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Friday, January 25, 2013

Former Insider Admits to Illegal Wiretaps for NYS "Ethics Bosses"

Evidence was obtained on Thursday, January 24, 2013, confirming the position of a former NYS attorney ethics committee insider that various illegal actions were employed by New York State employees to target and/or protect select attorneys. 
For purposes of this article, a first in a series, the former insider will be referred to as "The Cleaner's Man" or "The Man."

The Cleaner

During the wrongful termination case of former Manhattan ethics attorney Christine Anderson, it was revealed that New York State employees had a nick-name for supervising ethics attorney Naomi Goldstein.  Naomi Goldstein was, "The Cleaner."  

"Ethics" Retaliation Machine Was Real

The focus of this initial article concerns the 1st and 2nd judicial department, though the illegal methods are believed to have been utilized statewide in all 4 judicial departments. 

The Cleaner's Man says that he would receive a telephone call from Naomi Goldstein, who would say, "we have another target, I want to meet you…"  The Man also says that Thomas Cahill, a former DDC Chief Counsel, and Sherry Cohen, a former Deputy-Chief Counsel, were knowledgeable of all of Naomi Goldstein's activity with him and his team.

The meetings, he says, were usually at a park or restaurant near the Manhattan Attorney ethics offices (the "DDC") in lower Manhattan, however he did over time meet Goldstein at his office, the DDC or in movie theater- a venue picked by Naomi.  Goldstein would provide her Man with the name, and other basic information, so that the Man's team could begin their "investigation."

The Man specifically recalls Naomi Goldstein advising him to "get as much damaging information as possible on Christine [Anderson]."

The Man says that they then tapped Ms. Anderson's phones, collected ALL "ISP" computer data, including all emails, and set up teams to surveil Anderson 24/7.  The Man says he viewed the improperly recorded conversations and ISP data, and then personally handed those items over to Naomi Goldstein.

Anderson should not, however, feel like she was a lone target.  According to The Man, "….over 125 cases were interfered with…."  And there were dozens of "targeted" lawyers, says The Man,adding, that the actions of his teams were clearly "intentionally obstructing justice."  

If Ms. Goldstein had identified the Ethics Committee's newest target as an attorney, it was quickly qualified with whether the involved lawyer was to be "screwed or UNscrewed."  Unscrewed was explained as when an attorney needed to be "protected" or "saved" even if they did, in fact, have a major ethics problem.

The Man has a nice way of explaining his actions, the "authority" to so act and, he says, over 1.5 million documents as proof…….. The U.S. Attorney is aware of The Man and his claims….


Not surprised said...

This explains a lot !!!!!! WTF !!!!

Anonymous said...

The DDC committee members are put in place to protect their friends- even if they are crooks.

Anonymous said...

What are Cuomo and Schneiderman doing about this?

Anonymous said...

I am not a bit surprised by this article..I testified before the DDC and saw the corruption firsthand..I believe I am one of the targeted people.

Anonymous said...

Naomi Goldstein was a named defendant in my Federal Civil Rights Complaint. The same complaint that Judge Shira Scheindlin dumped without allowing me due process!!!! Stay Tuned~

Anonymous said...

WOW, that explains how a personal conversation between myself and another person happened to appear in a transcript years later, regarding testimony from A.H.I.

Anonymous said...

Will Galison, I hear you. Just yesterday I was hearing about the Yonkers - Westchester thugs still beating up on Dr. Sherry with OCA Top Notch Gail Prudenti "in the know" the whole time.

As you may recall, Queens County Supreme Court Judge Joseph Golia took a "Default Judgment" the day after the Original 9/11, yes 9/11 in 2001 even though Gov Pataki and Chief Judge Judith Kaye had cut off the involved courts requiring mandatory adjournments by Executive Order and Order of the Chief Judge, yet nothing done about Golia for these actions.

Where is the CJC, Mr. Tembeckjian's crowd?

So yea, talk can be cheap.

By the way, Yonkers where Dr. Sherry is also heart of Ray Joao territory, central to ELiot Bernstin's case and IVIEWIT.

no_clue said...

To answer the question, where is Mr. Schneiderman. Mr. Schneiderman, New York State Attorney General who is supposed to fight corruption in the judiciary and defend interests of the People of the State of New York, is right there, in federal courts, defending corrupt judges against accusations of corruption, and causing dismissals of complaints of corruption, malicious behavior and constitutional violations.

Anonymous said...

As a Targeted person from a Dept outside of the 1st and 2nd, I will tell you what is up from my end.
OCA did and does wiretap,use surveillance and intercept other communications as well as make attempts on the lives of those who dare to file legitimate lawsuits against them.
I retrieved this information against me and obtained excellent legitimate proof of all their actions used to intercept my movements, as far back as 2004.
This information is in the hands of the AG ( Cuomo and Schneiderman) and OCA in the form of Federal testimony and written documents taken under oath.. all extensively produced.
I also informed this blog in 2007 ..Frank Brady..who asked if I would call Christine Anderson and speak to her..and I did..relaying all said information. So, Ms Anderson and Frank have been aware of this proof and behavior for 5 yrs.
The AG has never questioned, disputed or investigated my proof or claims, even as they have demonized my truthful allegations against OCA in the lawsuit, as a matter of fact the AG remained silent and appeared afraid when it was testified to or written about.
The AG is complicit in this unlawful behavior, as the NY STATE AG has harbored the crimes for years, with complete knowledge of OCA'S surveaillance and wiretaps of private citizens without their knowledge.
Yes..the NY STATE AG continues to represent and protect OCA in Federal Ct with absolute and blatant opposition to lawsuits that relate provable facts that indict OCA in severe criminal and civil violations of the laws, that the citizens of this state and country believe they are upholding.
Politics and politicians are also involved as this activity has been ongoing for many years and implemented to protect and ensure the wealth and legal protection of those who are involved in the corruption.
Would the DOJ be legally clean enough to handle an investigation, or the efforts say No..this is a massive people's movement!

Anonymous said...

Hey, January 26, 2:57am- you need to post the PROOF of that Judge Golia taking a default judgment the day after 9-11. Was it ordered and signed before, and simply not entered until the day after 9-11. If you provide the real information, then you can let people make an informed decision.

And January 26, 11:10am- All ramblings aside, what do you mean that you "retrieved" the proof of improper wiretaps? What does that mean? If you have it- it being REAL PROOF, then post it- your definition of "proof" might be a bit different than most people's understanding of "proof." And it may be MUCH different than LEGAL DEFINITION OF PROOF.

Is it in the "form of Federal testimony and written documents taken under oath…" ?!?!?! What "written documents" are proof? Where is that proof? YOU MUST POST IT.

Stating that "OCA did and does wiretap" is NOT proof… even if it's true.

Someone saying that THEY did it and has possession of the PROOF showing illegal wiretaps were performed is, in fact, PROOF.

Silly discussions not based on facts or real and useable evidence don't help the situation. A hunch (EVEN IF TOTALLY TRUE) is totally useless without REAL PROOF.

Anonymous said...

To the commenter at 11:10 am outside the First and Second Dept which obviously means the Third or Fourth, will you share more info?

Very very interesting that you make it clear that this blog and Frank Brady and Anderson had this information for years.

Many others both within First and Second and also in Third and likely 4th have shared a ton of information with the blog and most of it seems to have gone into the black hole.

Write to and more "People's" Information sharing can occur.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jan. 26th 1:01 pm poster, how about the statement that the Dr. was "scheduled" to appear on Sept. 12th 2001, the day After original 9/11 ( not Benghazi, right? ) but the Transportation routes were closed because of 9/11 and Pataki and Kaye had already issued Emergency Proclamation and related orders.

So it is fair to assume that the Default could not have been taken "before" 9/11 since the scheduled appearance was for 9/12 right?

how much more than that do you need to know?

Anonymous said...

To 101pm- someone "making it clear" sounds nice but real proof is the only thing that matters. You're obviously not an attorney (if you are, you shouldn't be).

You're also not too well-versed in real world situations. Allegations WITHOUT HARD PROOF don't go too far- EVEN IF THEY ARE ACCURATE.

Anonymous said...

WOW..OCA,AG and every other fool employed by NY Judicial or state Gov., really have their pants stuck up their butt over my true comments about OCA wiretaps etc. Funny and sad at the same time.
Let me inform you gossip mongers that I am not obligated through your written blog imtimidations, to report any proof or details to you relative to anything, as citizens you have no power to correct anything I state.
Your belief in what I say can be gained in the future, when the Fed ct case is finalized.
If in fact you are an agency that can investigate, you can contact the blog administrator for details.
The information I have is not a rant, unless you are from OCA..they use that term whenever it refers to their crimes.
The information I have and proof has been provided to the AG'S office..again on numerous occasions,in writing and in Federal deposition testimony in 2006 and 2012 and now in posession of Federal doing not the AG..that is where it needs to go, where it should be addressed and that is where it rests..go fetch it if you know how!
So if you have any further issues with information that cannot be part of your personal brain trust..let it just make yourself look like an idiot!
I stand by all statements made about OCA under penalties of perjury, as I have sworn to in written and verbal depositions.
The AG remains silent, as I have stated before!

Anonymous said...

What I said about Frank and Anderson knowing about the wiretap information about OCA in 2007, was not stated to disparage them in any way..that was information to show that Anderson was not the first or the most severe, by a long shot!
The Dept I am in is the 4th...and I believe that this OCA conduct has been around since the mid 90's at the very least.
The FBI is aware of it and the AG knows the FBI is aware of it.
The FBI chooses not to look into it and states that it is the Federal Ct Judge's job to investigate! So that is where it lands for determinations.
The entire problem with this information and finding someone to that it is powered by big money politicians and Government using Citizen's tax dollars to enrich their own coffers..lots of buy offs and power to move out and the media will not assist.
Public outrage like what has happened with the weapons the only method that may curtail American corruption..but I do not see Americans getting upset over judicial wiretaps, unless it affects them!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately agree that likely the general public is not going to get too alarmed over improper judicial wiretaps unless it affects them directly somehow, family member, whatever.

Same seems true for all the wrongs in Family Courts. until it strikes in your family or friend or relative's family, not much concern.

I think I know this saga from the 4th Dept going back a few Governors ago if it is same one.

Obviously you are too smart to let some hacker on a blog bait you into thinking you have to post all your proof here. Like what is that going to do at this point?

Anyone who has been involved with this blog for any significant period of time already knows that virtually every state and federal office within the state that could possibly have authority or jurisdiction over much of these matters has already received plenty of hard evidence, proof, facts, allegations, documentary records, official docs, etc etc etc.

No concerns there at all on a general level.

Anonymous said...

When do WE get to enjoy the perp walk/dance? Who ran this sting and how long was it in operation? What is the involvement of Milt Williams & Leo Milonas?

Anonymous said...

In one of the posting someone suggested that Anderson was aware of this situation, if so was her trial/legal process a charade to catch more of the rats?

Anonymous said...

Proof? I had a conversation about a year ago, that NO one else was privy to..How did that conversation manage to end up on a transcript that was done by the DDC in 2006??? Is that proof?

Anonymous said...

Thankfully, I had the common sense to tape record every one of my conversations with the "CLEANER"..Goldstein use to pat me down before I entered the room. She wanted to make sure I wasn't wired. Now really think about does a criminal sexual deviant wind up getting a six month suspension for sexual abuse. Goldstein did everything in her power to make sure that Isaac was "PROTECTED"..they made me out to be the criminal...that's why I wound up sick and unable to go back to testify!

Anonymous said...

To: 238am

Not everyone is happy to know who you are. Ever hear of the phrase IF YOU'RE NOT PART OF THE SOLUTION, YOU'RE PART OF THE PROBLEM. You have been vicious and unhelpful, for years as far as I can tell. Why don't you consider trying to be part of the solution and not part of the problem. Corrupt people laugh at those trying to change things when a nice bully like you comes around and distracts from the issues and turns people against each other. Will you just stop? Maybe change? Or you'll feel the urge to get the last word in and twist things like bullies like to do.

Anonymous said...

Wil..I do respect your efforts in dealing with this corruption, but I am stunned at your encouragement that bloggers here, reveal their names.
OCA is the biggest syndicate bully that exists and will severely punish those who threaten them in any way esp in writing ...court insiders and attys, specifically!
I am a pltf in a Fed lawsuit..court insider..and after the case had been dicked around by them for 6 yrs..still pending by the way..OCA produced Anonymous writings/comments from this blog..attempted to state that they belonged to ever could they prove that..and then attempted to use the Anonymous posts to elevate my allegations against them, after 6 yrs, using a higher standard of proof in Federal Ct, as the action they attempted to state I accused them of on this blog was the dreaded Gov. word not to be used by any citizen...CONSPIRACY!
OCA will go to any length to prove their creating more and extensive lies,perjury,bribery,wiretap,surveillance etc!
How did a private conversation I had on my home phone in 2005, to a friend not associated with OCA in the least..end up as conversation in a NY State court office I was fired from, spewing from the woman I know to have hired the wiretap installer? Yes it appears OCA uses women enforcers to hire these men.
The conversation was repeated to me by an employee that next day..verbatim! No one lived in my house at that time but my child...the phone was a land line and subsequently I found the tap on my outside home line.
It was at that point I took serious action to monitor OCA's activities.
So Wil..if you believe that it is safe for people to reveal their names on this blog..will you be willing to provide security for them for the vicious retaliation that will occur because of that mere mention of their name and comments about OCA'S crimes?

Anonymous said...

Will Galison, I agree. how have you been a bully? looks to me like you have simply and properly and justifiably asked for Action, not words, Results, not more Talk.

Not more "oh, well, we know this and the US attorney knows that and the FBI knows this" blah blah blah but same old same old same old No Action No Changes.

So I for one don't think it is being a bully to ask for Results. I say that is the equivalent of asking for Accountability and shouldn't there be Accountability in an alleged process to Correct the absence of Accountability by those charged with enforcing accountability?

Anonymous said...

PLEAZZZZEEEEE....stick to the topic at hand here..instead of going into BLAH... BLAH...BLAH...rants!!!

Anonymous said...

to the last commenter, everything in the last comment was on point. So how about PLEASE ( spelled correctly ) respond to the on point, germane, relevant points instead of going off the reservation with your capitalized improperly spelled rants? thank you.

i do understand some do not like to be accountable.

Anonymous said...

after all this article here came out over 4 years and 6 months ago from the same blog so it is not like this is a "new" concept that these tactics were used?

and obviouly the blog owners and operators must have had sufficiently reliable information back 4 years and 6 months ago to publish this article.

so what, asking for some Actual Results 4 years and 6 months later instead of new super secret super quiet ONE UNKNOWN UNNAMED "Man" finally Admits to doing similar activities is supposed to have people jumping for joy?

probably not especially when it is admitted that the US Attorney "knows" , like , yea right, no big deal, WE all know the US Attorney knows alot but does nothing so Galison is not being a bully for asking for action, not talk.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008
NY Ethics Scandal Tied to International Espionage Scheme (MORE, CLICK HERE)
Tammany Hall II Ethics Scandal Reaching New Heights

and then of course what about all the Rights of those decimated in the 4 years and 6 months it took to get this big new super secret info?

No, i think Asking for Action and Results is right on.

Anonymous said...

Don't know if it's knowing misinformation, stupidity or just plain ignorance, but the article from 4.5 years ago about International Espionage is a COMPLETELY different issue.

Corporate eavesdropping- and knowledge of it to inside counsel, who would then be subject to at least ethics accountability- is WAY different that DDC STAFF utilizing eavesdropping in the daily bag of tricks.

Anonymous said...

Not sure if it is plain ignorance or knowing misinformation or plain incompetence or feeble attempts to avoid accountability but this latest article is anything but "completely different" from the original article.

here is one quote from the first article:

One source says it’s been the ‘perfect crime.’ "The brains behind this organized scheme have thwarted attorney ethics investigations in New York, federal criminal inquiries and various civil actions around the country by simply citing ‘national security,’” says the source.

So as far as being completely "related" let's see:

2008 Article - Manhattan Ethics Investigation

2013 Article - First Dept DDC in Manhattan

2008 Article - organized scheme using criminal means including Telecom to thwart investigations

2013 Article - First Dept DDC using illegal wiretaps in retaliation and thwarting of Whistleblowers

oh yea, sure, I can clearly see how these are "completely different". sure, yea, right.

Anonymous said...

to the last commenter, everything in the last comment was on point. So how about PLEASE ( spelled correctly ) respond to the on point, germane, relevant points instead of going off the reservation with your capitalized improperly spelled rants? thank you.

i do understand some do not like to be accountable.

OMG...PLEAZZZZE...coming from a spelling was done on purpose....LOLLLLL..I guess that went straight over your head!!

January 27, 2013 at 2:39 PM

Anonymous said...

No one doubts the news of this recent article in 2013 is positive and important.

However, there is also the perspective of time and action.

This is part of what was said in 2008 article:

"Enter the DDC, again

Since this secret corporate information is sent across public telecom networks that are constantly subject to interception, the black market in top-secret corporate intel continues to grow, and it generally evades detection. Last week, however, investigators tripped across evidence of a law firm protecting a client that had been on the selling side of corporate espionage. When complaints were filed with the New York Attorney Disciplinary Committee against the firm for a series of ethical violations, those grievances apparently disappeared into one of the now-well-known DDC black holes.

Another trusted source from outside New York has indicated that federal court filings will soon provide detailed evidence showing how the dysfunctional DDC machinery covered-up actions by certain New York attorneys involved in the corporate spying activities."

Over 4 years and 8 months later, does anyone know what federal court filings took place as indicated above that detailed the "dysfunctional DDC machinery" ??

Anonymous said...

folks, I say fend for yourselves for the love of whatever. Frank is a one man show and people do expect him to take on the world. It aint gonna happen, the blog is simply for informative matters, if they be correct or in-correct. You individuals should really step up to the plate and do your own due diligence and help yourselves instead of placing the burden onto someone else. File complaints foil information to get to the bottom of things. If you want something done properly do it yourselves then if not stop ya complaining. My "sources" told me that!

Anonymous said...

you don't think people die trying to do that?

Anonymous said...

to the commenter at 8:02 pm, one of the most significant items your post fails to consider is that not just anyone goes around talking about having US Attorney head of Public Corruption Unit cell phone and able to reach on vacation and calling people up to tell them fed agents are coming etc.

not everyone does that. in fact almost no one does that.

that takes on much more significant implications.

most everyone here has already done the things you mentioned and were doing it BEFORE this blog came about. then the blog "invited" alot and also made a lot of representations.

different story altogether.

somehow it sounds like you are a nice woman from the Second Dept who overlooks some things in zealous defense all the time.

folks that want to overlook that seriousness may want to get out their own pocketbooks and pensions to Comp those waiting for representations to come to fruition.

that is part of accountability.

everything else is ok. no one should rest or rely on anything. but that is not what was being said for a long time.

the herculean efforts are just that. but followup acccountability and explanation important too.

good luck.

Anonymous said...

Sooo where is the rest of the story as promised? Have not seen this in either the NY Post or Daily News, one would wonder why they didn't pick this scandal up if it had substance?

Anonymous said...

that's naive to think the media will expose corruption that's happening at this level. google rowe entertainment v. william morris.

meta kane said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

The article says to check back Monday, January 28, 2013 for more information.

It is Sunday, February 3, 2013 over 6 days later and no new information.

Sort of like No Wall Street indictments or Westchester like was talked about years ago with the Judges.

Anonymous said...

When this first hit, it was HOT! Now it's COLD! Old news, or was it ever news at all? And where oh where is Christine Anderson? Where does she fit into this story? The question is what is Anderson's role?

Anonymous said...

Whatever you choose to believe I am telling you what I know personally OCA is guilty of, and have submitted proof to the NY St AG..who refuses to address the submission of proof..also refusing to produce the state worker who belongs to a license plate provided to them for the 10th time last summer..2012..caught doing the surveillance.
OCA does wiretap,they do surveillance, they hack e-mail to attys, they go into bank accts, they chase pltfs on highways, they influence all NY State agencies to attack the pltfs..on and on. This is coming from a different part of the state and happened 2-3 yrs prior to the Anderson case.
Anderson was contacted about OCA'S capabilities, but whether she believed they would do such things, I cannot say and she may have been in an emotional state where she did not want to acknowledge the Judicial System she worked for, would ever conceive of committing such outrageous crimes!
Anderson may be quiet while her case is being reviewed, as OCA is a brutal Deft.
Just because people on here want information, doesn't mean they are entitled to it, as information details are better left to the agencies that are being "forced" to handle it.
It would be great if further information is reported on here relative to the hired wiretapper and certainly would assist in the Court of Public opinion..the most trusted this exact information is coming from a blog and not a pltf in any lawsuit against OCA!

Anonymous said...


Have you tried putting surveillance video on youtube and asking for help with identifying it?

Anonymous said...

Have ccntacted the Drudge Repart, they seem interested! The Drudge Report seems interested in this subject!

Beauty Queen said...

Here is my take. If you have credible evidence of wrong doing then the upper hierarchy will take you seriously. But if you handle matters in a flippant "rant" style approach you will be tarnished as not credible. And therefore ignored. As said before, this man is a one man show. Has anyone paid him for his services? Has anyone gone into a legally binding agreement/retainer with this individual?? Has anyone being negative on here even offered to assist this individual diligently in matters that are credible? I'd say the answer is NO to all three, so I really do not see where anyone should have the audacity to complain, critique or smear. My sources told me thats, lol!

Anonymous said...

If ONE judge is corrupt! All judges will CONSPIRE and HIDE that corruption! ALL! ALL! ALL!

Anonymous said...

To the Commenter at 1:27 pm
Feb. 7th, 2013:

1. Without naming your "Sources" your post is mostly irrelevant.

2. The failure to name "sources" also is intertwined with the ultimate question of "who" the "one man show" really is and "who" the "one man show" gives all the Information to and is directed by and reports to.

3. Perhaps you are not aware of this but the "one man show" did not represent himself as a "one man show" to many people.

4. Nor has the "one man show" reached out and Asked for any of the things you list.

5. Your statement that folks who "rant" have no credibility is just an Excuse. the only folks here who usually "rant" are folks who have already gone to virtually every state and federal office known with verifiable credible allegations and ONLY came to this source after being lead to do so on various representations.

6. The comment otherwise sounds like a ridiculous comment a nice woman from the Second Dept made a few weeks ago when the "hot" news came out.

By the way, am sure many people would help in many ways but probably not until after getting some Truth and Accountability based on prior history and course of action or non action as it were.

Tell that to your "sources".

Anonymous said...

Beauty Quuen I think is Judy Kaye not looking in the mirror for lady are an OCA controlled nut!

beauty Queen said...

@ feb 8th 2013 12:13PM if you only knew lol OCA ha ha ha ha...You people really need to get evaluations and get a life!! For real..This is why people laugh at you and do NOT take you or your stories or allegations seriously because your off it..My sources told ME that!

Anonymous said...

On January 25th, 2013, it was indicated that the 'rest of the story' would be forthcoming! It's not February 8th, 2013, did I miss the 'REST OF THEY STORY!' If the Christine Anderson matter (and related cases) were all part of a DOJ sting operation, when does it all come out? Or is all this another great slight of hand sham.... to be continued

Anonymous said...

Ok enough is enough instead of placing half as*d digs on here...Lets all state what the problems are???
#1 people want answers from Frankie baby as to why there issues and or complaints haven't gone anywhere? OK, have you asked him in a non evasive manner, opposed to angry approach??
#2 People think FB is full of SH*t and defrauding people and misrepresenting himself??? Has anyone asked him this directly or have they just spoken smack behind his back??
# 3 If you feel there are mis representations why have you not acted upon your gut feeling???? Maybe because you are manic whiners that just cry wolf too much???

I dont know I am not a psychic I wish I was...But all the BS two faced backstabbing needs to STOP!!! There are man two faced people playing one off against the other here and NO ONE has the balls to say what I've just said nor fess up.....Trust me I have seen both sides of the faces and its retarded when we are all on the same team, with all different qualities to add to this cause....I can name names if this doesn't stop...Long Island Lolita being one of them, you know who you are, playing off two gents with the letter K of their first names against one another.....!!!!!!!!!! Lets club together and stop the BS.....AND i've no problem saying who I am when I feel the time is right, kinda like the price is right lol...Because I can keep it real can you???

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The Effects of Institutional Racism on Minority-Led Law Practices in New York City

There is a reason why minority business people rarely succeed or can sustain their successful businesses in New York City. In many cases, studies and data have shown that the following issues routinely and frequently occur, which completely renders the sustained growth, and stability, of minority-led businesses literally impossible:

1. Employees were allowed to plunder and steal company intellectual property, clients, disrespect minority business owners openly, steal from them, and directly compete with them WHILE working for them at times, with complete and total impunity and immunity, as complaints to the New York Department of Labor and the New York Disciplinary Committee to regulate Attorney Misconduct would go completely unsupported, unanswered, or ignored - in effect their behaviors were encouraged by this inaction;

2. Meanwhile if employees complained about the minority led business owner in whatever capacity, even when it was prima facie frivolous or false, that minority business owner would literally be dragged across the coals, and docket numbers and investigations were opened up against them at the drop of a hat, by the same 2 entities listed above;

3. If a client ever complained about the minority business owner, in whatever capacity, a docket number and an investigation were immediately opened, investigated, and aggressively prosecuted, and not ever vetted to see or determine if there was ever an ethics rule that was violated - it was always merely a "fishing expedition" - a terrorism fear tactic, completely immobilizing the minority business owner and his staff, instilling the fear of God into the Staff to even continue to work for the minority business owner, for fear of hurting their own professional career or jeopardizing their law license - in this manner many of that company's best and brightest and most dedicated young lawyer trainees fled those minority led companies and jumped ship, often to competing law firms which was run by a member of the racial majority in New York City (Jewish, WASP, Italian, etc) or starting their own practices to compete with it, often using the minority led business owner's cutting edge intellectual property, client lists, and strategies in direct competition with them;

4. Defamation against the minority business owner was encouraged on both the internet and in public discourse in professional lawyer groups, and rumor mongering about the minority business owner and their law firm was spread like wild-fire (eg, they charged too much, inflated their fees, was incompetent, was a mean and nasty boss, was unethical, etc);

5. Fee Disputes were ALWAYS resolved AGAINST the minority business owner by the NYCLA Fee Dispute Committee, or the New York Civil Courts, in the tens of thousands of dollars, even if the minority owned business always had properly signed, executed, and clear retainer agreement contracts, as well as a detailed hourly billing invoices, huge fat files full of productive legal work, and more often than not, successful outcomes to very difficult cases.

The list is endless. Failure is a certainty. The lesson - if you are a minority lawyer - don't even THINK about starting up a law firm in Manhattan - you will be destroyed by the heavily institutionalized racism permeating the DDC, the DOL, and any other agencies charged with safeguarding both you and your law practice from dishonest parasites and vultures.

kris sergentakis said...

If all the readers of this blog came together and raised a couple of million dollars then their voices would be heard.
Until such time everything said is meaningless.
In our system money has the loudest voice (sadly).

Anonymous said...

Everyone in the Family Court System knows the following facts: (1) The New York Administration for Childrens' Services ("ACS") works closely with the international child pornography industry (intermingled with the international fashion business/reality television show business/homosexual rights business) and supplies these child pornographers and sex abusers with a steady supply of neglected kids; (2) ACS and Child Protective Services ("CPS") working with the Department of Homeland Security ("DHS") then covers up instances of child abuse all over New York City and the world, with the help and assistance of corrupt Family Court Judges of OCA, and Law Guardians employed by the New York Legal Aid Society; (3) the multi-billion dollar international child sex and child porn industry is based and headquartered in New York City, and there are more child molesters, homosexual child predators, and child sexual abusers within the New York Family Court System then in any court system in the world - why else would anyone work for $25,000 a year to be around little kids, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; (4) the number of child sexual offenders working within the New York Family Court System is currently epidemic, and they completely and totally dominate the New York Family Court system to keep protective parents away from being able to protect their own kids - it is worse than the Catholic Vatican System ever was.

Anonymous said...

So where is the US Atty? Is this yet another scam like Garcia pulled? He wanted tips and info on the "Hot LINE" - you couldn't even leave a message! I know of someone that did leave a message and NEVER got a call back! Why don't a few, just a few of these overpaid jerks do their job!

Anonymous said...

A lot of people believe that Naomi Goldstein who is Assistant Chief Counsel over at the Attorney Departmental Disciplinary Committee First Department located at 61 Broadway, New York, NY 10006 is an Israeli Agent working for the Mossad or their secretive Sayanim network, wherein she specifically targets for professional destruction or disbarment, those New York lawyers who do not support her political beliefs of "Israel first, USA second." In other words, according to many informed people, Naomi Goldstein misuses the vast powers of her office to both target and destroy the professional and personal lives of those lawyers whom she does not like, at the behest of a foreign government, The State of Israel, using various go-betweens to do so, creating various "trumped-up charges" and frivolous fishing-expedition investigations which invade the human and civil and constitutional rights of her victims. She needs to be investigated, prosecuted, and removed from office before she does any more damage to the integrity of the Attorney Disciplinary Committee in New York City.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what the current state of affairs are - for these troubling matters -


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