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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Attorney Files Petition to Impeach Judge

An exclusive by Sarah Wallace of ABC News reports that civil rights attorney Robert Tandy has filed a petition to impeach a sitting judge where dozens of litigants came together, largely due to the internet and other social networking, with common stories of "similar injustices."
"What's interesting is the role that social media has had in bringing these women together to share their stories," the ABC report says. "It started with one mother who thought she was alone in her legal battle with Judge Paul Escandon, but she discovered there are dozens with similar experiences."  CLICK HERE to see, "Women wage campaign to impeach New Jersey judge."

The "Escandon Impeachment Movement" has flourished over the last year, gaining national attention and its own FACEBOOK page.

Under the New Jersey State Constitution, the General Assembly has the sole power to impeach judges by majority vote of the members.  Should a judge be impeached by the Assembly, a trial is held in the New Jersey State Senate. A conviction and removal from office requires the vote of two-thirds of the Senate members.



Anonymous said...

Damn, give this lawyer an award !!
(and he'll probably need some protection too!)

Anonymous said...

Saw this on the news, this is great! This is prevalent in all the courts. It is so true that the internet has connected the victims of the 'illegal' system so we can know who the corrupt judges and attorneys are! The coruts in NY are a cesspool! EXPOSE THEM ALL!

Anonymous said...

I hope it happens. End the incompetent judges from sitting in the bench and getting a paycheck for doing a bad job.

We should start petitions and recalls for bad judges in New York. Good to see some of our elected officials indicted.
Now when are they going to indict judges.

Anonymous said...

Bravo to Sarah Wallace and ABC for running this story. The question I have is how long did it take for these ladies to see some Justice? Want to bet that all the lawyers and the rest of the media they talked to told them they had no story and they were crazy. The lawyers of course wanted to protect the Judge that's their job and in turn the Judges protect the lawyers - the lawyers protection society

Bloody Old said...

Former President of Suffolk Bar Association Under Investigation by State Inspector General

Anonymous said...

The Moreland Commission is holding hearings on corruption - check out their website - pitch a bitch maybe it will do some good - how many Judges in NY should be removed

Anonymous said...

I am a serious victim of NY St and NY federal Courts......the story is stunning even to the most hardened cops! This story has one more attempt at exposure from the last Legal entity is it has been languishing in for a several years!! The Federal Judge is very prominent here and his behavior is shocking and going on for many years! Dateline wanted to do this story in 2007 , but I delayed that to see what Federsl Ct was really up to!
This is known to many, especially the NY Cts who attempted some very serious harassment at my home and agsinst my innocent family.
The Buffalo News, FBI etc didn't want to look into it years ago..the American Cts were sacred then..maybe now..but the Internet and Snowden have now made these organized crime Gov legal entities vulnerable!
Comments may come from the Courts to libel the facts of this case...but believe nothing State..Federl Cts say...Corruption is their game and rampant is their message!
Ever wonder why there are no cameras in courthouses in NY or Media coverage of Juges or is because of Corporate and Federal Gov coverup so Americans can live without knowing the Courthouse/Federal Gov is wiretaping them! It is worse than you think!

Anonymous said...

the 1:49 post is another victim of the illegal system! The victims cry out - where do you go for JUSTICE? It's not the courts or system, so where? - no lawyers will take hot case because they know that they are going to be punished. So what do you do???

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said @ 2:20 pm;

That is the core issue. Good faith counsels must choose the path of discretion over valor. For they know it bodes not well for them or their clients in the future, should they dare tell the tales.

Bounding of good faith parties into the realm of laxity & willful blindness is the most intolerable of states of being.

Laser the Liquidator

Anonymous said...

The courts cannot be fixed..they operate at the direction of big money..Corps etc..are ownesf by them and any diversion from that mandates retaliation. I know all lawyers and all appeal judges etc will ignore direct information that indicts Judges...these men coverup Judicial misconduct daily and have no feelings least overt guilt about ignoring paperwork..e-mails etc that prove it!
judicial corruption is mandated by US and hidden from Americsn citizens..reason you never heard about what happened eith the millions of pieces of evidence of wiretaps and are not
T allowed to know.Snowden just happen to escape and tell the truth..OCA had permissions rom their own Federal. Ct....Fisa spy on anyone...everyone.! So where do we go from here .I think everyone knows very Well..but they want others to do it ...and untill then..don't
hold your breath while ppl like Lppman will
Be removed or he is exactly what the wealthy running America desire to operate ourf Gov..compliant,corrupt and willing! Moral individuals are uwanted today..but maybe someday they will be the ones changing and punishing those ruining Ametica today! Be certain OCA...or the USA is monitoring this right we God Bless Democracy as we pretend to write our thoughts anonymously, when for the past 13 yrs..they were always Not!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I would like to report 2 federal judges, Paul Engelmayer and Stuart Bernstein, who in their written orders and judgments, routinely deny certain lawyers and litigants they don't like (usual racial minorities or poor people taking on rich opposition) the ability to appeal their decisions, or to access the federal courts to file civil rights cases or routine motions, while allowing those attorney's or litigant's enemies or harassers or tormentors free reign to sue them and harass them at will, even if they have declared bankruptcy and shouldn't be harassed any longer.

Judges like these 2 have reduced the judicial system and this country into a "fiefdom," or a "kingdom," or a "monarchy," with no way out, no appellate review, and a peasant/slave dictatorship, completely and totally un-American.

A veritable "prison planet."

I hope the FBI investigates and prosecutes them, but we all know that they won't.

Anonymous said...

They have the guns and the military. Unless you are the 1 percent you have no rights.

Anonymous said...

The reasons that Blacks, Jews, Gays, and Women should never be Judges in the United States of America is because:

1. Blacks are too angry, resentful, revengeful, hateful after about 400 years of slavery, don't really understand or care about the US Constitution, are inherently communist/socialist, not well educated enough, and too vengeful to mete out justice in a fair, neutral, and impartial manner - plus they tend to unload severely and unfairly on other racial minorities that are newer to the United States, such as on Koreans, Chinese, Japanese, Indians, Mexicans, and even other blacks because they have a severe "Uncle Tom" syndrome where they have become an even harsher "cracker" than the slave masters of a few hundred years ago - therefore they are frighteningly more erratic and unpredictable when they are sitting on a judicial bench with the power of life and death over other people (think of a monkey holding a grenade);

2. Jews are bad judges because they are inherently scornful of the US Constitution since it is based on Christian principles, and Jews are also inherently socialist and communist (hell, they wrote the major treatises on Marxism, Communism, and Socialism) and they also don't believe in a constitutional republican form of government - since they all believe they are the chosen people and everyone else (white, Christian, black, minority, women, whatever) are inferior Goyim and Shiksas, they tend to issue "edicts" and "judgements that are almost monarchial in nature, as if a King issued them, and they often have little to no respect for the law when they issue those decisions - plus they often have absolutely no respect for Human Rights (look at what they are doing to the Palestinians over there in Israel) - so every decision they make brings us closer to their world view outlook which is the end times, where King David sits on the throne and they are the Chosen People and everyone else is enslaved to serve them and their needs;

3. Gays are bad judges because they are just mentally sick and they have sexual fantasies about molesting other men and children - they should be in a cage, rather than on a judicial bench handing out sentences of justice - their vision of the law and justice are also skewed and fucked up, and I pity anyone who has to sit in front of one of them for justice;

4. Women are bad as Judges because they are too emotional, they inherently hate men, and are angry at men, and they can not handle complex emotional issues very well - and every 30 days they go over the deep end emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, mentally, and physically - not to be trusted to be a Judge on the bench.

kris sergentakis said...

The number of Citizens being destroyed by our Corrupt Courts seems to be growing on an exponential basis daily.

The old attitude of "if it doesn't affect why should care?" is slowly starting to go away as more Citizens are dragged before this crooked so called "Judges". We all know if you wealthy and connected you can commit crimes openly and not fear prosecution.

Hedge Fund Billionaires steal hundred of millions of dollars and they are not prosecuted. Non Profit Child Molesters rape young child are they ( see

Until Citizens take a more active role in open non violent disobedience nothing will change. Look to Citizens in Europe who protest openly and in numbers when the corruption has gotten out of control.

We need more Citizens to stand up and say "no more".

Anonymous said...

fixed it for ya.

kris sergentakis said...

Here is a nice Federal Judge in the Second Circuit who openly defends kiddie porn.

Circuit Rejects Weinstein's View on Child Porn Sentence
September 27, 2013


Weinstein said that while awaiting sentencing, "C.R." was attending college, working part time and undergoing intense psychiatric treatment. He said "credible evidence and expert testimony" indicate that Reingold is highly unlikely to re-offend.

"There is a growing consensus among those responsible for enforcing our criminal law: It is unacceptable in this good and great country to continue unnecessarily sacrificing the lives of so many of our young through excessive mandatory prison sentences," Weinstein wrote. "Inexcusable wasting of C.R. and many other young people in his position is unconscionable in a just society."

Weinstein has, on several occasions, questioned the constitutionality and wisdom of imposing harsh sentences on adolescents who passively view child pornography (NYLJ, May 2).

In the Reingold case, Weinstein said, the defendant "never produced, sold or deliberately exchanged pornography." He said the sentence required by the Second Circuit opinion is "unjust."

The appeal was argued by Eastern District Assistant U.S. Attorney Ali Kazemi for the prosecution. Amy Busa and Colleen Cassidy of Federal Defenders of New York appeared for Reingold.

Robert Nardoza, a spokesman for the Eastern District U.S. Attorney's Office, declined comment. Cassidy was not immediately available.

@|John Caher can be reached at

Anonymous said...

Impeach them all!!! For the most part they are low down sick dogs that you can't trust!!!

Unknown said...

When you're shut out of all legal avenues of justice it certainly crosses your mind. How people play with other people's lives and don't look over their shoulders is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

Similar situation to my ex. Remember former Suffolk County Legislator George Guildi? Ethan Ellner? Donald McPherson, Carrie Coakley? Dustin Dentin? S&M bondage club Manhattan? Straw Buyers? Steve Levy aka he who could not be named? Financial disclosure forms: State or County office? Which form should County Exec file? Is it a state or county position? Should the County Executive have to include his wife's business income in his financial disclosure? Even if that business is court reporting/ stenography? What if that court reporting company does 80% of Suffolk County's stenography? Any recollection of the arrests of Stephen Baranello and Wayne Prospect for selling county contract work (because they were in with high ranking Suffolk official?) Any recollection of a high ranking Suffolk County official announcement that they were not to run for re-election because a District Attorney investigation of 16 months, raised serious issues in his fundraising practices? That same DA had his own term limit repealed due to his assertion that his office was "state" not "county".
The repealed term limit also applied the Suffolk County Clerk- isn't it the County Clerk responsible for filings of MERS transactions?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

The buzz is that Sarah Wallace (Not related to Mike Wallace CBS) of ABC is an FBI asset

Anonymous said...

Maybe Sarah Wallace should investigate The Manhattan DAs office's campaign contributions and then look at major donors and then how he goes about prosecuting people on their behalf. SO CORRUPT!!

Anonymous said...

Is this Judge history yet? and if not WHY???

Anonymous said...

WHY ???

Anonymous said...

The American people have lost all of their rights - human, civil, and constitutional, and are moving rapidly towards complete and total slavery and totalitarianism by the extremely wealthy and super-rich. But to be honest Americans deserve what is happening to them, because they are allowing the people who they don’t care about, to get “tested on” first, by those jack-booted thugs taking away their rights, without making a sound, without raising a protest, and without fighting back. Slavery comes as a thief in the night, and not blaring with horns during the daylight. First they came for them and I said nothing, then they came for me, and there was no one left. This country is headed for a civil war.

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