUL DAVENPORT | Associated Press

"The issue is getting a closer look in Arizona this year after a lawmaker introduced a resolution seeking to amend the state Constitution to delete wording barring the arrest of legislators during, and 15 days before, legislative sessions. Like those in many other states, Arizona's legislative immunity protects legislators from arrest except for "treason, felony or breach of the peace."

OK. So what part of the NY Constitution gives Judges Immunity?

Anonymous said...

Too bad her pension can't be blocked somehow!

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