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Monday, August 13, 2012

Call To Action Alert #1

Call To Action Alert #1

Contact The President of The United States Today!

Ask The President to do something about the widespread corruption of our treasured courts!!



Anonymous said...

I just called the white house and left a comment for Obama. A little bit of a wait but worth the small effort for such a great cause.

Anonymous said...

I gave the White House a piece of my mind about how the lawyer-president is letting the lawyer crooks run everything.

Anonymous said...

Great idea-But really the president of the United states really has NO idea what he's doing....All the comments will be thrown away and pushed aside, its a waste of your time and energy...

Anonymous said...

The call will come as well as a letter outlining some facts that exist in litigation ongoing.
American survival is dependent on judicial reform using the public's accountability efforts..not sole political or Governmental oversight, or we shall have corruption till US dies!
Sen Schumer who obstructs judicial reform and all sunlight efforts, like that has been his specific calling as Senator,fills judicial seats with his relatives and cronies which speaks to his influence gathering for big money!
His job in the Senate Judiciary Comm is to police the Federal courts and all contact with him is 100% ignored..flush him out!
If we cannot get action during this election year and with Obama, we may never see it..Romney/Ryan love crooked courts as they rule for the wealthy Americans whenever/however they can..this is factual in every summary judgment submitted in court relative to big Corporations and Government.
Everyone seems to have a court horror must call today!

daring to dream said...

I just got off the phone with the White House comment operator. She said COURT CORRUPTION IS THE NUMBER ONE TOPIC OF THE DAY SO FAR. Wow ! If only our elected officials would listen. Dare to dream.

Anonymous said...

Congress is going to put Eric Holder in jail! That's a start! Let's take back the In-Justice Dept. first!

Anonymous said...

Corruption not limited to the courts. I found and am reporting tampering, fraud and covering up of fraud in the Social Security administration, the USPO my mail being opened and tampered with by my ex,Also hear this Internal Revenue Corruption right here on Long Island NY.

Kris Sergentakis said...

The wealthy run this country. We need a french revolution to change things.

Things will get so bad the poor will eat the rich soon.

History repeats itself.

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