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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Call To Action Alert #2

Call To Action Alert #2

Contact Mitt Romney Today!

Ask Mitt Romney to present what his plan is to address the widespread corruption of our treasured courts!!


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Anonymous said...

Wealthy people like Romney have no desire to correct corrupt judicial systems..they are the ones benefitting from them works corruptly for people like Romney and Ryan to maintain super wealth..fact!
Romney is a joke candidate to begin with and even as desperate as we are for a cleanup..ROMNEY will never address court corruption..he may just toss it on his car roof and hope it blows away!

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See Video of Senator John L. Sampson's 1st Hearing on Court 'Ethics' Corruption

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               Video of 1st Hearing on Court 'Ethics' Corruption
               The June 8, 2009 hearing is on two videos:
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