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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

UPDATE: 3rd Judicial District Judge Abruptly Resigns

UPDATE: 3rd Judicial District Administrative JudgeAbruptly Resigns
...... Judge George B. Ceresia, Jr has abruptly resigned... said to be ugly......

(This update reflects a correction; Judge Ceresia was Administrative Judge, not 3rd Dept. Appellate Division Associate Judge, as previously reported)


Anonymous said...

Let the fun begin!!!!

liarsliarspantsonfire said...

HA HA HA..This is just the start ha ha ha ha ha ha...Trust Moi..

fighter said...

I smell something HOT HOT HOT LOL. Only so long people can cover things up for. DISGUSTING!

Anonymous said...

Times Union has the story half right-

Anonymous said...

His son is a judge too. Must involve Cuomo or Silver, because the Times Union is offering a lame "there's nothing to see here." Luckily the judges and Cuomo/Silver can count on the media to protect them and their crony participating politicians. It's not there is something rotten in Denmark; it's that everything is rotten in the NY courts

Anonymous said...

Where are the pictures of this mob bum with the suitcase full of cash? I know someone has them.

Anonymous said...

Where are the FEDS?

Anonymous said...

Who told him to leave?

Anonymous said...

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