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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Urgent Request to U.S. Senate for Hearings on Crisis in Federal Judiciary

What a mess: federal judges are suing the federal government, ethics oversight is non-existent...
CLICK HERE to see the request that was faxed to every U.S. Senate office in Washington, D.C. -


Anonymous said...

So now your Urgent Crisis is peddling on behalf of Lifetime Appointed Public Servants to get them more Money?

So much for a Focus eh?

Is there any remote sense of Accountability or Responsibility to the specific individuals in New York that this Blog Owner made Specific Representations to which have gone Unacted upon for multiple years?

Is there any Remote Sense of Accountability for Misleading and Taking their Information and Refusing to come forward with what was done with the information?

Is there any remote sense of accountability for telling Gizella one story, Pat another, Luisa another and so forth and so on down the line?

Or is it all just a big game? Confuse, mislead, give out multiple stories, multiple names, no followup, no Accountability while simultaneously presenting the entire nature of this blog as being about Accountability and Restoring Integrity?

There is a specific father who lost his only sons to the corrupted processes in the State of New York that you have not been accountable for years?

Is that how you do it? Lead the sheep on by wild stories of big things and breaking news but nothing ever breaks and nothing ever changes?

I think Lifetime Appointed public office holders who knowingly entered into their political lives with all the benefits of higher education and status and privilege are capable enough to wave their own flags to get results.

How about start with being accountable to all those people, actual downtrodden stepped on Victims that you have given multiple stories to for years First before going off on the wild tangents of now doing the bidding of the Federal Judiciary.

Then go play that tune.

Disgusting really. Corrupt itself despite what a nice woman from the Second Department and victim herself always tries to defend.

Anonymous said...

Remember, life expectancy in 1775 was 35 years. Now it's almost 80.

Anonymous said...

Federal Ct Judges stay for life..some in my area are over 90 yrs old! If they are so overworked and abused..why would they work 30 yrs beyond retirement age?
Federal Ct has a load of Federal money,law clerks and Magistrates to do the real work..and they take as many years as they feel like it to screw with whomever they want to screw with...Im talking decades for single issue,simple legal lawsuits.
I certainly am perplexed about this request and its motivation.
This site was on the right track lately, and I agree with the writer above relative to promises.I fortunately was never promised anything because I am not from NYC or did I need investigators were unique and directed me like no one else could.
.I viewed the stories and promises and worried that these writings and verbal commitments might counter the direction that any of the good that actually was being exposed in comments , could be viewed as contrary to the agenda......but I gave this site loads of support.
I think we need a story on why this is being done,but I believe that whatever is decided here remains a secret and the answer ill never come.
My action continues though without support from this site,so to me whatever is determined here is not of consequence to me.

Anonymous said...

Today's NY Daily News reports that an OCA Court Officer in a Bronx Courtroom, assaulted a female atty causing a concussion,seemingly over nothing.
This is horrific enough , but the Female atty was arrested by him,but later released without charges. No allegations of any physical contact by female atty, whatsoever!
While this case is being investigated by OCA, the Male Courtroom Officer remains employed in the very same Courtroom.
OCA is documented and litigating a case where they falsely charged a female employees with some wild short verbal outburst....operative word being falsely..and said female employee was removed immediately by armed Court Security,put on leave, and fired after decades of excellent service...and banned for Life from entering any NY State Courthouse!
Women of America and long will you tolerate our American Justice System abusing us and preventing Judicial violence to continue against our sex...which permits every other entity or human being to participate in this disgusting disrespect of the majority of Americans that live here..Women?!

Anonymous said...

Don't they have cameras around the court? They may not have them in the courts so no one knows what goes on, but they seem to have plenty in and around buildings.

Anonymous said...

No..Judges and Judicial Administrators do not want cameras anywhere inside courthouses , because cameras may catch something illegal going on during the day.
OCA has lots to hide...Many Judges like to drink at work,have relationships with female employees and take off from work for several hours and days.
This is why OCA fires anyone who testifies for any person who alleges violations of law or civil rights against any person injured ith in the NY courthouses!
OCA employees send computer messages to each other and Judges when a Newspaper Reporter enters the bldg.

Anonymous said...

Yes Urgent: Breaking News: Hold the press; Write to all your state and federal representatives. Stop all you are doing.

Confirmed reliable sources from Sealed confidential matters now can definitively say the Cuomo Administration has agreed to take Definite and Decisive Action about all the Confidential Under Seal info posted at this blog like wiretapping and more.

The US Attorney for NY has negotiated their best settlement ever and everyone is calling this a true break through. Keep in mind this is all from a Sealed case so all full details can not be disclosed.

But confidential sources have confirmed that the State will formally take Definite action in this scandal, after one condition:

It completes the Review of the 1 Million pages of Documents under Seal first.

The US Attorney being as strong and definite and committed to justice as ever negotiated with the State to get them to agree to review At Least 50 pages per day on a 5 day work week thus agreeing at minimum to 250 pages a week.

Thus, with 1 million under seal documents to Review at 250 pages per week, the US Attorney says the people of the State can expect Definite action under this agreement to come by at least the year 2089, over 76 years from now.

According to the US Attorney this is the best deal ever the people of NY can expect and best deal ever made on corruption and the people will finally get some action on the truth within the Century, only slightly longer than waiting for the Records to be Opened in the JFK Assassination case.

Yes, this is true breaking news, URGENT news and as you can see, this great topic is so important and taken so seriously within the State it again did not even make the bottom of the AM Roundup list at the Times Union.

So write all your reps on this Urgent News taken from this Sealed case that is Confidential and make sure you know where to come when you want Real Results and Real Action from Washington, DC.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It seems like these crimes committed by OCA are not being addressed, or believed or going anywhere and that is all very true. But...not because they are not all True or those with proof to address just are not doing it right, or cannot produce sufficient facts etc, but just as the rich white boys are doing to Pres. Obama ..obstruction is the culprit.
OCA is guilty of everything that has been mentioned here and much more..not one crime in the NY criminal code has OCA not committed and n provable.
Long before this Blog existed, these charges have been known and accused in other parts of NY this Blog has actually revealed them to a larger audience..the World...and given a voice to everyone who has proof of our state's Judicial crimes.
Whether they made promises here or made attempts to seek Justice for people or not ,the issue is with the non information and the lack of follow ups ,where it would have gained integrity if they had reported the real truth about the blocks was ochestrated byT the Media and State and Federal Governments!
The failures within this Blog should not negate All the good it has done by spotlighting the NY Judicial Corruption!
Because of the constant reporting of Judicial crimes millions of Americans are now aware of how brutal their justice entities are, and it may be sooner than not 2086...that the sickened public will explode upon these court people and buildings...I feel the movement!

Anonymous said...

Nothing is Confidential in a Court House! They should all be made to come before the Bar of Justice admit their crimes, but don't hold your breath....

Anonymous said...

I see the Blog Owner is now deleting and censoring those who are asking for accountability from the blog. Fortunately there are many of us that take screenshots and other proof so at some proper time proper accountability and explanations can come forward.

Anonymous said...

Some people don't know what the word 'ACCOUNTABILITY' is - may be someday it will hit them upside the head like a BIG Baseball Bat - one can dream

Anonymous said...


kris sergentakis said...

There will never be Cameras in Federal Court Rooms...too much illegal activity and total disregard for our Constitution.
Maybe we should have Federal Judges and their Clerks declare bribe money.

Pay raises....are you kidding?

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