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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Corruption Wins Latest Round, Andrew Cuomo Abdicates Governorship, for Role of Commissioner

The Comedy of Corruption, by Andrew Cuomo
"This is a job for Batman" (Police Commissioner Gordon, 1966)

Andrew M. Cuomo, the self-appointed Commissioner of Corruption, has apparently resigned his position as New York's Governor. CLICK HERE to see the full story at


Anonymous said...

Yes, indeed..... Mr. Cuomo has made a complete joke of any effort to fight corruption in NY !!

Anonymous said...

How do NY ers elect Corruption to correct Corruption? You must allow other areas of the State to be elected to NY St top offices to see if the influence of Wall St and other big money can influence Pols who don't deal in NYC business ! It may work...but as long as you have the same name NYC corrupt Pols running for decades, you cannot expect them to go after the very corruption that places them and gives them power to pass laws in back rooms! Did anyone really ever think Cuomo was a great, clean and caring Politician!? Wakeup NY..dump the junk!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Italian only by nationality because the areas these people came from is part of the Republic but ethnically quite different. Most "Italians" you know in the US are really from the former Kingdom of the Two Sicilies" and didn't even speak Italian. They were also from the lowest classes of landless peasants, like a share cropper in the US, or had some simple trade at most.
Go to Milan, Florence or Verona etc to see what real Italians are.

Anonymous said...

When will the Gov appoint anyone of his pals to be the Commissioner of Corruption who runs the 'Real' corruption? Hey, it's only right!

Anonymous said...

The Painfully Obvious New York “Plantation” Form of Government and Corruption in the Courts

The New York State Office of Court Administration (“OCA”) is essentially run, as Hillary Clinton once said, as a “Plantation” with Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman as its Jewish-White Plantation Owner, and tens of thousands of African-American black and Bridge and Tunnel white-trash slaves working as “Law Clerks” or “Staff” in varying capacities from the top-most (Judges or Magistrates) all the way to the lowest levels (Janitors and Filing Clerks).

Each one of these African-American or White-Trash slaves know exactly how to rise on this Plantation, which is by doing things and acting in ways (even unethical or illegal) that please the Plantation Owner, Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman, his boss Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Attorney General Eric Schneidermann, or their Overlord-Boss, Governor Andrew Cuomo (all these men are Jewish by the way).

This means that all “Sub-Plantations” under Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman which consist of the Civil Court, Supreme Court, Family Court, Criminal Court, and Small Claims Court, and all the spaces in between, such as the Departmental Disciplinary Committee, the NYCLA Fee Dispute Committee, and the Appellate Courts, are literally used as torture chambers and petri dishes to “mete out justice” to any of Michael Bloomberg’s or Jonathan Lippman’s or Eric Schneidermann’s or Andrew Cuomo’s enemies (all these men are Jewish by the way), or the enemies of those people that have either paid off, or funded, or financed, or are close to, or are friendly with, Michael Bloomberg or Jonathan Lippman or Eric Schneidermann or Andrew Cuomo (all these men are Jewish by the way).

Justice, or who is right on the law, or the law itself, is completely and totally meaningless on this Plantation - if you are not in the right “club” or paying off the right people, you will LOSE in Court every single time, you will be nailed to the wall by the Departmental Disciplinary Committees or the Fee Dispute Committees, your children will be stolen from you in the Family Courts and sold as sex slaves, your freedom will be taken from you in the Criminal Courts and you will be jailed and ass-fucked and stabbed in the shower, your business will be bankrupted and destroyed in the Small Claims, Civil and Supreme Courts, and you reputation and livelihood will be destroyed in the other arenas by the slaves/servants/house-niggers of the OCA Plantation.

This is how it was, this is how it is, and this is how it will always be, because no one in New York State either gives a shit, or knows that it is run this way. And if you complain about it, or report it to the authorities, you will be retaliated against, punished, whipped, destroyed, ruined, bankrupted, murdered, harassed, attacked, audited, jailed, humiliated, feminized, emasculated, threatened, isolated, tortured, and smeared until there is nothing left of you, your life, your family, your career, your finances, or your existence. And the New York Federal Bureau of Investigation (“FBI”) will be the chief enforcement agency in charge of doing all of this to you. Because while you stupidly and foolishly think that the FBI exists to protect and serve you from the civil and human rights and corruption abuses that the OCA Plantation regularly hands out like bolts of lightening to its victims, the FBI is in fact merely making a list, and checking it twice, gonna find out who’s naughty and nice, and then helping the above Jewish Plantation Owners to absolutely and totally fucking destroy you.

Welcome to New York - there is no Justice motherfuckers.

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