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Monday, July 9, 2012

Another Mortgage Crisis Cover-Up, Another Lawyer-Judge Protecting Insiders

Another Mortgage Crisis Cover-Up, Another Lawyer-Judge Protecting Insiders




Ut OH.. said...

The Investigators have gotten SMART!!

Anonymous said...

Judge Escandon is in pretty hot water. When is someone going to step in and make him resign off the bench? Or better yet, take him away in handcuffs for all this illegal activity.

Anonymous said...

In NY, he would be praised for his independence from the law. Tembeckjian would fall on his knees and kiss his feet.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

There was a TV program about New Jersey and these things. Now there's a meat ball as the Gov who covered up many things when he was the US ATty, how nice. Yes indeed this is just like the TV program about the Jersey MOB.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else notice that yesterday Papa Cuomo let it slip that little Andy was planning on running for President in the next election?

If anyone expects Andy to do anything that would tarnish his stellar reputation in NY or let it be know how much corruption there exists in NY, think again. Andy an his pals are not going to let anything happen that would interfere with his plan to become President of the US.

This grooming of Cuomo and Schumer has been going on since the late '90s. Now that they've played their parts, they are looking to take over and reap the big rewards.

Anonymous said...

There was a morning TV program on yesterday..THE VIEW.. that was discussing why people threaten people's lives or desire to do harm to them, when they JUST conflict with them or SIMPLY have opposite opinions. It was relative to a movie star;s mother who had a position about abortion that her son has the opposite opinion, and the mother is now receiving death threats.
What this show "THE VIEW" does not realize is that it is not just the public participating in this shocking and outrageous, uncivilized, criminal behavior..but the very NY State Justice system that sits a few blocks from them, who are participating in this UNAMERICAN BEHAVIOR, as well as actual attempts to harm those who FILE LAWSUITS AGAINST THE COURT SYSTEM, ACCUSING THEM OF TRUTHFUL CRIMES THEY ARE ACTUALLY COMMITTING AND COVERING UP FROM THE PUBLIC!
Why blame the public first, if the justice system is the example of threatening lives and finding it to be appropriate when they are accused of illegal behavior!
Every lawsuit filed against OCA has an accusation of threats..job or life.. and some accuse them of actually attempting maybe Whoopie et al should address the allegations about OCA's behavior in tandem with that of the American people..who may just know the courts are doing same and feel they have permission from those VERY LEGAL ROBES WHO judge crimes!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

To 9:08 someone keeping an eye on you?!

Anonymous said...

The coverup is easy since these jackels are all member of the same liars club - card carrying attorneys at law.

Anonymous said...

Corrupt Judges/Attorneys are the life blood of theillegal scam that is being run on us. Hang them HIGH

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

some form of imperfect sunshine back in hudson valley region

Anonymous said...

if the information is understood correctly, the Pennsylvania Judge let this Defendant out on Reduced Bail, Reduced down from $250,000 to $75,000 then to $50,000 then to $25,000 and he only had to post $2500 Cash and bond on $25000 after SHOOTING at the Victim and being Prior Felon from Louisiana with Domestic Violence History.

So the Defendant gets out on Low Bail, far lower than the $300,000 Manhattan DA was holding Louise Meanwell on despite no Physical Injury allegations etc and the Defendant promptly Repeats his actions this time almost killing the victim by literally "driving over her" with his truck, not just once, but allegedly twice is info being funneled and was witnessed by victims's own daughter.

Ironically, this Pa Judge is allegedly the Same Judge who put HIGH Bail on the "victim" several years ago for a mere Family Court Matter coming out of the NY upstate County of Columbia with Judge Czajka Presiding in the Columbia County case.

Strange twist of events when considering the Mother of the Victim went to FED authorities in Ithaca, Albany, DC and NYC on in essence "kids for cash" type allegations involving the Columbia County Judge, possible medicaid fraud, cover up of drug dealer freed likely illegally etc etc.

and folks wonder how that heroin flows upstate? ( No wonder here )

Anonymous said...

Talk about insiders being protected...

Looks like Al is at it again.

STAMFORD, Conn. — A well-known attorney and Republican fundraiser from New York has been arraigned on charges he attacked a woman inside a Connecticut restaurant.

Read more:

Didn't he an his drunken cohorts pull, and get away with this last year at a restaurant in Scarsdale?

Good idea to let this guy out and give him back his law license. We need more like this.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Talk about a cover-up.

"ALBANY — Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s administration, already drawing attention for its focus on secrecy, has now begun editing his record as New York attorney general, sending aides to the state archives to remove key documents from public view."

Wouldn't removing and destroying government documents be some sort of crime?

Anonymous said...

Anyone see tonight's airing on the History Channel of "The Godfather Legend" with interviews from Al Pacino, James Caan, Francis Ford Coppola and many more?

One of the persons briefly interviewed was Michael Franseze, an apparent Real Life Colombo Family Mafiosa.

There was discussion of Bribing Judges and Franseze mentioned how the "Most Powerful Leader" of the Democratic Party in New York for years was Deeply Entrenched in the Mafia and talked about how he and other Mobsters always had to attend Political Fundraisers for this Top New York Democratic Leader and also spoke of the Interwoven Connection with the Labor Unions.

Franseze did not mention this Top Democratic Party Leader by name but apparently Franseze was at the highlight of his Mob Activity in the 1980s when a Democratic Governor took control of New York for 12 years.

Any idea who Franseze was referring to?

Gotta love all these references to Franseze and the Yankees of
years ago and gambling and such fun stuff.

Who could Franseze be speaking of? The obvious? Does this help explain the Stranglehold that has been on the New York Office of Court Administration the last 20 plus years up to this date?

Here are some Links on Franseze:

Michael Franzese · 6,548 like this
July 19 at 2:34am ·
"I went to a private screening tonight of "The Godfather Legend" at Paramount studios. It will air next Tuesday, 7/24 on The History Channel. For those of you, like myself, who loved Godfathers 1 & 2, you will really enjoy this 2 hour chronicle. Interviews by Francis Ford Coppola, James Caan and Al Pacino were very entertaining and offered some great commentary. I did a short interview for the show, along with some others and it nice to be a part of such a tribute to some truly great films. But the real enjoyment comes from the actual footage and the interviews of the principals. An Offer Godfather lovers should not refuse, you will enjoy it!"

upstate new york

Anonymous said...

So who the current Godfather? Is it Andy Cuomo? Will the mob make him the Pres in 2016? Time will tell and meanwhile the NY court system is burning.

Anonymous said...

Well, here's a surprise!

"How insiders snatch millions from estates in the scandal-scarred Surrogate Courts"
Last Updated: 10:59 AM, July 29, 2012

“If you’re a lawyer in New York, there’s no sweeter deal than getting assigned to an estate case in Surrogate’s Court.”

And, look who the attorney is. This name looks familiar.

“The bills, according to the Bronx District Attorney’s Office, totaled $300,000 and went to the judge’s associate, lawyer Michael Lippman, a Democratic Party crony who ran Holzman’s campaign financing, raising $125,000, a court watchdog claims.”

The article goes on to name all the usual OCA parasites, including Court spokesman David Bookstaver.

However, they did seem to let Tony Scarpino get a pass this time.

It’s sad to see that even the Post’s reporters seem to be getting tired of reporting on the same court corruption time and again.

“State court authorities long ago recognized serious problems in the Surrogate’s Courts”.

You would think that by now the FBI an DOJ would finally be getting around to the corruption that is NYS politics and judicial system considering NY is at the center of the financial meltdown that has thrown the US into it’s downward financial spiral. Every time there is a story about the financial mess that the world is in, it seems to lead back to NY. At some point you’d think they would put 2 an 2 together and figure out what that is.

Read more:

Kris Sergentakis said...

Be careful of this "lawless America" guy.
In my opinion this guy is con man raising money for his own pocket.

Keep your money in your own pocket.

Scarpino said...

Gee wiz! another crisis in the courts involving lawyers! what a surprise! To the post on 7-29 - 9:40PM Thanks Kris - people have been hitting on me to film with Bill Windsor - I had my doubts since he wanted a signed release! where is that coming from?

Anonymous said...

is this blog DEAD? What's going on with the Christine Anderson case? When is the new trial? I see that Iviewit/Eliot Bernstein filed in Federal court! What about the other related cases? Why doesn't this blog cover these things?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The last posting was a month ago on July 9th - what's happen to the blog? is Frank Brady on vacation? Heard that Eliot Bernstein/Iviewit filed (a related case to Anderson)! how come it's not posted on this blog?

Unknown said...

Thank you for keeping me up to date on the horrible corruption occurring in the courts. I appreciate how you shared your information in a comprehensive post. I have seen a good amount of shady company but contrary to rumors, there are little to none american home mortgage servicing complaints. Lets all try to help the people that are getting taken advantage of in the courts.

Anonymous said...

The lawyers are officers of the COURT and have an ETHICAL, LEGAL and MORAL DUTY to REPORT CORRUPTION including but not limited to CRIMINAL ACTS - SO how many have stood up and done so? Let's start counting

Anonymous said...

Judges protect their brother attorneys! What do you expect?

Anonymous said...

I think Kris Sergentakis has soured on Lawless in America because his story is so full of BS even that slime Bill Windsor wouldn't touch it.

Anonymous said...

There is going to be a PROTEST on September 24th 2012 at 9:00 am across the street from Monmouth County Courthouse.
PLEASE come and support these women who are speaking out against Judge Paul Escandon's unethical and illegal actions on the bench. We have invited the MEDIA and they will be there reporting on this peaceful protest. We will have our voices heard and we will speak out against Judge Escandon abusing his power on the bench and Judge Lawson allowing him to do so. Make up your signs and come to the protest! "Judge Lawson do you job" "Judge Escandon stop victimizing women" "Monmouth County is the Wild West of New Jersey" and "Judge Escandon step down off the bench, no one wants you"

Powellojhq said...

Corrupt Judges/Attorneys are the life blood of theillegal scam that is being run on us. Hang them HIGH

Matthew said...

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