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Friday, October 4, 2013

Corrupt Judge Resigns, Faces Criminal Contempt and Tampering Charges

A former prosecutor, and who is now a former judge, last week submitted his judicial resignation to the Governor after a finding that there was probable cause that three criminal laws were violated when evidence was concealed involving the wrongful conviction, and 25-year imprisonment, of an innocent man.
In 1988, Texas father and husband, Michael Morton, was convicted of the murder of his wife- long before DNA testing proved his innocence by identifying a convicted felon as the true perpetrator.

The "system" shamefully fought the truth being told for over ten years, and all while former County District Attorney Ken Anderson remained silent.  The Innocence Project, led by Barry Scheck and Nina Morrison, uncovered evidence that Anderson failed to turn over- evidence that could have prevented Morton's wrongful conviction.

Ken Anderson was the top prosecutor in Williamson County, near Austin, Texas for over 15 years before Texas Governor Rick Perry appointed him to preside over an open district court seat in 2002.  Anderson successfully ran as a "sitting judge" in two subsequent judicial elections but was facing another election in 2014.

As the prosecutor in the criminal trial, Ken Anderson withheld a statement from Morton's young son, who had witnessed the crime.  The boy had been quoted as saying that his father was not home at the time of the murder.  Prosecutor/Judge Anderson also secreted statements from neighbors indicating that they had witnessed a stranger fleeing the Morton home around the time of the murder.

The State Bar of Texas has advanced professional misconduct charges against Anderson, and he faces criminal charges for wrongly withholding evidence.  Previously, in 1995, the State Bar of Texas had named Ken Anderson "Prosecutor of the Year."  On September 24, 2013, Texas Governor Rick Perry wrote to Ken Anderson and on behalf of the citizens of Texas, extended his "appreciation and gratitude" for his "service to the State of Texas," adding, that wished Anderson "all the best in [his] future endeavors."

CLICK HERE TO SEE, "Ken Anderson, prosecutor of wrongfully convicted Michael Morton, resigns."


kris sergentakis said...

This is normal conduct here in NYC. Especially in the Feds at 500 Peal Street. Altered transcripts, withholding evidence are the norm.

Put this lowlife in prison for life.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

is there any truth to the rumor that Judges on the Corrupt List are slotted for a 'special' FEMA Camp?

Anonymous said...

The ninth judicial district in westchester county is the most corrupt in New York, please feel free to read a case that was handed to them with the evidence and denied due diligence.

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